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About Arron K.

New York, NY
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Alphabet, reading and writing, grammar.

From street to formal high quality expressions!

About Arron
Jeonghun Arron K. is a composer, arranger and singer.

He started his career in music by performing in many local bands and also working for game companies and movie OST in South Korea, after he got a degree in Music Composition and Education from Baekseok Arts University in Seoul in 2005. He found ‘Let Us Music Inc.’ and had worked as a studio engineer and a co-producer from 2003 to 2008.

He is a scholarship winner of Nyack College School of Music in NYC, where he studied music composition and singing. He performed as a choir member in many classical concerts; New York Philharmonic: PHILHARMONIC 360 at Park Avenue Armory, Requiem (Bradley Ellingboe) at Carnegie Hall and Nyack College Concert at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center.

His band 'Almost an Orchestra', released an EP album in 2012. The band arranged performed music for Oc
cupy Olympus, performed by Magis Theatre Company at Flamboyan Theatre, New York International Fringe Festival in 2013.
Mikael K. December 16, 2018
· Singing · In studio
Arron was extremely helpful as a teacher and very encouraging. A wonderful coach.
Bryana November 2, 2018
· Korean · In studio
Very patient and thorough, works at the students pace. Great teacher!
Dominique September 7, 2018
· Korean · Online
Awesome learning experience! Aaron was very great at helping me to become more comfortable with my current level, and I learned so much in just the first lesson alone! Looking forward to more lessons to reach my goal!!
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Arron K.

Arron K.

starting at
$40 / 60-min

About Jihyeon S.

Newport News, VA
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I have given out language lessons more than 10 years since I was at college. It was always 1:1 lesson. My students liked to learn and had fun from learning words and expressions. Learning a foreign language is definitely fun. So I pursue "fun-learning" lesson with you. I am also interested in linguistics. I can correct your pronunciation close to native speakers.

About Jihyeon
I am Jihyeon from Korea. I've learned English since I was 13. So I can help you study Korean language including real Korean culture and custom. I have tutored French and English to 8th thru 12th grade. And I also have teaching experience with Korean language to adults for 5 years.
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Jihyeon S.

Jihyeon S.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Chan C.

Boston, MA
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I grew up in South Korea half of my life and I talk in Korean with my family and my Korean friends all the time. Learning a new language is very difficult, however, with my help, I can definitely get someone to a point where they can understand Korean without stressing out.

About Chan
I am a professional flute player, composer, beatmaker, producer, recording engineer, music theory tutor, and a Korean language tutor.

I am currently a semester away to graduate from Berklee College of Music. I am currently double majoring in Music Production&Engineering and Electronic Production&Design.
Before then, I was a student in University of North Texas double majoring in Flute Performance and Composition.

I have played flute since 15 years ago every week. I have won many awards as a solo artist, with an ensemble, and with an orchestra. I have been involved with Seattle Youth Symphony, PLU Orchestra, Northwestern All-State Orchestra, and more.

Besides being a flute player, I am a Music Producer, Recording Engineer, and a Beatmaker. I have been in this industry for 4 years and landed a position as a Head Engineer of an R&B Ens
emble. I work with many genres of music, but tend to favor in Electronic Music.

On the side, I teach Korean and Music Theory as I am very comfortable with those and have experience in teaching them.
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Chan C.

Chan C.

starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Yuji J.

Cincinnati, OH
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As a native Korean, I have been learning English, French, Italian and German. I speak fluent English and from learning several different languages, I understand how languages work.
Especially if you want to have a very good pronunciation I can help you well.
I go to CCM, University of Cincinnati, majoring in voice. I have been studying diction in all the languages I listed above plus Russian, I am very sensitive with sounds and know how the sounds work.
Also, if you are advanced, I can teach you the Korean word roots, which will help you understand the language easier and deeper.
I love helping people who would love to learn the Korean language and the culture!

About Yuji
I love helping people and watching their improvement. I have been teaching about 10 years singing, piano, Korean and English.
I am from South Korean and studied at Seoul National University and Indiana University for music. Currently I go to grad school at CCM, UC.
I have been learning a lot, music and languages.
Also I have learned things in different ways, a real way to become genuinely good at something from scratch and the fastest way that is to get a good score in a short time period.
I believe I have been taking the best education in the world (and I actually had legendary, world-class teachers). I believe that each student I meet, I will give them the best education that was given to me.
I try to have good time with every student I teach and I want to help their lives become better in different ways.
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Yuji J.

Yuji J.

Cincinnati, OH 45220
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Julia P.

South Plainfield, NJ
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This is Julia. I am a native Korean speaker.I lived in Korea until the '20s. Currently, I have been living in North America for more than 9 years.

Are you interested in learning Kpops, Korean dramas and so on in details?
( I am a big fan of 'Blackpink':) )
Do you have difficulty writing and reading in Korean?
Do you need to practice speaking more?

I will be able to be ready to help you out!! No worry when you are wrong, but enjoy your mistakes in order to improve your language skill.

About Julia
Education: a local community college student studied physical therapy program,
2014 - present
Bachelor of Science in Food Science, South Korea
Previous experience:
English Conversation Academy, South Korea
Teaching English and Korean to students under middle

Certificate: Certificate IV in TESOL in Greenwich College, Syndey, Australia
Certified Nutritionist and Food Hygienist’s license in South Korea
Languages: English
Upper intermediate
Limited proficiency
Fluent/native proficiency
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Julia P.

Julia P.

starting at
$15 / 30-min
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About Wendy P.

Albany, NY
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I am an international student from Jeonju Korea. I do speak both English and Korean fluently from studying abroad from young age. I was born in Korea but started exchange program since I was around 8, and started going to school in the U.S. since 8th grade. I am currently a Junior year college student, but I have started teaching English in Korea since 2011, giving me experience as a language teacher.

About Wendy
Hi! My name is Hee Won Park, but feel free to call me Wendy. I am an international student from South Korea, but I am fluent in both Korean and English. I was born in Korea, and my parents still live there, but I started exchange program in the states since I was 8. I moved to the Hawaii for high school from 8th grade, graduated as the graduating class president. I am a Junior year student of University at Albany, in New York, receiving academic scholarship since freshman year. I have been teaching language since 2011, when I am home, I do private lessons, and essay editing for college students along with speaking lessons. I hope you pick me to become your teacher!
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Wendy P.

Wendy P.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

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