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About Cameron


Learning guitar should be interesting and fun! While we're studying all the different aspects of the instrument, you'll also be learning how to play your favorite songs and solos! I approach each student as an individual and structure their lessons according to what I determine they need, as well as what they are interested in musically. I concentrate on many different areas; ear training, theory, playing technique, improvisation, various styles of music, and, the physics of the guitar. Understanding how the instrument works is important in my opinion. My long term goal is to teach a student how they can teach themselves down the line. Understanding why you’re playing something is just important as knowing how to play it. I aim to give a student rich and well rounded one-on-one time!


I h

ave been teaching and performing for over a decade both in the US, and in England. I have played in various bands and have produced independent artists. I have worked for a recording studio and for various academic institutions including the Filomen M. D'Agostino Greenberg Music School in New York city.

I obtained my degree from Purchase College in New York and am a member of their Conservatory of Music.

*** Lesson Details ***
I construct lessons for each individual student depending on their musical tastes, goals, and current skill level etc. I want each person to get as much from their time studying with me as possible. Within three to six months, I'll have you working on timing, theory, ear training, improv, and songs/styles of music you may be interested in. I'm laid back, however, I expect at least the minimum practice time between lessons, which I'll change throughout the course of our time together depending on your skill level etc. Practice materials I draw up are included. I write out everything in plain English and do not require the use of sheet music!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Small recording studio, piano, various guitars, bass, and amps.

*** Travel Equipment ***
guitar, bass, laptop, digital recorder.

*** Specialties ***
I concentrate on ear training, improvisation, and explore styles ranging from pop, alternative, rock, prog, and blues, to metal, funk, and folk etc. I do not require sight reading skills for any level of student. Rather, I work with the student with theory and arrangement conventions to really understand the music. This intern, greatly sharpens their musical ear and helps them to learn music much faster because they understand how it is put together; why and how it works, etc.

***Teaching Special Needs***
I have experience teaching students who have been visually impaired,
blind, hearing impaired, or who have had mild learning disabilities. I
am also comfortable with a student bringing their service dog or
therapy dog to our lessons if they wish.

February 23, 2018
Cameron is an excellent teacher for me. I am 11 years old and have been playing for almost a year with him. He is patient and makes me stretch to be a better guitarist. He takes time to find songs at my level of learning and accommodates my tastes in music. I would recommend him for anyone who is interested in playing guitar.
June 12, 2015
Kim K.
I enjoyed my first lesson with Cameron. He explained things clearly so I could understand. Can't wait for my next lesson.
February 14, 2013
Pat A.
A solid teacher with a lot of experience

Cameron is great at tailoring the lessons to my musical taste without compromising the theory, basics and fundamentals.
I have been taking lessons for one year and will not go elsewhere anytime soon. His vast musical knowledge helps merge the theory with concrete examples. No question remains unanswered.

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Cameron S.



Thomas U.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Thomas

Hello, my name is Thomas and welcome to my page! My goal as your teacher is to make you connect with music to the best of your abilities. We all love music and it is a truly wonderful gift to express that love through a musical instrument!


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Thomas U.


Cathryn K.

Peoria, IL 61614


About Cathryn

Hello! My name is Cathy and I have been teaching voice (singing) for over 30 years. But don't let that fool you into thinking I'm a stogy old girl who doesn't have a pulse on contemporary music. I teach pop, country, broadway, folk, whatever it is your interested in. I do teach with vocal exercises because without them no changes will be made and that's the whole point right to change your voice? However you do get to sing songs. I teach, so that you will change your voice and succeed in whatever avenue you want. My degree is in Vocal Performance from Northeastern Illinois University and one year of Masters work in Drama from DePaul University.

I also teach ESL, Reading, Writing, History which I have done for the past ten years. I use a variety of techniques since no two people are alike to help you learn English or the Ameri

can lifestyle. I presently teach Caterpillar employees, spouses and children. Let me teach you and see how far we can go.

Thank you.

October 16, 2019
April 3, 2019
She is the best teacher!
March 17, 2019
Our first lesson went well.. Cathy made our daughter feel welcome and she came straight home to practice..

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Cathryn K.

Peoria, IL


Mathew M.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Mathew

I have been teaching guitar for 13 years. And have been performing guitar, bass, and drums with rock bands for 18 years. I have studied music and guitar performance through years of private lessons, and have a Music Theory Professional Certificate from Berklee College of Music. I specialize in classic and modern rock, and heavy metal. But I enjoy teaching students any genre of music they choose. My goal is to provide custom private lessons for my students to help them reach their musical goals, build confidence, and develop creativity.


September 16, 2019
Myk B.
My first lesson with Mat and he was very professional, friendly, informative, and patient. I'm looking forward to our next lesson
November 5, 2018
Mathew is wonderful! My son loved his first lesson!
October 17, 2018
Mathew has made learning fun and stress free for my son. Without Mat's patience and support I do not believe my son would be taking lessons for more than a couple of months much less a year later. My son looks forward to lessons, he trusts Mat, and considers Mat a friend. I can not praise Mat enough for all his contributions to my son's new skill and his part in the building of my son's self esteem!

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Mathew M.


About Jeanetta

I am an experienced pianist, violist and music educator. I graduated with my degree in Music Education from Jackson State University with a concentration in piano.

Piano and Strings students can expect to improve from week to week with proper technique. Knowing that every student learns differently I take the time to understand how you learn and apply it to maximize learning. Lessons with me include not only repertoire but we set goals.

I teach all levels of piano, violin, and viola. I studied classical piano and viola for over 15 years. In addition to playing classical music, I am also able to play gospel and rhythm and blues music.

Students can expect to learn technique, music theory and a diverse repertoire of music.

I am a firm believer of teaching a solid musical foundation and exposing my students to diverse music literature.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you.

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Jeanetta H.


About Roxanna

Hi there,

Just a few words to introduce my experience, approach and my work ethic .

I have a Bachelors Degree in Music, majoring in piano and voice and an established private teaching practice and teaching studio. I have extensive experience in private piano and vocal tuition and teaching general musicianship, music theory, singing and instrumental teaching in schools, as well as 10 years experience as a vocal performer in the UK.

I am committed to working hard for my students and remaining responsive to their musical tastes and interests. I also work to find out what learning style and senses my students learn most easily with (visual,
kinesthetic, auditory etc.) and adapt my teaching plan to meet the individual needs of each student. I use a variety of creative musical activities and techniques to engender an engaged learn

ing in each of my students.

In teaching piano, I teach rigorous foundational piano technique from the beginning, along with general musicianship. I like to incorporate teaching of general musical concepts, while encouraging creativity and imagination with the younger pupils that I teach. I also incorporate adaptations of popular music that children like to hear and play and try to stay responsive to the musical tastes of the student- while maintaining high standards in technique from beginners to advanced. I also address postural awareness and incorporate elements of the alexander technique into my teaching.

For those interested in singing lessons, I will first and foremost find out what kind of sound you personally wish to produce. Styles vary greatly across different genres. I will then help to diagnose your voice type and what difficulties you may be encountering and which may be preventing you from creating the sound you are aiming for.

I then show you ways in which the voice can be strengthened and balanced across the whole range and help my students achieve a healthy mix of head and chest resonance. This is achieved through exercises and vocal cues, enabling you to recognize the sensations that lead to good use of the voice.

My credentials:
- Alexander Technique Training- current.
- BA Music degree, Middlesex University, June 2004. Piano Performance Major and Music History
- 2 year piano scholarship at Conservatoire de Paris du Vème, with training on my second
instrument (violin), a member of conservatoire orchestra
- Music Diploma, Paris VIII University

September 23, 2018
I wanted to find someone to teach me classical piano technique. That would be 'serious' technique. I count myself as fortunate to have gotten Roxanna as an instructor. I feel that I am being properly guided by someone who has to have had breadth of experience to know and anticipate what things should be taught in what order. My mom is a life long amateur pianist and she agrees that I have found a great teacher !
June 2, 2018
Our three children (ages 5, 6, 8) were Piano students of Ms. Roxy. We were saddened when Ms. Roxy had to move away.

Roxy is an EXCELLENT teacher. She is patient with the kids. She is very professional in setting and holding reasonable expectations for the kids. Her teaching approach is holistic, providing a deep sense of appreciation for music. The kids love her and you will too!

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Roxanna R.


About Emily

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in performance from St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. I will also be attending the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities for a Master of Music degree in performance as well. I hope to continue my education and pursue a Doctor of Musical Arts degree within the next few years.

In the eleven years I have played saxophone, I have participated in a wide variety of ensembles. I have played lead alto saxophone in my undergraduate jazz band my entire four years there and principal saxophonist in the wind ensemble my senior year. I have also participated in pit orchestra, playing clarinet, flute, and soprano saxophone, saxophone ensemble, and in a backup band for a show choir, Kids from Wisconsin, playing alto, tenor, and soprano. I have also recently been awarded the Tony Winters Ins

trumental Music Award for extraordinary musical performance.

With knowledge in jazz, classical, and pop saxophone, I am able to teach all ages and ability levels in one, or all three of these categories. I have had a few students over the past six months and absolutely love teaching them. We have covered technical skills, repertoire, and saxophone basics. Whether it's a 30 minute lesson or a 60 minute lesson, I make every second count! I work in a relaxed environment and make it fun and productive for all ages. I am willing to do lessons online or in-home.

My passion for music has no limit and I really want to share that with any and every student. I strive to be a positive influence in the music teaching world so that students can carry a firm foundation of music for a lifetime. I look forward to meeting you and helping you become a better musician!

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Emily B.


About Justin

I have played publicly in bands and as a solo act. I have written, produced, and recorded my own music. Otherwise, I have taught over a hundred lessons in my teaching career. You will be satisfied with me as your teacher.


June 18, 2019
Great first lesson!
May 28, 2019
Janet B.
Justin is a wonderful teacher. He is patient and explains thoroughly. I was very pleased and impressed with his teaching. Looking forward to my second lesion.
October 8, 2018
Awesome man!! really appreciates his charm and knowledge

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Justin L.


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Music Reviews

"Kind, patient, and very thorough with her lessons. She pushes her students to become the best they can be and helps them correct and see things to improve
their playing."
"If I could click on infinite stars for Jamie I would. My voice is always growing stronger and more flexible and that is due to her wonderful teaching. She
is extremely knowledgable and teaches in a way that is easy to understand and makes learning fun. I have been studying with Jamie for around 5 or 6 years and there is a reason I have never strayed. In addition to her amazing vocal technique and teaching style, Jamie is one of the best mentors to young artists. She is encouraging, smart, and caters to all the needs of performers. Whether she is helping work through a tough note, serving as a mentor for how to manage college auditions, or even listening to personal problems, Jamie is always there for her students. I am so lucky to have found her all those years ago and I know she will help others just as much as she helped me."
"Ben is patient, very good at explaining techniques, and great at getting you down to basic. He was also very helpful in working with my hectic schedule.
I highly recommend him."
"Wonderful first lesson. My daughter is very excited to attend the next one."
"Bonnie was perfect for my Autistic granddaughter! Her set up at her home is just right and location was easy to find. My granddaughter enjoyed it and le
arned in the first lesson alot."
Jose Manuel
"From the beginning I was astonished with Marta' s overall prior experienced, which in all encourage me to take classes with her. She is highly patient an
d explains all her lessons in a way that I can understand perfectly. Marta is highly dedicated and devoted to her students, overall I am more than satisfied with her lessons and effort."
"This guy's killing me but I love him anyway. Never knew there was this much to really learning to sing. Thank the Lord for Ben's patience. He should be
the instructor to any and every new client."
"Matt is a knowledgeable and inspirational teacher! My son and daughter both take lessons with him weekly and, not only learn a lot, but enjoy their time w
ith Matt is also personable and adapts his instruction based on each of my kids' learning styles."
"Such a good bass player !! Now I know how to play walking bass :)"

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