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Popular Language Teachers in Lafitte, LA

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Heart-empty Heart

Zach M.

New Orleans, LA
Starting at $40
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks english, french
  • BAC Literature and English from LycĂ©e Jean Monnet
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Zach M.

New Orleans, LA


Bgcheck Background Checked

Born and raised in Paris , France to a french mother and an american father. Teaching french is a true passion and joy.

My classes are fun and if you want to work with a real teacher who can design a class just for you, I am the teacher you are looking for!

Whatever your goals are with French, I can help you get there!
Get in touch any time to tell me about your goals.

Wether you , your spouse or kids would like to learn french, I adapt my classes to everyone's needs and goals.

-"HELP , I'm going to France soon , I need some basic things to say"
No problem !

-"I would like to be able to read books in french and have a conversation."
Sure thing !

-"Can I be fluent in less than a year?"
Yes you can if you're ready to work hard and have fun !

Whatever your reason is : you found the right person ! :)

I can help you with :

• Pronunciation ( so that nobody will answer you in English )
• What to know if you go to France soon ( so that you can know a ...

About Zach

"I don't have much time but I'd like to learn french , is it possible ?" - Oui ! Bonjour everyone , my name is Zach. I was born and raised in Paris, France. I graduated from "Jean-Monnet European High-school" in France where I specialized in English and French Literature. I moved to

October 10, 2019
I picked Zach because he is from Paris and my husband and I just returned from a trip there. We want to go back next year with improved communication abilities. Zach will not only be able to teach us the language we want to know, but also give us tips about Paris and France in general from a native's point of view.
Zach started me out perfectly for my first French lesson. It was challenging enough but not overwhelming. I love that (for a part of it) he recorded me so I could hear what I sounded I sound like speaking French -very helpful!! He has given me just enough to work on between lessons and left me motivated for what's to come!
October 8, 2019
My first French lesson ever with Zach was great. He’s a really nice guy and was super patient with me. Definitely looking forward to continued sessions with him.
August 8, 2019
Hashem A.
I took French before and did not see myself improving at all. Took it with Zach this time and I actually see myself learning. He makes you record yourself so you can hear what you sound like and that really improves pronunciation (especially for me being Arab since French pronunciation is nothing like Arabic) because you get to see how people hear you talk and that leaves a lot of room for improvement, plus hearing yourself talk over and over helps your mind to remember what you learned (you won’t learn it and then forget it by the next lesson).
Heart-empty Heart

Tom S.

Accent Reduction
Starting at $25
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks Chinese, English, Spanish
  • Awarded Deans List from University of Phoenix
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Tom S.


Bgcheck Background Checked

This course is about how to learn to say difficult sounds in English quickly and to reduce your accent audibly. We will cover the most important phonics/sounds that my clients - from India, China, France, Russia, Brazil, Spain and so on - have the most problems with doing business in the US/Silicon Valley. You don't have to go through all the lectures, just pick the areas you feel you still have to work on and practice the words diligently. You will see the slides that go with the video and most of the time, I also uploaded additional practice materials. If you work on your English pronunciation consistently, you will see results really fast.

Who this course is for:
You need to know some spoken American English already to benefit from the course. But, since this is an American English speaking course with lots of examples, if you practice a lot, you will be successful and will master American English.

We will cover all the phonic sounds of the English language

About Tom

Tom has been teaching private lessons since 2006 and is currently available to teach lessons online. Foremost, Tom provides expertise, experience, and encouragement when he received his English Literature from Boston University, Arizona State University and the University of Phoenix in Arizona.

October 20, 2019
Shelly gupta
October 6, 2019
Shelly gupta
August 18, 2019
Was very patient with me . Polite in correcting my mistakes. He is a good listener
Heart-empty Heart

Esther K.

Starting at $37
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks Spanish, Korean, English
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Esther K.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Hi there! Want to learn and speak Korean? As a Korean-American born in the United States, I know what it is like to learn another language. Having to be raised my strict, traditional parents, I had to master reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Korean in order to communicate with my entire family in Korea! Thus with my experience, I can help students overcome their fears and weakness and help them appreciate the Korean language by providing my time and effort as my previous friends have done for me.

I am an experienced classroom teacher that teaches English and special education for 7 years, but I have also tutored students of all ages. In addition, I have spent all my life translating American to Korean and vice-versa for all learners. Therefore, I am confident that students will be able to achieve their learning goals with me because of my bilingual heritage and exceptional teaching skills. I also believe that my energetic persona can contribute to help learning be ...

About Esther

Hello! My name is Esther Kim and I am originally from New York. Now, I reside in Maryland and I have great pride in teaching English! As a former graduate student with an English and special education degree, I believe that I can help all types of students find joy in learning English like I have.

October 13, 2019
Mrs. Kim was so elaborate in her teaching plan for my son. She was thorough and concise and made sure my sons learning objective was met. She is so informative when it came to some concerns regarding my sons potential language delay and assured me that she would be there every step. Highly recommend this phenomenal teacher.
October 13, 2019
Esther is by far the best instructor ever. She is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Her ability to teach literature and writing is amazing. Esther was able to help me understand and explain so much in my writing. I would recommend her ten times over.
October 13, 2019
Really appreciated learning from Mrs Kim. She was very helpful and I learned a lot from her. Strongly recommend learning from her!

Meet Online Language Teachers Serving Lafitte, LA

Heart-empty Heart

Maria J.

Starting at $30
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks English, Russian
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
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Maria J.


Bgcheck Background Checked

I have tutored Latin for several years and received awards for my own proficiency. I began to learn Latin in middle school, and I was even a member of the Junior Classical League. In College, while I pursued my degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies, I took every Latin education opportunity available to me, including supervised reading and translation work in my undergraduate thesis. I have fulfilled courses through Medieval Latin, which was at the graduate school level. I received an award in Latin Excellence this past Winter semester, at my graduate school.

About Maria

I have been teaching for 5 years. I have been blessed with a talent for language and its related areas. This is both my gift and my passion. I have spent years honing and sharpening my skills in both English and Latin. This has created in me a desire to share this knowledge through teaching. I have

June 23, 2018
Lata V.
June 10, 2018
Maria is super knowledgeable and knows how to explain things in a way that makes sense.
May 4, 2018
My son enjoys learning with Maria
Heart-empty Heart

Trang V.

Starting at $16
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Speaks English, Japanese, Vietnamese
  • Teaching since 2017
  • Business and Tourism from Sai Gon Uni
Quick view profile

Hi there! I just make it short. Both of us know that you want to learn it seriously so let's make it happen and try our best in order not to waste time and money. I believe that I can help you... I am looking forward to studying with you!!! Thank you for reading my message.

About Trang

Xin chào! My name is Trang. I build up lessons based on what you want to learn instead of what I want to teach so that we can help you reach your goal as soon as possible. I am from the North so if you want to study the Southern accent, I am afraid that I can not help you speak with 100% accent of

October 22, 2019
William T.
My in-laws are from Ho Chi Minh City, so at the beginning I was not sure about studying with Trang because she mentioned she has a Northern accent. However, I made the right decision to work with her. She is the best teacher I have worked with. Thanks to Trang, I can speak Vietnamese properly and understand what my In-Laws say, and they are so happy to hear my Vietnamese. I do not feel left out anymore. Thank you so much, Trang!
October 12, 2019
Luke W.
October 10, 2019
Sean R.
I have been taking class with Trang for a few months now and I must say she is amazing. Classes are very organized and you know exactly what you are covering and where you left off from the last class. She is very enthusiastic always makes class fun. Vietnamese is not an easy language and Trang's approach makes all the difference in the world. She makes class very fun and productive as well. One of the best teachers and classes I have ever had. I can see myself taking Trang's class for a long time. so much to learn!
Heart-empty Heart

Luz M.

Starting at $34
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
  • Teaching since 2011
  • Teaches students 6 to 30
Quick view profile

My goal is to provide you with fun, High quality Online Spanish lessons with a professional Foreign Language teacher. The lessons are focused on using the Ludic Methodology where you can learn by exploring with meaningful activities in a fun and relaxing environment.

Come and have fun while learning Spanish with me!

About Luz

Hello! my name is Luz and I am from Colombia. I am a passionate Spanish and English Teacher with years of experience, strong communication skills and the dedication to guide my pupils to do their best while meeting high expectations. I have a bachelors degree in Foreign languages and a certificati

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"Sabrina is an excellent teacher. She is responsive, knowledgable, organized, and kind. My husband and I began our instruction in the classroom setting, and we were so impressed with her skill that we migrated to private lessons. We enjoyed our lessons, and were assisted in our instruction with relevant handouts, homework, and of course, our emailed questions were always promptly answered. Highly recommended."
- Faith
Took Italian lessons from Sabrina I.
"We had our first lesson last Sunday and it was a great experience. Youngju is awesome!!! I think that's all I need to say. I look forward to our many lessons."
- Kory and Deb
Took Korean lessons from Youngju S.
"Love Carla!!! She is the best teacher ever!! Anyone wanting sign language lessons should go through Carla! She sets the standard for excellence!"
- Kayla Beth
Took American Sign Language lessons from Carla C.
"Ying continues to be an outstanding teacher. She always prepares the lesson beforehand and the whole hour is super productive. She is very easy to work with, friendly and patient. Big thumbs up. Highly recommend."
- Lai
Took Mandarin Chinese lessons from Ying W.
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"Ana is terrific! She tailors lessons specific to my needs and has researched and provided me with numerous resources to help my studies. She is very knowledgeable, patient and supportive and I couldn't ask for anyone better to work with. I would highly recommend Ana to anyone who wants to learn Spanish."
- Kimberly
Took Spanish lessons from Ana S.
"Pantelis is the best Greek teacher you will find. Greek is not an easy language to learn, but I continue to be amazed at my steady progress with Panteli. His method of teaching the rules over memorizing is excellent, and has allowed me to improve my conversational abilities much quicker than I expected. I am traveling to Greece soon and excited to test out my skills!"
- John
Took Greek lessons from Pantelis P.
"Amazing work! Could never have a better instructor than Victoria! 50million stars for her!!!"
- Caroline
Took American Sign Language lessons from Victoria G.
"Very good at explaining mandarin concept, very patient, good lesson pacing!"
- Chris
Took Mandarin Chinese lessons from Grace J.
"Off to a great start! Looking forward to our next lesson."
- Jennifer Malloy
Took Spanish lessons from Julissa F.
"I am a resident doctor in Texas and I deal with a lot of Spanish speakers whether they be patients or colleagues. I started taking Spanish a couple months ago with Rosita, no back round, and I feel like I'm prepared to converse with patients about different areas. Especially when I'm taking exams. If you are a doctor and need to learn Spanish, Rosita has a structured course."
- James Lu
Took Spanish lessons from Rosita R.
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