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Popular Academic Tutoring Teachers in Morton Grove, IL

Heart-empty Heart

Fernando L.

Evergreen Park, IL
Starting at $30
Teaching Locations:
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Theory from CYSO Theory Class
  • Teaching since 2011
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Fernando L.

Evergreen Park, IL


Having Difficulty reading? Don't be any longer. I have the experience to help you overcome that obstacle.

About Fernando

Hi there! My name is Fernando L. and I am looking forward to working with you. I have helped many students throughout my four years of private teaching. I am currently working with "Mariachi Oro y Plata", and had the honor to also work with Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. I look forward to workin

September 26, 2017
Max A.
Fernando was fantastic with my 14 year old son. He asked what type of music he wanted to play to keep him engaged. He had a great 45 minute lesson with him. Fernando is passionate about violin and it shows. Looking forward to continuing with Fernando! Highly recommend him!
September 26, 2017
Lucia A.
Fernando was great with my seven year old daughter. He kept her engaged for 45 minutes. She enjoyed her lesson and is excited to continue lessons with him. Highly recommend him!
June 12, 2017
Carlos S.
Very professional and patient with student. Can't wait to keep working with him.
Heart-empty Heart

Kelicia D.

Chicago, IL
Starting at $42
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Background Checked
  • Teaches students 12 to 20
  • Teaching since 2017
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Kelicia D.

Chicago, IL

Bgcheck Background Checked

I’ve been tutoring students for about 2 years now and I like to do more visual learning. Which means I like use things like white boards, play games like “Jeopardy” and many more math games. Not only are my games fun but students have to told me that they now like math because of my lessons. I specialize with beginner/intermediate math students. So if your interested don’t be afraid to shoot me a message. And hopefully we will get to have a fun time together learning math/algebra.

About Kelicia

I started tutoring once I graduate high school. I use to tutor students in high school but I never really thought I could’ve been good at it. But once I got to college I started tutoring athletes and realized the amount of process that had in the subject. I love to see my students process in the

Heart-empty Heart

Bill L.

Chicago, IL
Starting at $15
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Speaks English, Mandarin Chinese
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
  • Masters in Computer Science (Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence) from Georgia Tech
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I took AP World History and AP US History in high school. I love analyzing events in history and seeing connections/causes/effects between seemingly unrelated events. I stress long-term understanding instead of short-term memorizing of events/dates.

I also have close to 8 years of math/science tutoring experience, which will surely come in handy!

About Bill

I have always been a self-studier in my entire life. Being able to learn with just books and your brain is a crucial skill to have! However, I know not everyone (and sometimes even myself) have the discipline and motivation to keep going during hard times. This is where a tutor would come in handy.

August 12, 2019
Britney N.
Good communication and best explanation
January 26, 2019
Nathan F.
Good explanations and efficient with time!
November 21, 2018
Had played piano when I was young, and missed playing it. Bill is an excellent motivator and helped me enjoy practicing again and playing new pieces!

Meet Online Academic Tutoring Teachers Serving Morton Grove, IL

Heart-empty Heart

Rosemary O.

Starting at $40
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Awarded Outstanding Business from Etisalat, Nigeria.
  • Teaches students Male: 10 to 18; Female: 7 to 65
  • Teaches Middle School, High School, College
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One of the things I love to do is the encourage start-up. I will help you to develop a business plan for your idea, starting with your mission and vision statement.

About Rosemary

I am the Creative Director for Teddies Afrique and one thing I love to do is to teach sewing lessons. I'm a creative person, flexible and fun loving. I pay attention to details, impacting the lives of my students is part of me. Connect with me today and have fun while you learn.

May 29, 2019
was nice, free and fun. she was also friendly.
February 16, 2019
I am truly enjoying learning how to sew with Rosemary as my teacher. So far, I have seen a blouse and a skirt that I need to add finishing touches on. I am going to sign up for more lessons. I want to perfect the art of sewing.
February 14, 2019
She is so patient and thorough with her lessons. Things that I’ve had issues with in the past made sense when she went over them. I highly recommend
Heart-empty Heart

Ahyajriah Alia A.

Starting at $50
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Teaching since 2015
  • Teaches students 18 and up
  • Teaches College
Quick view profile

I specialize in the psychology of dating and relationships. Learn how to attract the man/woman of your dreams and how to keep them. If you are having problems in your relationship or having a difficult time finding a relationship, this course is for you.

In my class, you will gain a clear and true understanding of the sexes and gain the skills you need to gain the partner you desire or obtain a more fulfilled life with your partner.

Alot of times, we are not only miscommunicating with one another, but we are also misinformed about one another's psyche, the differences in our thought processes and we have no clue about the things we need to have from each other to get the relationship of our dreams.

Learn the differences between the male and female psyche and brain and how to attract and/or live in complete love and satisfaction with your partner. Gain tips and tricks to keeping them totally in love with you. Schedule your class today.

About Ahyajriah Alia

Hi future student and welcome to my psychology class on love, dating and relationships, my name is Ahya'. I have personally researched and studied the psychology of the male and female psyche for over 26 years. If you are struggling finding a relationship or keeping a relationship, this class is d

Heart-empty Heart

Joanne T.

Starting at $20
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home

  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Masters - Information Systems Management from Robert Morris University
Quick view profile

Get ready to serve your country! I can help with both the English and Math portions of this test.

About Joanne

I have 11 years previous tutoring experience in a variety of subjects such as Algebra I, Algebra II English, SAT, ACT, MS Excel, MS Access, MS word, GRE, Geometry. Overall, I have been very academically successful myself. I enjoy helping students understand difficult concepts. I am also very pat

October 30, 2019
Christy W.
So far so good. Joanne is very patient and thorough. Highly recommend.
September 8, 2019
Great! I learned quite a bit and my instructor is fabulous!
August 23, 2019
Grant C.
Joanne was great. Prepared, informed and conveyed the topic/instructions in a effective engaging manner.

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"Excellent Instructor and we will be continuing with her!"
- November
Took Math lessons from Dr. Dawn L.
"I have had several lessons with Jennie Bissell in my home. I often give lectures in academic settings, and I was hoping to improve the quality and fluency of my speech to a level equivalent to top public speakers. Working with Jennie, I made improvements beyond what I could have expected. We worked on a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques used by professional actors. By focusing on producing speech "on voice" the quality and ease of understanding of my speaking increased substantially with immediate benefits. I highly, highly recommend her services for anyone interested in improving their public speaking skills."
- Ethan
Took Public Speaking lessons from Jennie B.
"Bill knows what he’s talking about, and the first lesson alone blew away all my expectations. I’m really excited about the journey ahead with Bill. Very glad I decided to do this."
- Leif
Took Speech lessons from Bill P.
"Awesome Teacher! The lessons are full of passion and enthusiasm. Kathryn has analyzed my goals and is working toward them with me. She has great insight, knowledge and expertise in the field of public speaking. My presentation is sounding better and better thanks to her!"
- Joanna
Took Public Speaking lessons from Kathryn K.
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"Jennifer is a wonderful tutor who not only has deep expertise in her subjects but knows how to take that expertise and help her students to become better students. The result is that her students are able to retain what is taught in various subjects. My daughter has been tutored for years by Jennifer and is an honors student. We definitely believe that Jennifer is a major factor in her success. We recommend her highly and as my daughter has matured during her time with Jennifer, she values her insight and advice as she plans to take the next steps toward college admission. We are very fortunate to have a resource in our community that not only we as parents value, but that the students themselves value too."
- Andrea
Took Pre Calculus lessons from Jennifer W.
"Joanne was an awesome tutor. Infortunately I got a job offer over Xmas and will be moving in e next few weeks to Memphis most likely so while I will be only using the 5 lessons I bought I would rec her to anyone looking for a math tutor."
- Harry
Took GED Test Prep lessons from Joanne T.
"Colin is great! He helped my daughter with Calculus and she said she appreciated that he always took the time to make sure she thoroughly understood a problem she was working on, before they moved on to the next one. Great teacher!"
- Leah
Took Calculus lessons from Colin S.
"great teacher and person, worth every penny!"
- Chan
Took Public Speaking lessons from Fawn A.
"I must say Janalee is a phenomenal tutor. Her lesson plans are well structured and well thought out. Before studying under her tutelage , I was extremely nervous about taking my GRE. Not only did I pass my exam, I surpassed my own expectations.

Thank you Janalee, you played a pivotal role of my success !!!!"
- Edward
Took GRE lessons from Janalee C.
"Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and able to explain things in laments terms. If you don’t understand he really takes the time to re-work how he’s thinking about it to make it a way you can grasp. I highly recommend him!"
- Kelsey
Took GRE lessons from Daniel F.
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