Learn Acting with Monica

Learn and Practice Stage Movement

Monica A.
+ 3 Others
Live-clock-goldClass length: 30 Min
Level: Fundamental


This class will teach you the must-know basics for acting on a stage. You will learn and practice stage blocking, plus how to mark a script with stage directions! An expert instructor will teach you how to properly position yourself on a stage and give you instant feedback on your stage movement. Add classes to your calendar and improve your movement on stage today!

This Class May Cover

  • Learn basic stage blocking

  • Mark scripts with stage directions

  • Learn how to correctly position yourself on a stage

  • Get real-time feedback from a seasoned actor

About Monica A.

If you want to learn to LOVE performing, get in touch with me! I'm a graduate of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (Vocal Major), as well as the Hartt School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, where I got my BFA in Musical Theatre, and performing is truly in my blood!
I believe that more than anything, music should be about having fun and making your soul happy. And I believe lessons should be fun as well! Of course we'll get into music theory, healthy & sustainable singing technique, and performance & audition prep, but it's more about finding joy in expressing yourself and giving the student ownership over their art.
The same goes for my acting lessons. I will work diligently to find material that fits you personally, and then we will work it until it becomes as natural as your own thoughts.
I can also help with college auditions for musical theatre programs, seeing as I auditioned for 25 college myself before deciding on Hartt.
If any of the above interests you, send me a quick question and we'll work out a time that works for both of us! Have a great day!!