Learn Piano with Melissa

Learn to Play Major Octave Scales on the Piano

Melissa F.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 45 Min
Level: Fundamental

About this class

You will learn the importance of playing major scales on the piano. What we will cover in this class includes octave scales and the fingering technique required to play them effective and smoothly. I will discuss theory that will help you memorize the order of scales and numerically where the accidentals are. The solfege language will be applied to encourage ear-training that helps you quickly identify tones of a major octave scale.

About Melissa F.

Hi. My name is Melissa Fankhauser. I am a music instructor and director who began playing clarinet as a child. I have over ten years experience teaching guitar, piano and group classes to students of all ages. Students that have studied with me have achieved high scores at judging panels, written their own melodies, learned to improvise, and gained confidence performing some of their favorite pieces while excelling in their academic studies. I am a former student of Cornish College of the Arts where my focus was classical guitar, voice, piano composition, songwriting, piano jazz improv and performance. I graduated from Trinity Lutheran College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music and Worship degree with an emphasis in sacred and choral music. When I am not teaching music I spend time working on completing art for my guitar book, study, practice and perform music pieces in the local community and online.

Services that have been provided as follows:

* Instructed private students in quality guitar, voice, piano and music theory performance and instruction.
* Facilitated successful recitals two-three times a year that prepared students to gain confidence and skill in their performance ability and community outreach.
* Respected the confidence and privacy of all students and maintained a clean and professional environment conducive for learning.
* A folder containing music studies is created for students to access at their convenience while they are taking lessons from me.
* Assignments and instruction are organized and given on a weekly basis.
* Earned over thirty-four hours Musikgarten music and movement teaching certification.
* Received positive reviews and feedback from families and students.
* Curriculum designed to individualize music lessons based on levels and growth.
* Trained vocalists as young as four years old. One of her former high school vocal students was given the highest commendation from a judging panel.