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Sam H.

Informal Spanish Conversation: Talking with Friends

Online Spanish group class with Sam H.
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  • What You Get With This Class:

    • Practice informal, fun conversation topics and speaking styles for talking with friends

    • Get instant feedback on your grammar and accent to improve the flow of your conversation

    • Have a great time practicing your Spanish skills while talking about fun topics

    In this class, your expert Spanish instructor will lead the group in fun exercises to master informal Spanish conversation for chatting with friends. This class is perfect for practicing phrases and vocabulary for common conversations around travel, sports, pop culture, relationships, movies, parties, food, and more. Get ready for a fun, interactive group class where you'll have the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish with other students and your expert instructor.

    What You'll Cover:

    Sunday August 6th: Open discussion!

    Thursday August 10th: Talking about the future, using the future tense!

    Thursday August 17th: Recent news

    Thursday August 24th: Talk about your summer, going back to school

    About the teacher

    Hi! My name is Sam! I love working with students of all ages and I also specialize in tutoring middle school to high school age students. I love Spanish, and I believe that you can really get the hang of it after a little time and practice. With grammar review, practice, and vocabulary memorization, it becomes really easy to learn this language. I am more than happy to be here to help you learn this exciting language!
  • 19 Reviews

    Daniel Oct. 11, 2016
    Few things in Life have been as simply easy as becoming a friend with Sam, especially when compared to other teachers. His light-hearted approach makes learning another language as comfortable as it could be. Wether you're looking for tenacious discussion or freshening up on
    the basic building blocks, Sam's abilities far surpass any previous foreign language class I have taken, which is saying a lot. Overall, there is no going wrong when investing in Sam. More than a virtual contact, Sam cares about your progress as a student and makes scheduling as easy as it has ever been for me. Keep it simple and effective; hire Sam.
    Annette Sep. 22, 2016
    Sam is a great teacher. He is patient, driven and supply all the tools that is available to connect to your learning styles.. Thanks Sam. If I am getting Spanish anyone else can!!
    Dyana Aug. 17, 2016
    Sam is a great teacher!! He is so patient during our lessons and he explains every step of the way. I totally feel like I will achieve my goals to have a conversation in Spanish with others in record time because of Sam!! I recommend him to everyone that shows an interest in
    learning a new language.
    Leah Jul. 27, 2016
    Clear, concise, organized--excellent rapport, positive. Helped me in exactly what I needed. I intend to sign up for more classes with Sam.
    Jeremy Jul. 24, 2016
    Great teacher. Very fun and interactive.
    John Jun. 23, 2016
    Sam's great! I wasn't prepared and he made the lesson work anyway! Thanks Sam!
    Gloria Jun. 15, 2016
    Sam is an awesome natural-born teacher. He explained everything really well and made it seem so easy. Highly recommended!
    Veronique Jun. 15, 2016
    Sam is really fun, dynamic, genuine, helpful. He gave me lots of amazing tips that helped me get into the right mind frame when learning Spanish. He is a great teacher.
    Chris Jun. 14, 2016
    Easy to talk to and work with. Organized with a lot of resources for in and out of class.
    Carolyn Jun. 10, 2016
    This is my first lesson and I am absolutely elated at how much Sam has taught me. I am so appreciative and can't wait for our next class!!
    Toni Jun. 8, 2016
    Sam is AWESOME!!!....Very welcoming and patience!!!
    Amber Jun. 2, 2016
    Thoroughly enjoyed our session. He is very organized and explains everything in great detail.
    mary lou May. 12, 2016
    Sam was easily able to adapt to my pace and is extremely thorough. Can't wait for the next session. :)
    Stephanie Mar. 21, 2016
    I had to write to tell people about how nice and helpful Sam was. I signed up for an online class and was given great resources to use for on the go and good ideas for challenging your brain in different ways to learn. Thanks Sam!
    Cedric Mar. 2, 2016
    Sam really took time with me and listened to my questions. I felt really comfortable. We started speaking Spanish very quickly. I liked his approach!
    Pauline Nov. 20, 2015
    Sam is a flexible teacher. He adjusts to the student's needs and learning style. And he makes eash session fun.:)
    Chad Nov. 1, 2015
    Good first lesson.
    Tina Oct. 26, 2015
    Very pleased with first class.
    Chris May. 12, 2015
    First far so good!
Class Length
45 Minutes
Max. Class Size
8 Students

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