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About Nick

My name is Nick and I have been tutoring in writing since I was in high school. I love to work with students from grade school to grad school and help to make lasting adjustments that improve writing over the long term.

I became a Writing Consultant at St. John's University where I worked with hundreds of students during every stage in the writing process. From brainstorming topics to write about, all the way down to making sure references have been correctly annotated, I covered it all. I can help you with any and every stage of the writing process that is giving you trouble and ensure that you are more equipped with strategies to help avoid any familiar difficulties going forward.

The experience I have in teaching writing coupled with a positive attitude and personality make for a pleasant and productive tutoring session that will

alleviate the stress of your assignment, course, or subject matter and leave you feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to complete similar work in the future.

I genuinely want to and enjoy helping you become better and accomplish what you need to. I am excited to help out and hope to hear from you soon!

June 13, 2018
Viridiana D.
Nick is a wonderful teacher, he is knowledgeable and perceptive. I first came to Nick for help on my essay for my college application. He was able to help me narrow down the options of topics to write about so that I could confidently write about a topic I am passionate about. He continued to help me outline and structure the paper so that it would be organized and academically acceptable, and finally, he helped with editing so that the final copy was ready. A few months later I received my letter of acceptance.
After helping with my college application essay, Nick continued tutoring me through my semester at Community College. he taught me how to do a close reading, to arrange paragraphs, and to better phrase my ideas. He offered new ways to strengthen my writing. Nick is so patient and full of encouragement, I could not have made it through the semester without him.
October 28, 2017
Nick is very patient and knowledgeable. He has helped me reconstruct many paragraphs in essays/college papers that I had to write. He has a keen eye and sees all the little mistakes and ways things could be rewritten to convey point. He has looked over several of my papers and edited them, and also helped me to learn to write better- not just fixing the problem for me. I have watched my grades go from C's to A's over time, he's great !

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Nick P.


About Ashli

Hi! My name is Ashli and I have been a professional actress for over 20 years. I have several professional (TV/Film) credits and I have been in over 20 stage plays. In addition to my professional career, I have been studying acting for over 15 years and hold a bachelors degree in theatre acting from The California Institute of the Arts.

I began coaching and directing actors about 10 years ago. I can teach any age (5+) and any experience level, though, having been a child actor myself, I connect especially well with kid and teen actors. My teaching methods are rooted in several different techniques (method, Uta Hagen, Stanislavsky) but overall, my approach is one that immerses the actor in their work fully. Our sessions will engage your mind, body, and spirit with the hopes that you will become a well rounded and captivating artist and


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

"Have a belief in yourself that is bigger than anyone's disbelief"- August Wilson

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Ashli A.


About Kendra

I am a graduate of Temple University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. I love to have fun and teach (mostly at the same time!), and always want to make sure my students are comfortable.

Math students can expect a fun, engaging environment, with multiple opportunities for growth and many questions. Each student is unique in their own way and I love meeting students where they are, building from there. I like to build off of prior knowledge in order to help them understand more complex ideas. Moreover, relating questions to situations/ideas they are familiar with will help with understanding!

I have experience tutoring and teaching students from ages 2, all the way up to 18! I currently tutor 6th-9th graders on Saturday mornings in History, and I was previously a Math teacher for 5th grade. During the week, I teach Pre-K in a

ll subject areas.

As an educator, I pride myself on making sure my students are confident in their work and reach their fullest potential. Having fun, making sure the students are relaxed, and a comfortable environment are my 3 main goals for each session! My personal passions include Math, special education, and music!

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Kendra C.


Carol M.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Carol

Hello. My name is Carol. I have been teaching professionally for over 15 years. I provide researched, data driven reading interventions, particularly for struggling readers and ESL students. My focus areas are; sound/letter relationships for ESL, comprehension for ESL, vocabulary and fluency. I use a proven method of teaching which I adapt to the learner's needs. I love teaching! I love teaching reading especially. Nothing gives me greater joy than see struggling readers soar to the top of their class. I trained and in South Africa as a special ed teacher and then relocated to the USA where I continued my studies in reading instruction.
I truly believe that children don't care how much we know, until they know how much we care.


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Carol M.


About Khalagra

Hello:) my name is Khalagra Owens or KayKay and I am a 23 year old grad school student working on my masters in Nursing. I graduated from The University of Alabama with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I am very interpersonal and I am willing to answer and assist in any way possible to make sure you are successful!


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Khalagra O.


Berlinda T.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Berlinda

Hi, my name is Berlinda. I'd like to describe myself as quirky! I like to make everything I do fun because when things are fun you remember them more. I was born in Ghana so English was not my first language but it was the one class in school that I enjoyed the most; apart from math. Let's work together to make this a fun experience for you!


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Berlinda T.


About Mike

I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Maryland, College Park. I received my Ph.D. in literature from the University of Arizona, my M.A. from George Mason University and my B.A. from James Madison University.

My students can expect to improve week to week in their writing, reading and critical thinking skills. Every student has a unique learning style; I teach students to discover their own best processes and apply fundamental techniques in order to produce their best work.

While I teach full time at the college level, I tutor students of all ages and experience levels. I have taught composition, literature, film and professional writing at the University of Arizona, James Madison University, Mary Washington University, Marymount University and now at the University of Maryland, College Park.

I am a passionate teacher and care dee

ply about writing, reading and critical thinking. I am pursuing private tutoring opportunities selflessly in order to improve the writing, reading and critical thinking skills of others, and selfishly in order to earn some supplemental income now that my wife and I have had our first child (Higher Ed institutions pay teachers less than you might think). So, I look forward to meeting you and helping you to become a better writer, reader and critical thinker.

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Mike K.


Binalie B.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Binalie

Hi, My name is Binalie Bourdeau you all can call me Ms. B or Ms. Bourdeau if you want. I can speak 2 different languages which are English and Haitian/Creole. I am very creative with the way I teach. I can find creative ways to teach English easily if needed to and I have a great communication skill. I am in my second year of college right now and have a GPA of 3.0 off of right now but it is still increasing. I currently have an Associate in Arts. I have done one on one tutoring before on basic math. I know everything you need to know about how to style natural hair and increase hair growth.


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Binalie B.


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"Steve is the best english teacher that I have had. He inspired me. He pushed me to take an job interview, when I thinked that I didn't not opportunity. Th
ank he, I'll have a second job interview. Thank he I did my first step and I started to feel more trust in myself. He make me better and try to show me how I can be more natural. I'm so happy! Maybe, without his advice, I would waiting for start yet. Thank you for anything Steve!"
"Very knowledgeable and attentive math teacher. Had both of my kids attending her classes and very satisfied."
"I'd like to write a quick testimonial about the tutor I found here on Takelessons. Joshua has worked with my 1st grade brother for about 8 weeks and he ha
s made impressive progress in both his reading and math skills. He has also helped discover my brothers learning condition, dyslexia, but it seems like Joshua has had no problem with that. My brother has enjoyed working with him and is demonstrating new learning, this delights me. Joshua has also developed a fun relationship with my other brothers too. I could not more strongly recommend Joshua to tutor any student."
"Akib helped me review algebra material over the summer in order to be ready to return to school. He was very helpful and they enjoyed working with him."
"He is very good at explaining and making math simple. He's helping me take algebra and geometry at the same time. My grades have defiantly improved! I rea
lly enjoy these lessons and help. I highly recommend him for a tutor."
"Thank you Rosita.
You helped my son to understand his math lesson.
"OHMYGOSH where do I start. Marthe is probably the smartest and coolest tutor I have ever had. She is so accommodating because I was so stressed out after
already failing this in the Spring. We talked on the phone and met twice for two hours and she broke Orgo down to the Math component of it and then the Chem. She will relate it to the most common basic thing in seconds and it clicks. She also does this big connecting chain-map diagram for naming, reactions and math tricks. Hours in class confused and I got it in FIVE minutes! She came up with great quizzes and by the time we went over the review the day before the exam, I made an A-. EVERYTHING she focused on was on the test in the same way she set her questions. I could not believe it!!! I had failed both tests before and had studied endlessly. I'm already seeking her help for Stats, Calc and Physics this semester."
"Layla is a great teacher. She has a lot of resources to help her student. It was a pleasure having her as my teacher."
"Daniel, do you know how to solve this problem?

f(x) =(3x-2)/(2x+1), x=3 linear approximation f(2.90)"

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