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Learn the French Alphabet, Numbers, & More!

Natalie A.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 45 Min
Level: Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner


Let’s start with the basics. This online French class will look at the fundamental elements of French such as the alphabet, numbers, and correct pronunciation. You’ll also learn how to form the different French accents with the help of an expert instructor in this interactive classroom.

This Class May Cover

  • Learn the French alphabet

  • Recite the numbers 0 through 20

  • Work on pronunciation and accents

About Natalie A.

Bonjour! As a language lover, I have enjoyed learning various languages and am thus able to anticipate the language questions that you may have. In my four years of teaching French, I've enjoyed using authentic resources like songs and news articles to help my students interact with the language in real contexts. I obtained my B.A. in French and Chinese and M.A. in French Linguistics from the University of Florida, and am currently a doctoral student in the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching PhD at the University of Arizona, where I also teach French. My passion and research interests are language teaching and language learning, so I enjoy creating materials for lessons, homework, and extra practice in order to help you learn to communicate most effectively in French and connect with French and Francophone cultures!


Natalie is an outstanding instructor! She is engaging and makes learning enjoyable. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her students learn the material and is incredibly patient and understanding when students have difficulties and challenges. She also uses authentic material and strives to make classes interesting and relevant to the students. She has a strong command in her subject areas and she demonstrates this in her teaching style at all times. She is professional, but also personable and easy to connect with. Highly recommended!
Jordin Patten
Posted Apr 24, 2017
Very helpful teacher who helped me re-learn French after many years of being away from it. She was very patient and fit lessons to my specific needs with creative solutions. She has my highest recommendation.
Posted Apr 29, 2017
Excellent teacher! Prepared and professional! Looking forward to more classes with her!
Posted May 24, 2017
Excellent teacher. Well prepared, great memory, makes the class personal, listens to what you want/need. Patient. All around great!
Posted Jun 1, 2017
Natalie is an amazing teacher! My son (12) was really struggling in French, but since working with Natalie he's doing so much better and feels much more confident in his studies. She is very organized with her lesson plans, keeps me posted on how he's doing, and my son really enjoys working with her. We're very fortunate to be working with her.
Posted Jan 4, 2018