Learn Singing with Andrea

Be A Star: Perform Gospel and Love Songs -Learn Vocal Breathing and Scales

Andrea C.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 60 Min
Level: Beginner

About this class

Be A Star with this live group or just learn and listen!
In this class you will learn new techniques, sing Gospel songs and Love songs, share your songs with us. Learn vocal breathing and scales. Love songs are welcomed as long as contents are clean. No content containing - sexual, swearing, violence, occult.

About Andrea C.

I love teaching and inspiring people so that they can achieve and feel the best they can be in their life. With my many years of experience and education I look forward to helping you through your life journey and reaching your goals. Let me help you organize your life.
You will enjoy my friendly easy going and logical systematic teaching
style and excel in many ways.


You can choose from a variety of my webcam classes.
Classes available in 10 Private and selected LIVE sessions/lessons.
Lessons available in, Music, Bible Studies, Prayer, Singing, Guitar, Songwriting, Religious Studies, Meditation and The Rosary, Music Recording, Music Therapy, Nutrition, Painting.
See my Subject listings for more details and watch my classroom videos for an idea of what you will learn in some of my classes. I will be happy to help you learn all you can about these subjects. ­čĺ×Please write to me with any questions you have.

I have always loved helping others to learn, look and feel the best they can about themselves. I so much enjoy sharing my variety of skills so that many can develop and appreciate their own abilities within. I also love eating healthy and staying fit, which is an essential in feeling good.
I have taught for many years subjects in private and public schools and am Paraprofessional Certified. I have worked with many homeschool families and developed an extracurricular activity program in the region.
I majored in Business and Psychology classes at CCSU in New England and also received skills from Donahues school of music in New England and Joyce Music Co. I have studied multiple online courses in a large variety of subjects. As a young adult sang in the traditional choir in my hometown Parish.

So many talented people have been a great inspiration and influence to me.
To name a few -
Religious influences - Fitness Blender, Chris Reece, Fr. William McCarthey, Charles Cota, Audrey Winters,, Kathy Smith, MODG Homeschool Association, Father Frank Pavone, Mother Angelica, Holy Trinity, Holy Family, God the Father, My sons - Justin, Jacob and Christian Eigner

Music Influences - Lady Antebellum, Michael Buble, Casting Crowns, Nora Jones, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Alicia Keyes, Charles Cota, Jeff Poole, Tim Stawarz, Tony Villaba, Andy Stacks, and many many more. Also very inspired by many of my students and their Music abilities and talent.

Painting Art influences - Christian Eigner, Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Bosseron Chambers, Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Fitz Hugh Lane.

Fashion and Style influences - Nina Agdal, Melania Trump, Calvin Klein, Christy Brinkley, Anita Alam, Julie Anderson, Gram Parons.

I very much look forward to working with you and to seeing the smile on your face when you learn, to improve your study and academic skills, how to manage your lifestyle, write or play your first song, dance your feel good fitness moves, prepare your first healthy meal, paint your first acrylic ... and live your best life !!!