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Learn The Most Common Regular Verbs In Spanish

Eloy O.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 45 Min
Level: Beginner

About this class

In this class I will show you the most common regular verbs in Spanish. I will teach you how to conjugate verbs that end up with -ar, -er and -ir and we'll also complete some sentences together as examples about how to use these verbs.

About Eloy O.

I have been teaching Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar and Music Theory for more than 10 years. I started to play the guitar when I was 12 years old, at the age of 14 I begun to study music at the Conservatory and I graduated as guitar teacher in 2011. In 2012 I released a solo album, it calls "Burn In Flames" and that same year I collaborated with "Hipshot Products" a company from New York. In 2016 I joined to a jazz trio and I have recorded many songs with them and nowadays I'm giving lesson to people from the US and abroad.