Intro to Spanish Lessons: Find Your Skill Level and Set Goals

Carmen D.
Class length: 45 Min
Level: Beginner

What You Get With This Class:

  • Get an introduction to what it's like to learn Spanish, find your skill level, set milestones and goals

  • Work with an expert instructor to answer any questions you have about learning Spanish

  • Start to learn some common phrases and vocabulary to kick off your Spanish learning journey

In this fun, interactive group class, your expert instructor will answer all your questions about what it's like to learn Spanish, what your private lessons will be like, and what to expect. Plus, whether you've ever taking Spanish classes before or not, your instructor will help you figure out what your skill level is so you know where to start and you'll also have the opportunity to think about and set goals for your Spanish learning journey. Your teacher will also teach you some basics about the Spanish language and prepare you for your first private lesson or group class! Don't miss this great introduction to learning Spanish.

What You'll Cover:

Wednesday April 5th: Using flashcard effectively for language learning with a focus on places around town vocabulary

Wednesday April12th: Learning conjugation patterns with a focus on tener and venir

Wednesday April 19th: You can't always translate: Learning about the differences between Spanish and English with a focus on the verbs ser and estar

Wednesday April 26th: Creating a plan and staying organized with a focus on verb tenses


Carmen is a fantastic instructor who designed a personalized lesson plan that helped me quickly (and effortlessly) increase my proficiency in Spanish, in preparation for a business trip to Barcelona. I would highly recommend Carmen to any potential students, regardless of your language proficiency or goals.
Posted Jan 9, 2017
Ms. Carmen îs a great teacher. She is professional, kind, and accommodating. I also found her very easily approachable and willing to work with me even when I have questions not always related to our topic, such as grammar questions. She is also creative making technology an active part of our lessons.
Posted Jan 9, 2017
Great first lesson! I'm looking forward to digging deeper into the verb tenses and to continue conversing in Spanish. Power point, Google, all sort of visuals have been used and they all made our lesson not just a virtual encounter but a real life experience. Thank you!
Posted Jan 10, 2017