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About Heather E.

Kernersville, NC

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About Heather
Hi! I'm Heather and I have been teaching private music lessons since 2008. I grew up on the stage! My mother was my first singing and piano teacher and from a young age I have been involved in acting, dancing, music theatre, oratorio, and opera! I went to the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance. I am passionate about giving my students the gift of self-expression through music while learning good technique and incorporating music YOU are interested in.

equently Asked Questions***
What is your availability?
Just select a subject and a lesson location in the upper righthand corner above and you can see my availability!

What do lessons cost?
30 minutes $25
45 minutes $35
60 minutes $45

How often should we meet and for how long?
I recommend lessons once per week. 30 minute lessons are good for beginning piano students. 45 minute lessons are ideal for singers and intermediate piano students. 60 minute lessons are appropriate for advanced students interested in studying lots of repertoire or for singers who are having a particularly difficult time with ear training.

What do you do in lessons?
To learn what you would be doing in a lesson just select a subject in blue under "Heather Teaches" at the top of this page for a description of how each lesson works in that subject.

I want to study piano, do I have to have a real piano?
No, you don't have to have a real piano but you do need at least a keyboard, preferably one that gets louder or softer depending how hard you hit a key, has at least 61 keys, and has a sustain pedal.

Do you help singers who want to learn rap, metal, or some other non-conventional style of singing?
Yes, I have actually worked with some metal bands before! Even if you are using something like screaming you can use it in a way that hurts your voice less. I love to apply good technique to styles like that.

***Student/Parent-Teacher Agreement***
If you choose to book through me here are the details of what you can expect from me and what I will expect from you.

1: Schedule 10-30 minutes of practice each day for at least five days per week. Your teacher will give you a specific minutes goal based on your age and level of study.

2: Bring you assignment book to each lesson and complete all assignments.

3: Arrive promptly at your lesson time. You reserve the time slot, not the number of minutes.

4: Pianists’ fingernails should be kept trim. When playing with curved fingers, the nails should not click.

5: No gum, food, or drinks during lessons (water bottles are permitted).

6: Online students are responsible for printing assignments that your teacher sends you online. Online singers need to have a way to play karaoke tracks while being logged in to the TakeLessons classroom.

7: Please turn all cell phones to silent during the lesson. Online students are not allowed to surf the web during their lessons.

1: Support the fulfillment of your child’s responsibilities by consistently bringing your child to lessons, rehearsals, and performances and remind your child of daily practice and help them to schedule this practice time in their daily routine.

2: Communicate with the teacher about any questions or concerns you have. I want to meet your expectations, as well as your child’s, and I encourage feedback.

3: Provide an acceptable instrument for practice. Pianists: an acoustic piano is recommended, however, good electronic instruments that are full size, have a sustain pedal, and are capable of dynamics (the ability to control the volume of the sound through the touch of the performer) are also acceptable. Singers: a device for recording lessons (optional) and a keyboard, pitch pipe, or pitch pipe phone app.

4: Parents/guardians may sit-in on lessons only if they do not disturb them. Please, no talking at all. You may wait in the car or run an errand if you prefer. The teacher reserves the right to no longer allow a parent/guardian to sit in on a lesson should their behavior be deemed a habitual distraction for the student.

1: To provide a tailored curriculum to meet student’s individual needs and goals.

2: To clearly communicate short-term and long-term goals.

3: To encourage a feeling of success at each student’s individual rate of learning.

4: To report the student’s progress to the parent/guardian if applicable and listen to any concerns and answer any questions of the parent/guardian and student if applicable.

5: To devote the entire lesson time to the student. I am a stay-at-home mom and occasionally I may need to attend to my child. In the rare circumstance that your lesson is interrupted, I will offer you make-up time at the end of the lesson or at a time that is most convenient for you.

STUDENT CANCELLATIONS OR ABSENCES: If given 24 hours notice, I will allow for a makeup lesson or cancellation. If I am not notified within 24 hours a lesson credit will be used regardless of whether or not the student attends.

TEACHER ABSENCES: All lessons missed as a result of the teacher canceling will be made up at a convenient time or credited to the next lesson.

TUITION: Lesson credits must be purchased through TakeLessons.com before the scheduled lesson can be taught.

PERSONAL LIABILITY: The teacher is not responsible for any injuries, loss or theft occurring on the teacher’s personal property. Children should not be left at the studio/home unattended. The teacher cannot be held responsible for the safety of the student outside of their lesson time, or the safety of any family members/friends that may accompany the student to lessons.

STUDENT TERMINATION: Students and parents are permitted five initial lessons to decide if the lessons are a good student-teacher fit. If more lessons are purchase after the initial five lessons, lessons should be seen as an on-going commitment. If a student chooses to terminate lessons (after the introductory five-lesson period), the parent/guardian or adult student must inform the studio with a 30-day notice. The student is responsible for purchasing the last month’s lessons whether they choose to use the lesson credits or not.

TEACHER-INITIATED TERMINATION: Lessons may be terminated for unpaid tuition, for repeated missed lessons, or for consistently late or unreturned phone calls, texts, or e-mails. The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons at her own discretion.
eunice Y. May 24, 2018
· Singing · Online
Heather is a great professional teacher! She has taught my daughter very practical voice techniques and confident stage performance which helped her pass her choir audition! Liz is looking forward to developing a strong singing voice from Heather who knows what areas she needs to work on. Thank you for all the extra notes you also give her to work on!
Zoe March 19, 2018
· Singing · Online
I love mrs.heather ive been with her going on about a year and Ive seen an improvement in myself alot every week is something new and I grow and continue to hear myself get better at singing everyday she's a spectacular teacher!
London March 9, 2018
· ·
great teacher! she’s very good at finding your problematic areas and fixes them with patience and good advice. :))
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Heather E.

Heather E.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Marshall J.

Turlock, CA

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About Marshall
Are you ready to take your learning to a new level? For over 10 years I have been exploring the world of entertainment, from music to photography to video production and am ready to share with you the secrets to success in the performing arts.

Learn the intricacies of guitar, piano, and vocal performance
Master professional writing techniques
Promote yourself with hands-on audio production and videography
Make killer music videos
Become the best you can be!

Party on dudes,

Marshall J. III
Michael May 21, 2016
· Guitar · In home
I am a beginner. The lesson was great!
Lots of good tips to start off with and good exercises that I can use for years to come.
Looking forward to learning more. I recommend lessons for sure.
Katelyn C. May 19, 2016
· Singing · In studio
Marshall is easy to work with and is an amazing teacher to my daughter.
So far so good!!
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Marshall J.

Marshall J.

starting at
$45 / 30-min

About Sunho K.

Hutchinson, KS

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About Sunho
Hi, My name is Sunho. I'm from Korea and lived in Japan for about 5 years. I'd like to meet people who want learn language. I can teach Korean and Japanese. Here is a little about me, I'm an outgoing person. I like cooking, painting and watching movies. I really would like to meet new students who interested in Asian culture and people who would like to share their lifestyles and hobbies. Hope to meet you soon!
Jasmine M. June 10, 2018
· Korean · Online
George T. June 9, 2018
· Japanese · Online
Mizuki Y. June 5, 2018
· Korean · Online
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Sunho K.

Sunho K.

Hutchinson, KS 67501
starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Sabrina I.

Saint Paul, MN
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About Sabrina
Hello, I'm Sabrina. I hold a B.A., M.A. and Doctorate in Modern Languages (in Italian and French), and specialize in language instruction. I have spent the past 20+ years working with students of all ages, as both a classroom teacher and a private tutor, and offer highly individualized and engaging lessons to meet your personal goals, interests and above all, learning styles. I provide extensive feedback and encouraging guidance to help students continue to succeed independently.

I love sharing my knowledge of and passion for the Italian language and culture with others. I infuse a variety of
cultural topics into each language lesson, depending on your personal interests and/or travel plans. You will certainly find my passion contagious! But I realize learning a language isn't easy for everyone, and it can be quite intimidating to feel confident while speaking. That's why you need a teacher who can figure out what works for you, how you learn, and what motivates you. Everyone can speak beautiful Italian, and engage in conversations for business or pleasure, but it takes a knowledgeable instructor to help get you there efficiently. I can quickly assess and pinpoint your strengths to design activities that help you precisely where and how you need it, and have plenty of effective tricks up my sleeve.

I lived and worked in Italy for about 10 years, in educational tourism, and since moving back to the US I have taught Italian at both the High School and University/College levels for about 4 years each, as well as Community and Continuing Adult Education classes for the past 6 years, and I have training in AP exam prep. Although I have native-fluency, I have myself been a student of foreign languages, and know the struggles that come along with this exciting adventure. I know how to help you get past those hurdles, and have fun along the way.

To learn more about me, my lessons, or to ask me any questions, do not hesitate to send me a message and I will respond within a few hours. I look forward to hearing from you. A presto! (Talk to you soon.)
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Sabrina I.

Sabrina I.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Elaine S.

Murfreesboro, TN
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About Elaine
Hola! I have been teaching the piano and Spanish for over 10 years, and love seeing how quickly we all can learn a new skill if we just have the right coaching. I'm a firm believer in teaching you HOW to learn first, no matter the subject. Many of my students become so proficient in the art of being self-taught, they soon don't need me ( which I consider an honor!) . Whether on the piano or in the Spanish language, I know we all have the capacity for more, and I'll help you get there. I'm a mom of 2 beautiful girls and a little lab puppy. My husband and I love our kids and our Southern l
ife! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
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Elaine S.

Elaine S.

starting at
$34 / 30-min

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