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The Effects of Percussion on Education

By Patty N. - Houston Drums Teacher

As a percussion instructor and teacher of Houston drum lessons, I have seen firsthand how learning percussion affects other areas of education. The skills needed to read percussion music are also needed in reading, rhythm, mathematics, and many other areas of "everyday" education. My students have all improved their reading skills, and in turn their grades as well.

When I start teaching my students percussion as part of their Houston drum lessons, the very first thing I work on is counting and reading ahead. In order to keep a steady tempo
, lead a group of musicians, and play with musicality and dynamics, a drummer needs to be able to read ahead and know what is coming in the next few measures. This transfers directly into their studies. When reading a story or even a history lesson, reading one word at a time would not make any sense. You read a sentence or a paragraph to understand what the story is about. In percussion, you can't play one note at a time; you have to play measures, phrases, and stanzas.

The next area I work on is counting. In each measure, there is a certain amount of beats, and many ways to fill those beats. Drummers have to be able to add to 3 or 4 beats in many different ways, including fractions such as quarters, halves and eighths. This is not just basic math; it goes into algebra, geometry and more advanced math as well.

The biggest improvement I see in my percussion students as a result of their Houston drum lessons is their general reading skills. My students WANT to read. They enjoy reading everything from newspapers to new books from the library. They look forward to picking up a new story, and most importantly, they enjoy reading new music. The look on my student’s faces when they sight read a new line correctly (without my help!) is priceless. The pride my students get from being able to play an instrument is very rewarding and makes teaching music more than just a job; it turns it into a hobby and a great way to spend my free time!

Catrell G.

Houston, TX

About Catrell

I started playing music at the age of 3. Hailing from a long line of musicians, my first musical experiences were vocal performance & the drum set. In junior high, I expanded my skill set to the piano. My skills were honed & perfected in the Latin Jazz/Pop super-group ‘Soulsa Caliente’. I later organized my own multi-genre band and performed in various venues throughout the city of Houston, TX & southern regions of the U.S. My summer months were spent participating and teaching in the Diaz Music Institute’s Latin Jazz Workshop conducted annually by Jose Antonio Diaz, Horace Young, Noe Marmolejo & other great musical heavyweights. My diligence, focus, and perfectionism began to shine before I even graduated from high school. The most notable were: All State jazz drummer #1 ranking


Alex P.

Houston, TX

I am 42, and started young of 12 years of age with drums. I also play the guitar, bass, piano, and sing, but am classically trained by professionals for a decade or more in drums. I take the student through the subject and address the very beginning, to more advance concepts and relationship to "what is going on" and "how to address blocks" with insight, techniques, and support. I like to teach out of the book and in the book with occasional additional guitar or bass to develop my students.

About Alex

I started drums at the age of 12, and I am now 42! I am a native Houstonian with a degree in network engineering and over a decade of formal education in percussion. I have taught drums now for over a year with a company from California and would love to be your new drum teacher. I am also a recording instructor, and have been featured on radio programs.


Ralph J.

Houston, TX

I strive to provide students with the tools needed to master musical skills. I also strive to be creative, nurturing and most of all, patient. It is very rewarding to see a student of mine excel in their musical endeavors. Every student may learn at their own pace but I build them all up so that the end result is the same: musical mastery.

About Ralph

My teaching experience dates back to my high school days. I taught private lessons to students at the middle school I attended so they would be prepared for what they'd have to do once they got to our level. As a senior in high school I aided the drumline at another local high school that had just opened. At the present time I am teaching musicians of all ages, ranging from the age of 6 to elderly adult. Before graduating from college, my passion for and knowledge of percussion created an opportunity for me to work for the North Forest Community All-Star Band Drumline and the North Forest High School Drumline. This position allowed me to teach the drumline and instill the discipline and tools needed to win competitions. I have worked with all kinds of students from all walks of life.


Spencer L.

Baytown, TX

I have been drumming for 7 years, I received drum lessons for 6 months and was also a student in the percussion section in school from grades 6-11 so not only do i have the improv skills but also the technical and structured part of it as well. I have a great system for teaching students who are eager to learn.

About Spencer

I am a freelance drummer based in Baytown, TX. I have always had a passion for music and have really enjoyed expressing myself though drums over the years and would love the opportunity to teach you how to do the same. I am very clear and easy to work with as a teacher. I strongly believe in hands on learning and am very patient with my students and work at the pace that is best for each specific student. A little about my qualifications: I started playing drums at the age of 11 and at that time I was in the percussion class at my school and learned all about technique and how to read music and I continued in percussion through out Junior high and high school. Then the following year, at the age of 12 I began receiving lessons for drum set. I have now been playing live at least


Bonnie B. April 28, 2015
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
My 10 year old really enjoys his drum lessons, and learning with Spencer. He's excited to go every week, and has impressed us at home with his new skills. Spencer is professional, and can easily relate to kids. My son and him have a good time together, laughing and learning. He makes it fun, very patient, and is a highly experienced drummer!!!

Randy W.

Magnolia, TX

First and most importantly, students will learn the foundations of playing the drums. Proper sticking techniques. How to read and write music. understanding rhythms. how to hear a beat. playing with accompaniment.

About Randy

I am a working musician. I have been playing music for 17 years. I have a great knowledge of both drums and guitar and am building a knowledge in many other areas. I am currently enrolled at Full Sail University in the Music Production Bachelor's of Science. I have completed Music Theory 1 course and will be taking theory 2 very shortly. I have given lessons to musicians who are now professional musicians. I love passing on the knowledge that I learn. I strongly believe that a musicians number one duty is to give back what was given to them and groom the future. This is my motto.


Noah C. May 8, 2015
Drum · In home
I'm a 22 year old guy who had no experience in the drum world. I found Randy through a mutual friend and asked if he could teach me. I knew he has played drums for close to 20 years and I thought he would be a great option. That was literally the best decision I've ever made. He made things so easy for me to learn. I'm now playing every week at different churches all over houston and even being booked for studio gigs. The way he teaches is so easy to understand. If you have trouble with it, not to worry, he can make it even easier for you until you do understand. He is a genius when it comes to drums. One of the best in my personal opinion and I'm sure others as well. I highly recommend him to anyone who has no idea what they're doing around the kit and even people that think they have it all figured out. Randy is for sure the way to go!

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