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Guitar Lessons in Indianapolis

Taking guitar lessons in Indianapolis can be a very fun way to learn to play music and possibly earn money as a truly professional musician. Playing guitar also is a very cathartic experience that enables you to express your emotions through your playing while entertaining others or simply playing for yourself.

What to Buy Before Taking Guitar Lessons in Indianapolis

When you are learning to play guitar, you will need some basic equipment to make your experience more enjoyable. The first is a good guitar that will stay in tune. You should also buy a music stand and a guitar stand. The mu
sic stand will make it easier to read music while sitting or standing, and the guitar stand will limit the potential for mishaps.

An assortment of guitar picks is recommended, and you should have one or more packages of guitar strings on hand to replace the inevitable broken string. You also should buy some fret oil or conditioner to keep your guitar’s fingerboard moist and prevent potential cracking in dry weather. If you choose to learn on an electric guitar instead of an acoustic, you will need an amplifier. When first learning, it helps to buy a good solid state amp and later decide if you want to invest in a tube amp as your playing progresses and you consider performing live. With an electric guitar, you will want at least one good quality cable and might choose to buy effects pedals to hone your tone over time.

Guitar Stores in Indianapolis

There are many fine local guitar and music stores that can help you find anything you need for your guitar lessons in Indianapolis. Arthur’s Music Store on East Shelby Street is noted for having a great line of new and used acoustic and electric guitars and has been in business since 1952. IRC Music on East 82nd Street also offers new and used acoustic and electric guitars of many brands and styles, including the venerable Taylor acoustic guitars.

Another great place to look for your first guitar is SDC Guitars on West 96th Street. They specialize in stringed instruments and have a full line of acoustic and electric guitars available for you to try out before you decide on a purchase. Buying a guitar always works best when you can hold it in your hands and get a feel for the neck and playability.

Guitar Setup and Repair

No matter where you choose to buy your first guitar, or whether you buy new or used, it may eventually need maintenance to counteract any effects from seasonal weather changes and any normal wear and tear.

Indianapolis has a lot of great places where you can get your guitar setup, maintained, or repaired. SDC Guitars is noted for having excellent guitar techs and for getting guitars back to their owners in a reasonable amount of time. Arthur’s Music Store and Tom’s Guitar Repair on East Washington Street are some of the most-recommended repair shops in Indianapolis.

Local Venues and Events

Indianapolis has many great venues where you can see your favorite bands and check out new ones. The Jazz Kitchen is one of the preeminent jazz clubs in the United States, and the Klipsch Music Center, Slippery Noodle Inn, and The Vogue, rank among the Midwest’s best music venues and clubs. The annual Wes Fest features some of the nation’s best jazz guitarists paying tribute to the legendary Wes Montgomery and other jazz guitar greats. The annual Indiana Guitar Show offers a variety of guitar styles and performances.

Jamey F.

Carmel, IN

About Jamey

I teach all styles and levels of guitar. I have taught for over 20 years including college courses, Montessori primary, and with special needs clients. Though I have a degree in Classic Guitar from CSU, Northridge, I consider myself primarily a songwriter and improviser. I released a fingerstyle record, 12 stone row, in 1999. I also played bass in The Language for 2 years in Indianapolis. In the last few years, I've been mastering pick-style and developing guitar learning systems. I plan to release a vocal record in 2015. *** Lesson Details *** To me, that you want to play guitar is proof that you can do it. Drive is central to your success, and learning to play well is a relatively simple process with precise learning systems. I customize curriculum for every student. I consider ...


Jon E. G.

Carmel, IN

About Jon E.

Being one of the few instructors and music coaches I have a professional resume and experience that only a few instructors in the world can say they possess.  Toured or shared the national and international stage with... John Mellencamp, Ted Nugent, Rare Earth, Kid Rock, Willie Nelson, Cheryl Crow just to name a few.  The students I have instructed and coached and consulted with, many have gone on to teach themselves and/or become professional working musicians. I am the right instructor for you. I teach all levels and skill sets and ages... with your desire and positive attitude, I can help you achieve your musical dreams a reality.


Mike M.

Indianapolis, IN

My goal is to teach you the songs that you want to learn. You absolutely need to learn the fundamentals first.

With rock and metal, this means you need to learn guitar tablature, chords and reading chord charts. I have a set of lesson plans that focus on this.

I teach lead improvisation with blues and rock and country. You can start with the basics and I'll take you every step of the way or we can begin with some advanced lessons if you're ready.

I also teach modern worship songs.

About Mike

I teach fun and easy lessons that allow you to explore the guitar at your own pace. I tailor lessons around the student's musical interest. I'll have you playing your favorite songs in a matter of weeks. I taught at my last music academy for 9 years. I've been playing guitar since 1980 and I've taught hundreds of students thousands of songs since 1998. I have taught country, pop, and rock from the 50s to today. I have taught Elvis, The Beatles, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Metallica and Avenged Seven Fold not to mention hundreds more. I know many, many praise and worship songs. I have helped aspiring worship leaders get a start.


Mannie C. May 16, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
My first lesson went great and he got a feel of where I was and then adjusted perfectly to take me to the next level

John S.

Indianapolis, IN

I have been a professional musician and composer for many years and I have performed all over the U.S. The guitar is easy to learn and gives the player a chance to learn about herself or himself as well as entertaiining others.

About John

What do you WANT to learn? Learning should always be fun, even when it is challenging. I try to find out what my student WANTS to learn and then integrate that desire into what must be mastered. I have taught at all levels in the Indianapolis Public Schools. I have taught Literature, Composition, and Sociology, to name a few subjects, at the college level.I hold a professionalized Indiana teaching license (expires 2025) and a Master’s degree in education.I have successfully taught at-risk students as they prepared for the GED and TASC high school equivalency, even setting school records for completion rates. I am currently preparing on-line learning courses for the state of Indiana. I home-schooled my own children and they have graduated college with honors.I have authored two ...


Annell B. March 26, 2015
Harmonica · Online
Verified Student
John is an excellent teacher: patient, knowledgeable, fun and I learned a riff my first lesson! The online Skype format worked well. Two thumbs up!
Pat E. March 16, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In home
Verified Student
I had a stroke and didn't remember much about any kind of music. John was patient, and stayed a little overtime, which made me feel guilty. I think he will actually get me playing music. He's a dear.

Zachary H.

Indianapolis, IN

I've been teaching people how to play the guitar for about five years now. I don't only focus on teaching you how to play chords and how to solo. I also teach feel, finesse, tone, and finding your style as well. Wether you're just starting out or you've been playing for years, there is always something to learn. I want to teach you what you want to learn. Ultimately, this lesson is for you. You've made the decision to take the next step in your guitar playing journey. I'm here to help you do just that.

About Zachary

Hey guys and gals. I'm a 22 year old musician and audio engineer from Indianapolis, IN. I have been giving private guitar, drum, and bass lessons on and off for the last five years. I also give Pro Tools and micing technique lessons. Helping people of any age or skill level grow and improve their skills is the most rewarding part of this job. I have worked as a session guitar player, drummer, and bass player on many recordings. I have also worked as a guitar player for numerous groups professionally and unprofessionally. I engineer at Primary Sound Studios in Bloomington, IN and have been dong so since 2011. I went to school for audio production at the Art Institute of Tennessee Nashville and have been recording music since 2007 when I was fourteen years old. I will teach you everything ...

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