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Conversation Practice About Future Activities

Mikayla S.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 45 Min
Live-beginner-gold Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


If you’re comfortable conjugating French verbs in the present and past tenses, this live, online group French class is for you! With the help of an expert French teacher, you and your classmates will practice expressing ideas about the future, in the "future simple" verb tense. You’ll get instant feedback on your pronunciation, so you can gain confidence in your conversational French skills.

This Class May Cover

  • Conjugate French verbs in the "futur simple" tense
  • Practice expressing ideas and suppositions about the future in French
  • Practice speaking with other French students in real-time

About Mikayla S.

As a current resident of France and with my studies focused on teaching French as a second language, I am more than capable of helping you learn a language that I have loved for years. I've been teaching French for 2 years and my students have gone on to develop a deep love of French culture and language! Within the first few lessons, you'll start speaking simple sentences and as time goes on, you'll be able to conjugate like a pro! I also specialize in French phonetics so that you will be able to pronounce everything correctly. I also have the following tools available for your lessons: worksheets, textbooks, videos and more.


Sini is very lovely, patient, flexible and highly educated. As an adult learner who is struggling to hear spoken french and even worse, fear of speaking it, I feel that I'm in good hands. She is helpful and adaptable in finding a lesson plan suitable to my needs and interests. I highly recommend her:-)
Sierra Dante
Posted Mar 31, 2017
Sini is fabulous. I am being challenged and learning so much in such a short time. Looking forward to continuing my education!
Kate N.
Posted Jun 18, 2017
Yaelle makes me feel really comfortable whenever we meet. At first, I was kind of embarrassed to try and speak in another language, but she was able to get me to do it. When she corrected me, she was really nice about it. I think I've made a lot of progress with her; she's a really good teacher!
Posted Sep 25, 2017
I love working with Yaelle! She makes class fun and really pushes you to have confidence in speaking the language. You get full immersion with her, so you truly feel ready to join the French culture. I've learned to better read French, as well as understand the language. I highly recommend class with Yaelle.
Maria H.
Posted Nov 20, 2017
Sini is so understanding of my poor attempts! She is an excellent and very patient teacher.
Mimi E.
Posted Nov 29, 2017
I had fun learning with Junia, she is patient and knowledgeable.
Posted Feb 1, 2018
The most wonderful instructor a student could ever ask for. Professional, patient, and supportive, Sini truly is one of a kind. The pathway of learning french is challenging, but Sini makes it fun and there something to look forward to with each lesson. I have never been so motivated to learn a subject in my life. Merci :)
Kate N.
Posted Feb 6, 2018