Learn Sign Language with Shannan

ASL 101 Class 5

Shannan W.
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Live-clock-goldClass length: 60 Min
Level: Beginner

About this class

This is ASL 101 class #5 out of 15.

In this class we will be reviewing our vocabulary from class #4, giving students the opportunity to practice signing as well as comprehension. We will also take a look at different types of signing throughout the United States as well as some interesting facts.

About Shannan W.

I have been in love with ASL since I was a small child. I have deaf family members and my best friend growing up is deaf so I have spoken the language a long time. I attended NW florida state where I studied ASL and graduated with honors, it wasn’t long before I was working at the college as the ASL tutor and assisting the ASL Proffeser in her classes. Since then I have gone on to teach ASL in community programs and performing ASL songs in multiple different states for shows and festivals.

Students in my class can expect to learn at their own pace. Each student is unique and so if your a fast learner, I will never hold you back. If you need more time we can always take it slow. If there is something specific you need help with we can focus on that. I am here for you, and am always available to answer questions even out of class. Your success means everything to me and together we can accomplish your goal. Let’s get started!