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"First lesson went very well. Zack held our daughters interest and she was quite interested in the piano lesson."
"He was a great instructor, and definitely helped me on my first online lesson."
"Athlie has been a wonderful teacher for my 13 years old daughter she enjoying learn new thing Athlie.
She's very knowledgeable and is able to pass that k
nowledge on in clear language and examples.
We're glad we found her!"
Robert Crabtree
"Brittany is absolutely fantastic with my 13 year old daughter who has never had any vocal training before. We are five lesson in, and from day one, you co
uld tell Brittany really knows her stuff. We have seen fantastic progress in such a short time. Brittany's knowledge, patience, enthusiasm, and own personal talent shine through. My daughter looks forward to each and every lesson. We were lucky to find Brittany and I highly recommend her."
"Wonderful teacher! I would highly recommend Josh!

Josh is truly a great teacher. I took piano lessons with him, and I have to say that he is always encou
raging, and his teaching style let's you grow at whatever pace you feel comfortable. He is incredibly talented and so friendly! If I had the money, I would take lessons from him multiple times a week. I had a background of voice lessons, and he really helped me to learn how to translate my knowledge of voice into my practice of the piano. He is passionate, full of talent, and flexible with his schedule.

You will enjoy every lesson you have with Josh!"
"very insightful"
Cynthia J.
"I have been searching FOREVER to find a vocal coach who really understands the demands that a professional singer endures. What I am receiving exceeds my
wish list, I am more than satisfied, I am elated! I felt extremely relieved when I met with Fawn. Even before my very first session, I was informed of what would happen and what to prepare so it wasn't uncomfortable. Fawn has been spot on with her vocal assessment of me.

In the space of 1 1hr vocal lesson, everything changed for the better. It was incredible and in the months that have followed, I have only improved more and more and more!

I asked her 3 questions that other coaches have NEVER been able to answer
and she had crystal clear explanations and then some. She really is amazing!
She is the vocal whisperer, she really does know her stuff!
She always maked me feel comfortable and I leave every lesson in AWE!

Not only does she understand the voice but also the business side of music and how to go about things, she totally rocks! I have been doing lessons with Fawn for a little over 9 months now and the difference in my voice is massive!
There are a lot of pretenders in this town but Fawn isn't one of them, she's the real deal and I'm so happy I have found her. I am extremely satisfied.
"She's very personable and has a great ear."
"Mimi is an excellent and patient teacher and very sweet person. I recommend all to have her as a tutor."

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