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"Le Petit Prince" Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Celine L.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 60 Min
Level: Intermediate

About this class

Join a professional French teacher to explore the story of "Le Petit Prince" d'Antoine de Saint Exupéry.
This event is for intermediate to advanced speakers that wish to improve their prononciation & grammar.
We will have a chance to philosophy and explore the text in depth.
Homework will be assigned at the end of each session, to further improve your skills.
Students will be able to:
-Know the background of Saint Exupéry;
-Be familiar with the characters of Le Petit Prince,
-Understand the plot and the themes
-Learn new vocabulary words, learn or review verbs tenses.
-Read more fluently in French.
-Demonstrate and improve grammar accuracy in writing and speaking French. --Analyze various themes in Le Petit Prince.
-Perform various conversations and scenes of the novel, switching roles.

How to prepare:
Here is the link to the online book: https://www.ebooksgratuits.com/pdf/st_exupery_le_petit_prince.pdf
Have a pen & paper ready.
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A bientôt, Céline.

About Celine L.

My name is Céline and I am from France, I currently live in Upstate New York with my family.
I have been teaching for over 20 years in various institutions and I am now working mostly remotely, offering my skills to worldwide students and families.

Working with people of various backgrounds and needs,the goal is to have you be able to not only read and write in French but most importantly, to speak at ease. Your needs to reach your goals in French will be fulfilled! I have had much success using the TPRS method (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) and have created a fun program but I’d be happy to use any program/tools that work for you. Wether you want to learn from scratch or need to improve your conversational skills, I’m here for you.

Teaching young ones how to read and write is one of my specialties, whether you are english or . french. I especially enjoy singing songs and exploring classic children's literature. My method encompasses the Montessori philosophy and syllabique methodologie.

But what is most important to me is to feed your passion and truly connect with you. We’ll have so much fun that you will forget you are even working!

I can't wait to hear from you!

A bientôt,