Learn Sign Language with Victoria

Enhance Your Signing Skills: Facial Expressions

Victoria L.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 30 Min
Level: Fundamental

About this class

When learning ASL, we often spend much time focusing on learning all the fun and beautiful signs this language has. But sometimes, we may feel intimidated or even uncomfortable with the endless amount of facial expressions we have to use to add meaning and voice to our sentences. In this class, our goal is to help you to feel more comfortable and familiar with all of our facial expressions. We will have fun practices and lessons that will help you to use this key non-manual marker with more ease!

About Victoria L.

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria. I have been active in Sign Language and English for several years now. I recently graduated with a degree in Sign Language interpreting which I love with all my heart. I've had the joy of teaching students with multiple disabilities from the ages of 3-8 and taught group classes for all ages in our community where I live. I go at your own pace with both English and ASL, and love helping my students to see progress from day 1.

Come learn with me and I assure you that you will agree!