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These Classical Piano teachers are highly rated by students in the Freeburg area, including Godfrey, Maryville, Troy, Caseyville and O Fallon.

Rina M.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Begin with piano basics and advance to more complex material from simple melodies with block chords, broken chords and arpeggios to Pachelbel's Canon in D and Beethoven's Fur Elise. Learn finger agility by practicing the Major and minor scales in parallel and contrary motion. Begin with one octave and advance to a range of four octaves. Add dynamics and phrasing to perfect your performance.

About Rina

I am a music educator, classically trained with an advanced performance degree. As a soloist and collaborative musician, I have performed professionally in ensembles, bands and orchestras both here and abroad. With a high degree of knowledge and proficiency, I teach proper technique and practice strategies, music notation, theory, rhythm and phrasing, while adapting teaching approaches to match the needs of each student. I share a love of music with my students and it gives me great pride to hear each student develop their own musical voice.

*** Lesson Details ***
My goal is to help students of varying ages and abilities succeed musically. Dedicated, experienced, encouraging, and sensitive to student moods, I am a multi-instrumentalist who can instruct you in acoustic guitar, classical guitar, piano (classical and popular repertoire

), oboe, and voice. Study music to awaken your aural senses, develop muscle memory, and enhance your intellectual development.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano and bench, keyboard, guitar, guitar stand, music stand, foot stool. Ample seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I am comfortable teaching from a piano or keyboard. I will transport my own guitar and anticipate students will own or rent the instrument they will be studying.

*** Specialties ***
Beginner to advanced music instruction, guitar notes and chords, piano melodies and accompaniment, vocal instruction, musical theater, classical piano and more.

September 9, 2019
Wonderful approach to teaching a beginner.
August 24, 2019
Rina transformed a septuagenarn with very little vocal experience into a much more confident and capable vocalist...in only five 1hr lessons. I plan to continue with Rina because learning with her is fun and although I have learned a lot I want to absorb more of what she is capable of teaching me.
July 15, 2019
We feel so lucky to find Ms. Rina to be my son’s Oboe teacher. She is so patient with my son to go through every basic skill. Every class went smoothly and efficiently. This is definitely a very good online instructor experience.

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Rina M.



Michael M.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

I have been instructing students on piano for over 10 years and teach any age! From the elementary level to the pre-collegiate my students achieve success through a fun and personalized curriculum. I use a variety of methods and books that differ for each student and plan professional student shows that give my students a practical application to their instruction!

About Michael

Hello, My name is Michael and Im excited to meet you! I've been teaching private & Professional lessons since 1997! I love helping students accomplish their goals like, getting into college, hit auditions, and more, but above all I love to inspire the love of Music and Performance Arts!

Throughout my professional career I have toured and played with bands such as Soul Fire, 3 Door Down, and others, and have performed for companies such as 4 County Players in Virginia, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Carolina Players in NC. I play multiple instruments from woodwinds, brass, to guitar, mandolin, violin and have training in singing and vocal training and more!

I use a number of established teaching methods to instruct my studies as well as my own methods that I have perfected through my 18+ years of teaching. My philosophy is that

it is important to stay fluid and adjust to each student's learning style to create successful students at any age from 3 to 100!

My only goal is to help you reach yours!

-==Some of My Studio Equipment=--
Marshall, Crate, & Fender Amps
Williams and Yamaha Digital Pianos
Woodwind instruments
Violins of all sizes
Brass Instruments
Acoustic and Electric Guitars (Fender, Epiphone, Breedlove, etc..)
Computer and Multimedia Supplemental material
And others!

--=Materials Used=--
I teach Suzuki Method when appropriate, as well as popular scholastic methods when needed for a school band program however, I mostly teach to the student. Each student gets a unique and personalized experience tailored to their specific goals and needs using a variety of available materials, but above all I strive to teach fun when learning the arts!

February 28, 2017
I am an adult who has no experience with any type of instrument and was very nervous and intimidated at first. Then I met with Michael, and though there was a ton of information we had to go through, he really made me feel at ease. He has the knowledge, patience, and understanding I was really looking for in a teacher and I'm so happy I found him!
September 12, 2016
With his flexibility and willingness to accommodate us my daughter learned a lot from him. He was a wonderful teacher and a great person to do business with.
September 12, 2016
Michael is very energetic and passionate about music. My kids have really enjoyed their time with him and we would recommend him to anyone!

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Michael M.



Darrell V.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Piano and electronic keyboard

About Darrell

Why these lessons are different:
- Formally trained conductor/composer/producer
- Individual or group session options including full band production
- A long roster of satisfied clients
- Broad base of musical styles (rock, classical, jazz, blues, metal, bluegrass, folk, theater, big band, symphonic, pop, punk, country, march, gospel, avant-garde...)
- Over 20 yrs teaching experience and work with recognized professionals including work in some of the top-rated private schools in the United States
- Over 30 years performing experience

Instrument-specific instruction:
- Voice
- Guitar [Spanish, acoustic, electric]
- Electric Bass
- Piano/Keyboard
- Woodwinds [specializing in saxophones]
- Percussion
- Brass & Bowed Strings [performance preparation only]

My process is based on (but does not adhere strictly to

) the Classical approach to Western tonal harmony and asks that the students develop certain fundamentals of technique and theory. In my experience, this structure creates the strongest foundation for pupils to build the rest of their musical lives on, whether professionally or solely for personal enjoyment. All of my students are on the fast track to studying music theory. Whatever level they are at when I start with them, I guide their efforts into bringing the students up to a certain level of comprehension regarding the mathematical aspects of music and how it relates to their instruments. This understanding of theoretical principles of sound allows the students to play any style of music they wish, no matter how their tastes may change throughout their lives.

Curriculum Gradation:
Elements of rhythm
Elements of pitch
Elements of dynamics
Elements of articulation
Reading/Writing notation
Tone development
Finding/Expanding your range
Dexterity, speed, and accuracy
How to project
How to advance to the next level
Music theory
Playing by ear
Improvisational techniques
Finding your signature style
Project Management

October 12, 2019
Aviv C.
Good instructor
September 13, 2019
Frank S.
Darrell helped me a lot to get a handle on my Ableton rig. I needed to set up midi tracks, locate presets to create cool sounds from plugins. Then I needed to export the audio of a couple of those tracks to import into a separate Pro Tools project. Lot of progress, thanks Darrell! -- Frank S
June 18, 2019
Natalie Watson
Absolutely loved the lesson and loved Darrell. He made me feel very comfortable and made the lesson fun. I learned a lot and really am looking forward to the next ones. Very excited to be embarking on this new venture in my life.

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Darrell V.



Maria P.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Get ready for a truly rich and rewarding experience. Maria studied at the Moscow Conservatory with Viktor Merzhanov. She is a 4th-generation pupil of Franz Liszt and 6th-generation of Beethoven. She was one of the fortunate few (Garrick Ohlsson among them) to study with Roberto Eyzaguirre, who was a student and friend of Claudio Arrau, one of the 20th-century's greatest pianists. Arrau studied with Martin Krause, who was one of Franz Liszt's final pupils. Liszt was taught by Carl Czerny. And Beethoven was Czerny's teacher. Through this great lineage, learn an incredible technique that will enable you to play the music of your dreams!

About Maria

Maria was born in Moscow, Russia. Her mother was a piano teacher and started Maria playing at 4. She studied at the legendary Moscow Conservatory with Victor Merzhanov. In the US, she won the Houston Symphony Ima Hogg Young Artist Competition and debuted with the Symphony performing Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto. She earned her Bachelor's of Music at the University of Houston.

For her Master's, she studied organ at Rice University with the world-famous teacher Clyde Holloway. She won many national competitions, including Gruenstein Memorial Organ Competition in Chicago and San Antonio Pipe Organ Competition.

The Russian School of Playing has produced some of the world's greatest pianists. This method is fun and lays down the foundation for a relaxed way of playing, which gives confidence and technical security, while enabling one

to produce beautiful "singing" tone on the piano. This helps students of all ages to take their piano-playing to new heights.

July 1, 2019
I throughly enjoy the lesson time spent with Maria as a beginner. She is an accomplished musician and transmits her passion for the piano to me as her student. She is kind and patient and totally focused on my comfort level and ensuring that I understand her approach to learning to play. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in starting with the basics and having the enthusiasm for learning that she has for teaching.
April 13, 2019
Maria has been a joy to work with. She is kind, compassionate and patient. She is an amazing teacher and my lessons have been transformative. Every time I leave a session with Maria I am excited, rejuvenated and my skills are most certainly elevated. She makes music fun. She is also thorough and comprehensive and teaches excellent fundamentals. I would strongly recommend her to anyone interested in learning piano.
April 11, 2019
Having a wonderful time learning with Maria. I'm returning to the piano after a 20+ year hiatus, and after a couple months reacquainting my self with the piano I found Take Lessons. I chose Maria based on her experience and background. I'm excited to change not only my touch on the piano, but also in my approach to learning a new piece of music. Maria is very thorough in helping me dissect the music so I fully understand not just which keys to press, but how make music out of it. Thanks Maria!!

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Maria P.



Kwame S.

Belleville, IL 62221


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Classical Piano Teacher

Want to sharpen your musical talents and find your path as a musician. I can help you achieve the goal you have set for yourself and also push you to be better. I have five years of teaching music to ages ranging from five to fifty and over twenty years being a musician. My teaching method is specialized to meet the demand and attention needed to provide each individual student with the necessary tools to master their craft. With my lessons, students will learn sight reading, ear training, essential elements of music theory and other handy tools that equip the student for greatness.

About Kwame

Hello, my name is Kwame. I have been a musician for over twenty years. I started out in music when I was in grade school and have continued my musical journey throughout my adulthood. I have five years of experience teaching a wide range of age groups. Adjacent to being a musician, I am also a singer and songwriter. I have been involved with many of local and semi-professional bands in the surrounding area and perform from time to time as a solo artist or with a group. My mission as a musical teacher is to preserve the art of making music and pass it down as it was taught to me. I feel music is a very necessary element that makes the world go round!


January 20, 2019
I was very pleased with my lessons. I learned a lot and Kwame was very patient and helpful. I like the progression of the lessons and feel like at this rate I will be where I want to be vocally in no time at all.
January 20, 2019
Kwame is a great instructor!! He is knowledgeable about the craft he teaches and is great at explaining things in a comprehensible manner. My daughter is young, and his teaching method provided her with the skills and confidence to learn you how play. She went from not liking to play as much to not being able to stay away from a piano.
January 13, 2019
Kwame is super nice and easy to work with

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Kwame S.

Belleville, IL

Private Classical Piano Teacher

I love to work with songs that the student loves and is familiar with. I specialize in pop and rock music. I feel that there are valuable lessons we can learn using songs that are fun.

About Veronica

I am a classical trained pianist. I have a BFA in performance and composition. I love being able to teach others classical piano as well. Over the past several years, I have been using pop and rock music quite a bit as course material. I feel that there's something new to learn about playing piano with every piece that you learn including tunes that are popular today. I teach by 1. Reading and interpreting notes, sheet music 2. By ear (knowing how to listen is important to a musician) 3. By rote (repetition and copying what I play). I incorporate some theory at every lesson, whatever is relevant with the piece being studied. I always offer positive encouragement and support to students, and I consider "FUN" to be the #1 component to lessons.


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Veronica G.


Private Classical Piano Teacher

Practical and fun-oriented. Quite basic and simple to understand.

About BOH

I am Dr. BOH CLVIS NGUEA. I hold a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Management. I hold 3 Masters Degree in Strategic Management, Business Administration and Economic Science.
I have been teaching for 10years now and I have taught learners of all levels. I started out as Secondary school teacher, moved up to High school teacher and presently I am one of the most demanded Lecturer in Private Universities here in Cameroon and some neighboring African countries.
I have been teaching Economic Science and Management for 7years today with great results. My particularity is the fact that, I have been able to introduce a New Generation approach of teaching. With me, I don't just end at the concepts, I push my learners to apply the concepts in the their everyday life. Reason why most of my learners are present day entrepreneurs, thanks to my abi

lity to remove the genius in a learner and adapt it to Economic concepts.

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Private Classical Piano Teacher

I have been teaching music professionally for 10 years and playing piano for over 25. My experience and knowledge of the instrument I use to help you discover your musical ability and growth no matter what age or skill level you may be.
I can break down any style or genre to cater to your goals regarding piano from understanding chord structure for a singer/songwriter to develop musically to favorites by greats like Beethoven and Chopin. I love to help people learn.

If you are ready to begin your adventure into music there is no day like today.

About Phillip

Hello and thank you for your consideration as your new piano teacher!

I have over 25 years experience playing piano both solo and with a number of bands and orchestras. I write my own lyrical and instrumental music and perform at events around LA on a regular basis. I am well established and like to keep training relaxed and fun.

Music is best shared. I enjoy passing skills and knowledge on to others who are eager to learn. I have over 10 years experience teaching children and adults music lessons. I am background checked through the LAUSD system where I worked with artistic grants from the city as well as by two other prior jobs.

My teaching style is designed around your specific goals with music. I can cover a large array of topics with you from theory and technique to song structure and chords to reading and understanding th

e language of music. I teach all genres and styles from beginner to advanced levels of training.

If you are ready for a new adventure for yourself, I am happy to help guide you along that path to discover your talent and abilities.

September 26, 2019
Jonathan L.
I've studied music mainly for voice for 40 years, but wanted to learn more about classical music and music composition. Phillip is an amazing teacher! He helped me understand music in a way no other teacher has been able to get through to me. Highly recommended! And his studio is such an extremely comfortable and inviting learning environment. A definite must try!
September 17, 2019
Phillip is an amazing instructor! I took piano lessons as a child but had not played in over 20 years before I worked with him. He was patient, great at helping me re-learn the fundamentals, and pushed me to get better. Plus, he made it a ton of fun!

Highly recommend taking lessons from Phillip for any level of student!

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Phillip P.


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Classical Piano Reviews

"Mr Lo Is great and he has great technique.
He spent time working with my daughter hand position.
My daughter likes taking lesson with him."
"I played piano for 13 years, from ages 5 to 18, and then just stopped when I went away to college. I had aptitude for the instrument but did not have the
discipline to sit down and practice. Fast forward 17 years, and I get intimidated just looking at a piano! I realized if I ever wanted to play again I'd have to find an instructor. It was so easy to find Evelyn via Red Pelican Music, and I started classes right away. It was a little frustrating to start from square one, but I know I really had to (I'd forgotten so much!). Evelyn was always encouraging and knew exactly what I needed to hear and learn. She also knew just when to introduce actual classical pieces instead of having me focus on the beginner books with short pieces and music theory. I love working with her and have made so much progress in the <6 months we have been working together. I would highly recommend her to any beginner or to someone re-starting as a beginner. And, of course, she's a highly accomplished pianist, so any skilled pianists looking for instruction would benefit from her teaching."
Suuny Han
"Honestly, Gina was a strict teacher and great teacher at the same time. I had to practice a lot, but it was really rewarding experience. She is very patie
nt and guided me to understand how profound classical piano is. My playing technique improved significantly.

I would strongly recommend Gina to anyone who wants to improve!"
"Ms. Tsai is very sweet and patient towards my children. She teaches their ways to bring up their personal interests in music. I truly appreciate her very
"Sabrina is a fantastic teacher. She listens to what her students want to do while still keeping the challenge level appropriate. Would recommend."
"Andree-Ann has been teaching both my kids for several years - she expects excellence from her students, but she does gives them all the tools they need to
succeed and push them to become better musicians every day! We are currently preparing for Certificate of Merit exams in March for the first time and I feel confident that both my boys will do very well. I definitely recommend her, and have already recommended her to several of my friends whose kids are now also studying with her."
"I have been studying with Emil for four years and my piano playing has improved tremendously! Emil's knowledge and patience make my lessons a joy."
"Richard is an extremely talented musician and an encouraging instructor. He takes his time to know his students and their individual needs. He focuses on
developing confidence in each student through customized and private lessons. He is not only friendly and extremely patient, but he is also good at gauging his students' abilities and needs. He gave me great feedback to help me improve at an appropriate pace for me. I was surprised to learn how qualified he really is too! He graduated from college in music, composes and records his own songs, has been teaching for many years, and has had over a hundred successful students. Despite his achievements, he still made me believe in myself as a beginning piano student! I highly recommend him!"
"For more than a decade I have followed Tamari’s piano performances, compositions, choir direction, and performances of her students. The results have been
superb as attested by audiences, colleagues, and those under her direction, including former performers with the Metropolitan Opera and other distinguished musicians.

I am delighted to learn that she has decided to take some additional fortunate students, including beginners. I have also witnessed excellent performances by her justifiably proud beginner students.

I am pleased to recommend Tamari as an excellent music teacher of piano, voice, or composition for students of any level.


Robert D. Johnson"

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