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These Music teachers are highly rated by students in the Saint Benedict area, including Saint Rose, Arabi, New Sarpy, Westwego and Ama.

About Eddie

Hello there, I'm Eddie! Music, since the first time I picked up the saxophone, has been the passion of my life. I almost always have an instrument in my hands or have music coming out of my speakers. I earned my degree in performance from the University of Miami in 2012. As part of my undergraduate studies, I became proficient in all saxophones including alto, tenor, soprano and bari. In addition to that, I have also become well versed in the piano, guitar, flute, and clarinet. I have been teaching privately since 2013. Music is my passion and I want to bring this same passion to any student I teach.


March 8, 2018
February 25, 2018
Michael K.
Excellent teacher.
November 19, 2017
Nielsun S.
Nielsun like Eddy and had a great first lesson 👍

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Eddie P.



Brandi B.

Hammond, LA 70403


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Brandi

My name is Brandi and I am ready to become your music teacher! Playing the guitar has been my passion for 13 years and counting. As a part of the talented music program throughout my high school years, I decided that I wanted to pursue music as a profession. I attended Southeastern Louisiana University for music performance and focused on the classical guitar as my primary instrument. I have played many gigs ranging from open mic nights, accompanying a choir, classical guitar ensembles consisting of up to 12 people, and my solo recitals. I also play the electric guitar, ukulele and the piano, with recently expanding interests for electronic music and synthesis.

My goal since graduation has been to make teaching lessons my full time occupation. Building up a studio certainly doesn't happen overnight so I have come here to expand my ava

ilability to the internet! As your instructor, I can help you to learn any and all of the things that you want to accomplish on the guitar even if you are a complete beginner. Don't wait to create - we can progress together!

October 20, 2019
September 19, 2019
Emily L.
Great feedback from the concert! Now Brandi's been working with me on basic classical - reading two or three lines at a time and going up and down the neck of the guitar with just the sheet music! No Tab Charts!! For me this has always been extremely hard, and probably the hardest musical skill for me overall is reading multiple lines simultaneously. Not great yet but - in quite a short time - have come Much farther than I was and am finally figuring out how to do it. Brandi has been super encouraging and patient and explains every step along the way when I get stuck - even multiple times if needed :)! Playing my normal rock or jazzy stuff with a lot more ease and "know-how" than before. She makes being pushed to your limits not only productive but also enjoyable.
August 17, 2019
Emily L.
I have a concert gig coming up in the span of a week playing guitar with a big band orchestra doing jazz or band arrangements of various popular songs including a big band arrangement of Play That Funky Music from the 70's. In other words not the easiest stuff to be playing :)! First lesson with Brandi and she cleared up all the trouble spots, tricky rythms and chord changes easily in an hour. She explains musical complexities clearly, knows what she's doing and at the same time makes it easy to understand and execute. I had read about her background in classical and knew she had to be good but was genuinely impressed with how well she understood jazz and funk styles better than I do. ( And I'm 28, have been playing since age 12 and performing publicly in multiple settings since 13) Great personality, a lot of fun to work with, and incredibly knowledgeable! Absolutely recommend!

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Brandi B.

Hammond, LA


Zelda S.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Zelda

Zelda has been teaching private lessons for over 11 years and is currently available to teach weekly lessons at her home studio in Nashville, TN or online.

She provides a dynamic, student-structured training curriculum for voice, speech, singing, ear training, performing, ukulele, bass and songwriting, and shares her passion for creativity and lifelong learning.

Her lessons are refreshingly different - centering on the individual student and their unique needs and has helped many students improve their abilities for professional communications, performance, auditions, media and workplace interviews, presentations and events, competitions, working in a team, joining and playing in a band, creating a dynamic set list, recording audio and video and a lot more.

She's worked with speakers and vocalists of all kinds - from all over

the world with both both professional and personal learning goals. Her speakers and singers include English as a second language speakers, professional and touring artist singers, soloists, lead singers, karaoke singers, duos, choirs, singer songwriters as well as songwriters who don't call themselves singers.

Zelda S. is a voice professional performing as a speaker as well as singer songwriter, music and performance coach, author and creator of the highly effective voice warm up program 'Zelda's Voice Warm Ups' for anyone who uses their voice - teachers, coaches, actors, singers and is available on itunes for purchase to use anytime for keeping your voice in peak condition.

As an award winning songwriter Zelda and has been a performing musician for over 35 years and has enjoyed a well-rounded music career including live performing, studio performing and directing and music education. She works in recording studios with professional speakers, singers and musicians across all the pop music genres and her award winning works continue to be broadcast in television worldwide. An expert in her field, Zelda looks forward to helping new students enjoy their learning experience and prepare for the many opportunities that come.

Her students range in age and include children, tweens, teens, adults of all ages and a wide range of skill levels. She works with singers, musicians, songwriters and producers across many genres and styles.

Some of the musical styles she regularly teaches include: Pop, Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative, Americana, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Gospel, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Classical. Broadway and theater.

Students love Zelda's fun, encouraging and systemized lesson format and enjoy reaching learning milestones and achieving their goals.

Zelda S. is a professional speaker, singer, songwriter and coach with mission - to change the way people think about creative talent. She knows first-hand that when students get into the right headspace they can make amazing breakthroughs with their voice, their careers and themselves in all areas of their life.

Zelda believes it’s not just about talent you're born with - but rather passion to master easy-to-learn skills to advance to the next level.

She’s right at home with people at any level from raw beginners to shy speakers and singers to high level professionals. Her encouraging style helps speakers, singers, musicians and songwriters develop their unique voice for any situation - workplace, live performance, audio and video recording, auditions, presentations and any type of event.

If this resonates with you - then you’ll love lessons with Zelda S.

August 11, 2019
Zelda is a very attentive and knowledgeable instructor. She helps me to reduce my Russian accent.
July 13, 2019
Taly H.
I have really enjoyed Zelda’s class!! She is brilliant on what she does.
April 16, 2019
Zelda is a fantastic singing teacher. I felt a good vibe when I read her bio. I started out doing a half hour lessons and changed it to hour long lessons on the first lesson. She has helped me advance in my skills. She makes it relaxing, right off the bat, when you walk in and she offer's you tea. She is very patient and helpful. I've taken five lessons and signed up for five more.

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Zelda S.


About Ammon

You love the flute and don't know where to begin. You know you love its sweet, haunting sound, but aren't sure what style you want to learn.  Or maybe you know what style of music you are most interested in, but lessons feel intimidating.  You might even be an adventurous type who is interested in studying flute music from different parts of the world.

Look no further. I have experience in rock 'n' roll, classical, contemporary, jazz and latin jazz.
In addition to the western concert flute, I play a variety of other flutes, including the alto flute, ocarina and the Andean quena.
Lessons include posture, breathing, tone production, music theory, technique and fun.

I hold a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in flute performance, and a Master of Music in jazz studies. I have over 10 years of experience teaching the flute.

I am

flexible, open minded and happy to tailor my services to the interests and learning style of the student. All ages and experience levels welcome.

August 6, 2019
Ammon will greatly improve your tone quality right away and also understands how to help use your body in a more efficient and comfortable way. She is fluent in more different styles of music than any other flutist I've met and plays a variety of flutes, ocarinas and whatever else she can get her hands on so whatever you're interested in she's probably already experienced in it. The space she teaches in is quiet, clean and fun to be in and easy to get to from a few different subways. Most importantly she is patient, thoughtful, succinct, intelligent and fun. You will enjoy your lessons and learn a lot.
July 2, 2019
Ammon is an excellent musician, flute player and composer. It has always been a great pleasure and I have learnt a lot of things by working with Ammon.

Ammon has also a broad knowledge both in Jazz and Classical and I would reccommend studying with Ammon

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Ammon S.



Erik R.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Erik

I am a professional composer, singer, and teacher with degrees from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. I'm currently a doctoral candidate with degrees in music composition, music theory, and electronic music.

I have provided formal instruction (both classroom and one-on-one) to students in music composition techniques, music theory (beginning theory, tonal theory, counterpoint, etc.), as well as music arranging and orchestration.

As a composer and arranger, I have written and arranged for various mediums and ensemble types including vocal, instrumental, chamber, orchestra, and concert band.

I teach students of all different ages and experience levels, from beginner to advanced. It will be my job to determine your specific needs and help lay a solid musical foundation.


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Erik R.


About Terry

I’ve been a music educator for more than 40 years. I started teaching in 1978 and have run a full time music studio for 25 years. Our past and present students total well over 3,500 taught. I teach a variety of music styles: bluegrass, gospel, country, southern rock, contemporary Christian, and traditional.

​My performing career began at the age of 11 at local music jamborees, festivals, county/state fairs, and square dances. In 1982 I was hired by The Reynolds Family Band as their banjo player and toured with then for 13 years. I have also performed with The Sherle Williams Band, The Hickory Hollow Band, and four-time Kentucky State Championship band The Country Edition. I have also worked as a studio musician for Alpha Recording Company, The Revelators Gospel Quartet, and The Valley Creek Boys. I’ve also had the honor to head

line with Dr. Ralph Stanley, Bill Monroe, J.D. Crowe, Del McCourey, Jim and Jesse McReynolds, Bill Harrell and The Virginians, Jimmy Martin, Michael Cleveland, Doyle Lawson, and many others.

Skilled (musical instrument) instructor
Private lessons
Art and music education
Music theory
Private lesson planning
Music composition
Music principles and history
Musical performance coaching
Private instruction
Local arts and culture
Guitar (acoustic and electric)
Bass (electric and upright)
Instrument repair

Private Music Educator (1978 – present)
Music Lessons with Terry Strange, a full time instructional studio
Private music instruction in a variety of styles on Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Violin, and Bass

Board of Directors (2014 – present)
Kentucky Old Time Fiddle Contest and Championship

Competition Judge (2013 – present)
Kentucky Old Time Fiddle Contest and Championship

University of Kentucky – Lexington, Kentucky
Associate of Science, Agriculture

September 21, 2019
Amazing Teacher with 40 plus years of teaching
September 21, 2019
Love Terry's online teaching style. Learning so much
September 21, 2019
Great teacher both online and in his studio

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Terry S.


About Hannah

I began playing the flute at the age of eight, but my love for playing the flute began when I had a passionate teacher show me how much fun and rewarding playing an instrument can be. I now want to do the same for my students which is why I decided to study music in college. I am a graduate from the University of Delaware with a degree in Music Education. Throughout my career, I have taught private flute lessons, group flute lessons, middle school and high school bands, and elementary general music. I have also performed in symphonic bands, wind ensembles, orchestras, musical theater and opera pits, numerous solo festivals, and an hour long solo recital.


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Hannah K.


About Abby

I am a music student at UNC Greensboro currently studying saxophone and Music Education. I have had experience working with kids age 5-18, and I really enjoy working with kids of all ages. I began playing the saxophone when I was about 11, and through the saxophone I learned my love of music and my passion to share that love with others.


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Abby L.


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"Chris was very patient and knowledgeable, would definitely take lessons again"
"I was honored to take a hand percussion lesson from David after hearing him perform with a major arena tour and a phenomenal jazz trio!. Although the sett
ing for the lesson happened to be intimidating, David was able to help me focus on my strengths as a player and showed me how to build on them. He excels at building confidence and inspired me to integrate world percussion into my work as an elementary school teacher. I highly recommend him as an educator who knows how to motivate and bring out the best in students. I look forward to taking lessons online in the future!"
(Inactive) Elijah
"My brother and I love Ms Taylor. She is patient and teaches us great skills on the piano. We thank God for the training."
"Fabulous. My son loved his lessons with Carl. Highly recommend!!"
"Frank is a very talented musician and teacher. He helped me expand my knowledge of music theory. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone interested in ta
king lessons."
"Senobia, is a perfect teacher for my grandaughter. I only have mt grandaughter for 1 month and Senobia tailored her sessions to fit our needs and provide
my grandaughter with the basics in singing along with pleasing songs to sing. My grandaughter will be able to build upon these lessons when she returns to her parents.

Thank you Senobia"
"I recommend Aaron to anyone and everyone for his services in teaching music!

I started guitar lessons with Aaron when I was 11 years old and stayed his s
tudent till I was 17!!! He has taught me so much about guitar and how to play! We would work on cover songs and a little bit about music theory. He kept the learning fun and not boring with the music theory, since I was young. He showed me the fun, musical side to playing and learning songs. But see, thats what was cool about it. Now that I'm 19 and in college studying music, I think back, if it wasn't for Aaron and the way he taught me; I might not be that into learning more about music. As I got older I started to see the puzzle pieces of music come together. There is a whole structure to writing songs and music and Aaron knew, that for me, the best way to learn was to start with songs and let my own curiosity about music be my drive and determination to learn more about it and how to write it!!! Aaron and I have stayed close friends over the years. He is still really helpful to this day because not to long ago i called him up and asked for some advice on music colleges as well as some good music books to learn from. Thats what is so cool about Aaron, he will always help his students out in the best way he can! :)"
"Daniel is a very skilled bassist , lessons are going well . I really like him . Looking forward to our next lesson ."
Leo Cagliostro
"This instructor is a professional with a comfortable mannerism that puts you at ease and confident that you will learn and have a wonderful experience doi
ng it."

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