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Tony M.

Seminole, FL

About Tony

If you want to be the best, learn from the best. Talent, skill, confidence- priceless. Our expert instructor Tony M. has worked with contestants and music industry professionals and producers from Ame
rican Idol, America's Most Talented Kids, and America's Got Talent, as well as industry insiders, AR reps, TV networks, and many venues across the U.S.

*** Lesson Details ***
Guitar: Learning to properly handle the guitar, left and right hand techniques. learn to tune the instrument. read notes, and lean all major, minor, and seven chords by the end of book 1

Piano: learning all 12 scales by heart, proper fingers technique for both hands, reading both left and right hand notation by end of book 1.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Tascam D8000 40 Ch. Digital mixer
Alesus quad Reverb,
Yamaha EX5
Korg Sound module
Digitech Vocalist II Harmony...
Pro Tools 10
D Drums,
7 Pianos
5 Guitars,
2 Saxophones

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone, Mic, Laptop, Amplifier, Karaoke hard drive, and software.

*** Specialties ***
Advanced Vocal Coaching, for professionals,
Pop, R&B, JAZZ, Classical, Broadway.

Composition for pro artists, 256 mix tracks, 48 khz,
Top of the line recording gear.

Classical guitar, Music Theory and Composition for writers.


Scotty December 9, 2016
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
After my first meeting with Tony I really believe I'm going to be able to learn to play the guitar after all of these years.
Dillon December 6, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Tony is a skilled maestro that taught me something new with every lesson. He opened my musical perspective by showing me the fundamentals of what it means to be musically inclined and gave me the tools to further my education on my own.
Heather April 30, 2016
Singing · In studio
Tony is a great teacher and my daughter loves her lessons with him...very personable and accommodating..We highly recommend him.. she has learned so much already and most important is she is gaining a lot of confidence.
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Tony M.

Tony M.

Seminole, FL 33772
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Manal L.

Apollo Beach, FL

About Manal

I adore teaching so I do not consider this as a job but a hobby. I enjoy every minute of it so wish you enjoy it too! I also enjoy interacting with others in a constructive, cooperative, and harmoniou
s manner. Have extensive experience mostly of multinational nature. Work effectively as a team player to establish positive relationships and gain the confidence of others.

Education: B.A. of Arts – English Literature & Translation.

• Independent Arabic/English languages Instructor and translator since 2000 - present.
• Independent Contractor with US TRANSLATION
• Independent Contractor with American Language Services
• Member of National Language Service Corps.

I am looking forward to meeting you whether in person or on-line. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.
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Manal L.

Manal L.

Apollo Beach, FL 33572
starting at
$15 / 30-min

Pablo R.

Sarasota, FL

About Pablo

How are you!

Learn Spanish as easily as you learned English!
You are going to start speaking and even thinking in Spanish from the very beginning!

I taught people of different ages and professi
on. I have also taught people who just want to learn Spanish because they love the way I teach the Spanish culture!

The primary goal is to develop speaking and comprehension skills.
By the end of the course, you'll be able to have a social, or even business conversation with Spanish speakers.

I am native speaker. I will teach you universal Spanish, as it is spoken in Latin America and Spain. No localisms!

The courses are online. I will also be exposing you to some of the culture in Latin America.

The Spanish Instructor


Laura H. December 21, 2016
Spanish · Online
Pablo created a supportive environment where I was able to utilize my recently acquired vocabulary and grammar into simple conversations. The consistent progress I've experienced after each lesson is a big motivating factor that propels me forward. Great teacher! I am looking forward to more!
Bettina G. December 20, 2016
Spanish · Online
Pablo is great! We've never done any Spanish lessons before let alone online. It's been a great experience for myself and my children (ages 10)!
Michael December 20, 2016
Spanish · Online
I am a complete beginner. and he was very good at keeping it at my level but also letting me know what I have ahead of me. I HIGHLY recommend TAKE CLASSES with Mr. Pablo!
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Pablo R.

Pablo R.

Bradenton, FL 34210
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Sara S.

Largo, FL

About Sara

As a seasoned educator, I know that the recipe for successful one-on-one learning simple. It has only two main ingredients: your (or your child's) desire to learn, and the expertise I bring from 16 ye
ars of experience as a classroom teacher and tutor. When you combine them over the course one or more hours of tutoring, the result is a more confident, skilled, and knowledgeable learner who has achieved or made measurable progress towards his or her goals. The positive, friendly and collegial relationship you will have with your tutor (me) is just the sweet icing on the cake!
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Sara S.

Sara S.

Largo, FL 33771
starting at
$30 / 30-min

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