Learn Acting with Dennis

Creating Voice Characters for Video Games, Commercials, and Narrations

Dennis J.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 45 Min
Level: Beginner

About this class

For beginners, we will cover the use of the prosodic elements, i.e. pitch, volume, pace, and rhythm, as well as enunciation and interpretation, to create character voices, dialects, dramatic reads, comedic reads, efforts, storytelling, narration, and more. The instructor created the original voice characters for League of Legends, including Gangplank, Taric, and Heimerdinger; and the voice characters of Auros and Elyrian for Gods Unchained, as well as numerous characters for other games.

About Dennis J.

A professional director, producer, actor, writer, improvisation artist, and musician, Mr. J. has headed entertainment production companies as executive director and artistic director, co-creating original interactive events. Mr. J.studied dance with Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Carlton Johnson, Paul Draper, William Bales, Ruth Beckford, and Carol Haws. He studied judo with Professor William Montero Sr., and Senshin Budo karate with Jeremiah Tobin. He has directed, taught, or performed for the Old Globe Theatre, the Folger Theatre, American Conservatory Theatre, the USO, California Actors Theatre, Mt. Hope Estate, William Shakespeare Road Company, LA County Parks, Junior League, Sterling Renaissance Festival, Pennsylvanial Renaissance Faire, Maine Renaissance Faire, JP Nightingale, Hollywood Bowl, Franklin Institute, McCabes Guitar Shop, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Knott’s Berry Farm, Frontier Village, Yosemite National Park, Netflix, Paramount, and for a decade produced exclusive interactive entertainment for Hersheypark and Christmas Candy Lane. A produced playwright, published poet, and prolific screenwriter, Mr. J. has written, produced and directed film, video, and audio projects. He has performed as voice and on-camera talent for national and regional companies including the Boston Red Sox, NFL Films, Riot Games’ League of Legends (original Gangplank, Taric, Heimerdinger), Fuel Games’ Gods Unchained, NESN, Fleer, Cox Broadcasting, Crayola, Black & Decker, Harley Davidson, Mercedes, Kelly Tire, AAA, LL Bean, Goodwill, Farmers Trust, Lockheed, Hershey, and Prevention Magazine. He directed and co-wrote The Perfect Woman, a nominee for NH Film of the Year. He has narrated and provided character voices for acclaimed documentary films including Shadows Fall North, The People's Forest, Front Wards Back Wards, and Celia Thaxter's Island Garden, which he also edited. Mr. J. has directed educational performances, improvisations, and workshops for elementary schools, secondary schools, and universities in VA, CA, PA, NJ, NY, MD, CT, ME, NH. He continues to teach improvisation, on-camera acting, voice and stage acting, public speaking, and performance workshops. His most cherished accomplishment is having raised four children as a single father.