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Popular Drum Teachers Near Houston

Catrell G.

Houston, TX
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Jeremiah L.

Houston, TX
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Matt S.

Spring, TX
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Catrell G. Houston, TX

About Catrell

I started playing music at the age of 3. Hailing from a long line of musicians, my first musical experiences were vocal performance & the drum set. In junior high, I expanded my skill set to the piano. My skills were honed & perfected in the Latin Jazz/Pop super-group ‘Soulsa Caliente’. I later organized my own multi-genre band and performed in various venues throughout the city of Houston, TX & southern regions of the U.S. My summer months were spent participating and teaching in the Diaz Music Institute’s Latin Jazz Workshop conducted annually by Jose Antonio Diaz, Horace Young, Noe Marmolejo & other great musical heavyweights. My diligence, focus, and perfectionism began to shine before I even graduated from high school. The most notable were: All State jazz drummer #1 ranking

Jeremiah L. Houston, TX

I have been playing drums for 18 years, and have been teaching 8 years.

I have tons of energy during lessons that mixes well for the younger students.
For older students I have the chops to catch their attention.

My curriculum ranges on the needs of the student. I have everything from developing better grooves, more independence, chops, or simply learning how to play different styles.
My goal during my lessons is dependent on the student. Not only do I want to help achieve personal goals, but I too want to help give the gift of being able to develop personal style. I feel that as a teacher, when my student is capable of achieving their playing desire on their own, I have enabled them to be a life long self sufficient musician.

My teaching style is very informative and demonstrative. I love being able to view the problems the student is facing and create a lesson to help overcome those obstacles.

About Jeremiah

As a Musicians Institute graduate, I've learned from exceptional drummers in the Los Angeles music industry. I gained and learned many tricks of the trade and can offer the same quality education to anyone. As a student myself, I realized that having great sound, solid timing and grove are just as essential as having cool beats to play. There are more technicalities to drumming than being able to play fast or having the best chops. Aside from learning how to play drums, knowing how to think about music, how to listen to music, and how to study music will give a great foundation to any student of any style. I first like to determine the students ability and understanding by working on a few coordination exercises and reading exercises. From a good foundation, I build a curriculum,


Henrique R. January 24, 2015
Drum · In home
Verified Student
Honestly, best drummer ever. He likes to give you exercise that you are into and enjoy. He'll go out of his way to make sure you are getting the exercise perfect. Best drum teacher ever period.
CarlosL1 April 28, 2012
Getting Schooled

Technique is paramount when learning to play drums, if you don't have a good, solid technique, your just another sloppy drummer. Enter Jeremiah, an instructor with an excellent ear, picking up quickly on what it is I'm doing wrong, establishing a path to quick correction and selecting a technique right for my style of play. 3 lessons in and my playing is dramatically different, much cleaner and solid on the grooves. This guy has pushed my creativity to a new level and my confidence in live play stacks up to the crowd
DinaG April 11, 2012
Reading music

My 10 year old is excited about learning to read music. Jeremiah is doing a great job. Jeremiah has alot of talent and has been very patient with my son.
Matt S. Spring, TX

Drum set lessons for all levels of playing, no experience needed. You will learn how to play on your FIRST lesson!

Already play? Take your playing to the next level. My curriculum is catered to YOUR skill level.

About Matt

I am a professional drummer and educator who is passionate about teaching others the art of drums and music. I have made it a personal goal to continue to provide the highest-quality drum lessons for my students of all ages and levels from my teaching studio located at Pro Music Instruction. About the lessons: -Drum lessons are one-on-one in a convenient, family friendly teaching studio located in The Woodlands TX. -Lessons are month to month, held once a week, same day and time each week. Because of the amount of students I have all my students must be on a schedule. -I teach all ages (5 years and up) and skill levels. -I am friendly, patient, and able to break drumming down to absolute basics! -All students get full access to membership lessons on my website. I have

Michael L.

Houston, TX
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John D.

Houston, TX
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Alex P.

Houston, TX
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Michael L. Houston, TX

My philosophy on teaching begins with what the student wants to learn, where they want to go with their music, and what their desires are as far as musicianship goes.  I start by letting them play for me, and then we go from there to tailor the lessons according to their ability.  There have been numerous books written on technique, speed, sight reading and rudiments, of which I have many in my battery of materials.  The student and the teacher work together to make the student better.

About Michael

I am a third generation musician on both sides of my family, and am continuing the tradition in my father's footsteps as a drum and percussion instructor. I am a member of the American Federation of Musicians, local 65-699 in Houston, TX.  I graduated from Queens College-City University New York in 2010, with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in music from the Aaron Copeland School of Music.  I have taught, played and recited poetry in France, Bolivia, New York City, and my two hometowns of San Antonio & Houston, TX.  These experiences have made me not only a better writer and musician, but a better person.


Kandice H. January 22, 2015
Drum · In studio
Michael is a fantastic drum Instructor. He's been working with, my 11 year old son Seth, for months and they've made terrific progress. My son has mild Aspergers, and Michael goes above and beyond to ensure Seth's success. Seth looks forward to his lesson every single week!
Sherry V. January 16, 2015
Drum · In studio
Michael has done a great job teaching my thirteen year old son how to play the drums. He keeps my son motivated and connects with him on a level that inspires my son to want to learn more. It is rewarding to see my son excited about going to his lessons. I am thankful that Michael is teaching and sharing his passion for music with my son.
Jennie S. January 5, 2015
Drum · In studio
Michael has been absolutely wonderful with my 11 year old son. My son came into the lessons knowing nothing of playing drums and Michael has been very patient with him. Michael keeps the lessons interesting and fun and is always very professional.
John D. Houston, TX

About John

I have over 20 years of playing live and recording experience in the music industry. I began teaching as a favor to a bandmate over a decade ago, and quickly discovered a new passion besides just playing. I get a huge sense of reward seeing a student not only progress as a drummer, but as a musician as well. My lessons primarily focus on proper grip techniques, posture, basic drum beats, common drum fills, drum set dynamics, and of coarse, how to play the music they want to play.

Alex P. Houston, TX

I am 42, and started young of 12 years of age with drums. I also play the guitar, bass, piano, and sing, but am classically trained by professionals for a decade or more in drums. I take the student through the subject and address the very beginning, to more advance concepts and relationship to "what is going on" and "how to address blocks" with insight, techniques, and support. I like to teach out of the book and in the book with occasional additional guitar or bass to develop my students.

About Alex

I started drums at the age of 12, and I am now 42! I am a native Houstonian with a degree in network engineering and over a decade of formal education in percussion. I have taught drums now for over a year with a company from California and would love to be your new drum teacher. I am also a recording instructor, and have been featured on radio programs.

The Effects of Percussion on Education

By Patty N. - Houston Drums Teacher

As a percussion instructor and teacher of Houston drum lessons, I have seen firsthand how learning percussion affects other areas of education. The skills needed to read percussion music are also needed in reading, rhythm, mathematics, and many other areas of "everyday" education. My students have all improved their reading skills, and in turn their grades as well.

When I start teaching my students percussion as part of their Houston drum lessons, the very first thing I work on is counting and reading ahead. In order to keep a steady tempo, lead a group of musicians, and play with musicality and dynamics, a drummer needs to be able to read ahead and know what is coming in the next few measures. This transfers directly into their studies. When ...

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