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About Kelvin L.

Bolingbrook, IL

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"Experienced piano teacher of 30 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of classical piano skills. I specialize classical, jazz and contemporary music typically use Hal Leonard books, and also have the following tools available to use during lessons: sound recording equipment, sheet music, and more.

About Kelvin
I am a highly organized, outcome-driven and motivated professional musician and educator with solid experience in the classroom. For the past 25 years, I have been employed with Amati music academy and seven years on the faculty of University of St Francis.
I am very comfortable with all aspects of the current music syllabus, including teaching musical concepts (such as duration, pitch, dynamics, tone color, texture and structure) as well as performance, composition. I am fully qualified, with a Bachelor of Education in Music, Double Masters in music performance and education from University of Nottingham.
I am proficient in classical, jazz and Celtic fiddle violin and possess solid skills in piano (grade 8-13) Royal conservatory system.
Throughout my teaching career, I have been driven to help students achieve their very best. I str
ongly believe that music has the power to change lives – to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people, and serve as a profound medium of personal expression. Professional perform experience: The Chicago, Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson, Three tours with Moody Blues, YoYo Ma etc....
The most important thing I look for in a student is communication skills, as well as talent. I like to nurture students and help identify their individual strengths, which is a key factor in shaping a musical persona that will make its mark both on and offstage. I do not advocate a uniform technique for all students. Physical differences and learning styles are always taken into consideration. Potential is as important to me as early achievements and experience. My goal is to help students become self-sufficient, discriminating artists. I discuss practice techniques often and develop individualized scale routines. I encourage initiative and expressive musicality as well as precision. Above all, music needs to bring obvious joy to the student, regardless of the difficulties.”

*** Lesson Details ***
I use Suzuki and traditional method for my students... for Suzuki beginner they will play a song in four days....

*** Studio Equipment ***
In-Studio- Lessons in separate music lesson room, piano and violin are available. Students and parents will enjoy comfortable and clean studio environment with recent remodeled new hard wood floor and studio patio window over looking at beautiful garden. Free WiFi available for parents while waiting during the lesson appointment.
University of St Francis Joliet- can teach in rehearsal rooms at the university.
Online class at world class teaching studio

*** Travel Equipment ***
violin, viola, cello, piano and guitar

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in Suzuki teaching method for beginners, traditional conservatory method for intermediate and Royal conservatory recital program for advanced level students..I also teach orchestration program to help students prepare their auditions for major symphonies through out the country including Chicago symphony orchestra etc...
Nailya May 14, 2019
· Drawing · Online
jessie May 6, 2019
· Drawing · Online
We love Kelvin, he is really patient and talented on teaching drawing.
jessie May 3, 2019
· Drawing · Online
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Kelvin L.

starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Cristina H.

Brooklyn, NY
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Experienced Violin and Piano teacher of 8 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of classical Piano and violins skill. I specialize in classical, but i can also teach you some pop.

About Cristina
I am Cristina, Violin Piano Music teacher, recording artist and educator. Classical trained from Piano and Violin when I was 5 and switched to viola after high school.
I earned Advanced Certificate and Music Performance Master degreed from New York University where I also teach private lesson as an adjunct. I had also performed at major music festival such as in Norway, Czech Republic and Korea.
I have taught students of all ages from 3 to teenager and adults. and have prepared students for ABRSM exams, NYSSMA exams, specialized middle school and high school auditions, pre-college programs and other auditions. Of course, I have also taught students who are learning just for themselves from reading sheet music. I like to teach students the method and tip to practice, and encourage student challenge something new techniques , and most
important is expression from music.
I love to help students to reach their goal or giving them practice tips. Have fun with music.
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Cristina H.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Sarah Faith B.

Payson, AZ
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Each lesson is individually tailored by using repertoire from the Royal Conservatory (Music Development Program in the US), Russian School of Piano Playing, Celebration Series, Music For Little Mozarts, Alfred, Bastien, and many more effective learning series. Students will receive a variety of practice techniques, etudes, repertoire pieces, theory & history lessons, improvisational and composition lessons to give them a rounded understanding of music.

Performances will be offered each semester. Students have the option to participate in with the Arizona Study Program and/or the Royal Conservatory Program every year.

About Sarah Faith
Studying classical music techniques gave way to my self-expression, songwriting, and the confidence to be the individual I am today. While finishing degree, professors empowered me to become the best individual I could be. I had the privilege of touring Western Europe, New York and the Southwestern US; several of my compositions and prepared classical pieces were performed; and I had the privilege to beginning Trinity Music Studio.

In elementary school I began studying piano, flute and music theory. Near the end of high school I had a dream of a new composition, and when I got to school the next day I wrote it down. That was the beginning of my composition career. For more examples of my works, please visit https://soundcloud.com/siobhan-468364094.

Each lesson is tailored by using repertoire from various learning series. Students w
ill receive a variety of techniques, etudes (study pieces), performance pieces (repertoire) along with theory, history, improvisation and composition lessons to give them a rounded music education.
Vaughn January 6, 2017
· Piano · In studio
I've taken many piano classes with Sarah at the college level, and I can confidently say that she is one of the most driven, professional, and inspired musicians I've had the pleasure to work with. I was blown away when I discovered that she could professionally play instruments other than the piano, as her skills at the piano compare to those who have dedicated their entire lives to just that one instrument. She is a true musician, through and through.
Deanna P. January 5, 2017
· Music Theory · In home
Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with! I have learned so much about music theory and proper musical techniques through working with her!
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Sarah Faith B.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Rena S.

Great Neck, NY

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Rena has been teaching piano for over 5 years and maintains an active studio of children, teenagers, and adults. She was classically trained at the Manhattan School of Music and continues her studies at the University of Chicago. She creates tailor-made lesson plans for her students to achieve their goals.

About Rena
Rena is a student majoring in Economics and Music at the University of Chicago. She has been playing the piano for over seventeen years, ten of which she spent at the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division. Rena continues to study piano at the collegiate level. She has experience teaching children, adolescents, and adults from absolute beginner to advanced levels.

She is a native speaker of Russian and English and has experience tutoring both. She is also an advanced speaker of Italian.
Rebecca S. June 8, 2019
· Italian · Online
Rena is very clear and organized. She works with me to accomplish my Italian goals and I already learned so much in the first lesson. Highly recommended!
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Rena S.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Joseph E.

Honolulu, HI

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"Study music while experiencing lessons to an enjoyable and relaxed approach!" This has been my goal and approach for students from young children to professional musicians in college. Whether piano, voice, or organ let's see how you learn best and make this a positive experience for you!

About Joseph
PIANO / VOCAL / ORGAN / CONDUCTING - I am a music educator and performer that loves working with individuals from the young child to professionals. I taught public school for 12 years and then taught at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY for the last 14. My degrees are from Western Michigan University, Indiana University, and Ball State University. During my teaching career, I provided private lessons outside of the school and the college. When I left NY, I had 35 students of which 6 remained with me online. I love teaching and create an atmosphere where the students, regardless of age, feel successful in their endeavors.

*Piano: All levels from beginning to professional
*Organ: All levels from beginning to professional
*Voice: Beginning and those working with music theater
cting: All levels

*Piano: Mililani Homes, St Peter’s Episcopal & Online
*Organ: St. Peter’s Episcopal & Online
*Voice: St. Peter’s Episcopal (In person lessons only)
*Conducting: St. Peter's Episcopal (In person lessons only)

NOTE: Parents are welcomed to attend the lessons!
In fact, I encourage that!!

Every student is different and what works for one may not work for another. It's important for me to know my students so I can better shape the lesson. I love questions, reflection, and humor. I'm very patient and understanding. We are all incredibly busy and accept that students may have weeks they are not able to practice a huge amount of time.

I am a Bereavement Coordinator at Bristol Hospice, Director of Music at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu and Conductor of the Na Leo Malama Singers.
Richard March 26, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Very friendly, personable, professional and a great teacher.
Anna M. November 8, 2018
· Singing · In studio
This is my first time taking any kind of vocal lessons so I was very nervous. Joseph made me feel very comfortable and really works on what I want to improve on. He is encouraging and very supportive of my ambitious singing goals. I just purchased another month's worth of lessons. Would definitely recommend.
Kurt thomas October 18, 2017
· Singing · In studio
I am brand new to singing and Joseph taught me the fundamentals of breathing. I felt that he was supportive and informative. Great teacher!
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Joseph E.

Honolulu, HI 96813
starting at
$20 / 20-min
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About Jacob K.

Kaneohe, HI

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I place a heavy emphasis on not just playing but understanding the music. Understanding what you're playing is a key difference between an amateur and a professional musician.

Music is all about relationships and patterns. The more patterns and relationships you learn to readily recognize and identify the more affluent you become in your musical mastery.

About Jacob
Hi, my name is Jacob. I have been teaching music lessons for a living for over 10 years. I graduated with my Ba. in music composition from the University of Oregon in 2008. I play and teach all styles of music including classical and jazz. I currently have a full schedule of well over 40 students on piano, guitar, and ukulele. I live in Kailua and teach both on the windward side as well as downtown. I also teach music at Navy Hale Keiki Elementary school.
My students ages range from 4 - adult and I have plenty of experience with all age groups.
Emily N. February 8, 2019
· Piano · In home
Jacob was great! He is prompt, friendly, and does a good job helping my 13-year old daughter on piano. She is consistently improving after only a few lessons.
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Jacob K.

Kaneohe, HI 96744
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Tommy S.

Miami, FL

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Learning to play music can only bring many positive assets to your life. I will help you learn the basic techniques that will get you to use music not only as a form of self-expression but also as a great activity to develop your cognitive senses. My comprehensive classes will cover music theory, exploration of different genres and techniques customized to your personal tastes and goals.

About Tommy
Hello friends! My name is Tommy S. I am originally from Venezuela and I currently live in Miami. Throughout almost all of my life, I have always been invested in music. I studied classical piano for over 9 years, and I developed my skills in songwriting and composition as I grew older. I have studied the techniques in music while also caring about the importance of self-expression. I believe music is the most genuine way to channel our emotions and understand our feelings.

My interest in music has led me to explore the many different branches of it. From playing instruments like the piano and the guitar to composing, singing and performing live. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering, where I studied music recording and production, and I have been able to produce original music that has led me to participate in interes
ting projects and even win a few awards. Currently, I work in music public relations along with international Latin Music artists, helping them reach different audiences and grow their careers.

I always like to expand keep expanding my knowledge, learning new things, meeting new people and exploring new experiences. Some of my favorite things to do other than music are swimming, kayaking, writing, and spending time with my friends and family.

I believe that music can have strong impacts on people's lives and my goal is to spread the magical gifts that music has to give.
Bryan March 11, 2019
· Piano · In home
Amazing teacher, very patient and kind. He really understands music and has a passion for what he does. When I started I was a beginner and thanks to Tommy I can play multiple song and read music!
Gabriela March 7, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Tommy is one of the most dedicated and passionate musician I know. And that definitely makes learning so much easier. I would recommend him blindly.
Noah March 7, 2019
· · In studio
I always had some basic understanding of how to play piano, the basic thing we’re taught in school for a few months and then we forget. Now, thanks to Tommy’s patience and dedication I can finally feel confident in my skills with piano. He’s always punctual and i can’t emphasize enough about how PATIENT he is because god knows he needed patience with my rusty fingers.
One thing that stands above everything is how he can share his passion for music with his students. 10/10 would recommend.
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Tommy S.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Tatiana D.

Honolulu, HI
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Dr. Tatiana Grecic Dutoit is a Piano, Voice, Composition and Music Theory teacher. She has a PhD in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master's in Composition and Theory from Carnegie-Mellon University and is certified in two children's teaching methods, Suzuki and Kindermusik. She adapts her teaching method towards your goals and your pace. She teaches all styles of music and loves to play duets with her students.
Dr. Tatiana Dutoit has been teaching music at various schools, colleges, and universities (piano, composition and theory, basic musicianship, harmony, counterpoint, piano ensemble, orchestration, improvisation, notation, voice, and many other subjects) for over 20 years. She taught at Carnegie-Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham College, Community College of Allegheny County, New Mexico Highlands University where she founded and led the composition program, Bermuda Conservatory of Music, and Bermuda School for the ...

About Tatiana

2012 - to date Easy Music Center
Honolulu, HI
Piano, Voice, and Composition/Theory Instructor

2012 - 2013 Kailua Christian Church
Kailua, HI
Music Director

2008-2012 New Mexico Highlands University
Las Vegas, New Mexico
Assistant Professor of Music / Composition and Theory Chair

2007-2008 School for the Performing Arts
Paget, Bermuda
Piano, Voice and Composition Instructor

2004-2006 Core-Age Records & Publishing
Hermosa Beach, CA
Owner of Independent Label

2003-2004 Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics
Phoenix, AZ
Piano Department Chair

2002–2003 Community College of Allegheny County
Pittsburgh, PA
Piano and Voice Instructor

1999-2002 Bermuda Conservatory of Music
Hamilton, Bermuda
Piano and Composition Instructor

1995-1998 University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Teaching Fellow (Basic Musician

1990-1992 Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Piano Teaching Assistant


2001 University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Ph.D. in Music Philosophy, composition and theory
Doctoral dissertation: Two Musical Settings of “Sonnet VIII” by William
Shakespeare (Stravinsky, Dutoit-Dran: A Comparative Analysis)

1992 Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
MFA, composition and theory (Minor in Voice)

1988 University of Arts in Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia
BFA, composition and theory with minor in piano


· International composer, pianist, vocalist, and songwriter, frequently performing in community programs.

· Founder of Composition Department at New Mexico Highlands University.

· Developed several versions of curriculum and instructional materials that provide the integration of theory and music composition lessons for various levels.

· Strong interest and practical knowledge of Finale and Pro Tools, digital recording equipment, multimedia, and sound tracks.

· Produced five CD’s through Core-Age Records in various styles (classical and
experimental, world and film music, piano music, pop-rock, and new-age).

· University/College teaching experience (1990 - 2012) at the University of
Pittsburgh, Chatham College, Community College of Allegheny County,
Carnegie-Mellon University, and New Mexico Highlands University.
Philip E. April 3, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Between piano, music theory, and vocals, I've been a student of Tatiana'a for over 2 years now.

She's a quality educator and does an excellent job ensuring that her students grow in their skill.
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Tatiana D.

Honolulu, HI 96814
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Cathy H.

El Dorado Hills, CA
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I have been teaching professionally for over 20 years and specialize in beginner/intermediate piano students. I offer a variety of music programs that focus not only on the fundamentals of music, but also encourages a student's natural creativity through composition and improvisation. And guess what? We love to sing in my studio so if that's your goal let's do it! If your goal is accompaniment - I have a great program that will easily fit your needs. Classical or jazz? Adult beginner? I gotcha covered! We can even compose short background music for a movie. I teach ages 5+ and would love to get you started in online lessons!

About Cathy
I am a professional musician teaching for 20 years. I love to inspire students by focusing on highly creative programs that not only teach the fundamentals of music but also encourage a student's natural creativity through composition and improvisation.

My background includes formal voice and piano with the founding members of Opera San Jose-New York Metropolitan Opera Singer Irene Dalis, Oberlin College Professor David Rohrbaugh and SJSU Choral Director Dr. Charlene Archibeque. I have performed with the San Jose Symphony and San Jose Opera. I was a scholarship recipient and graduate of San Jose State University, received a Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal Performance, a secondary teaching credential in music education and have attended courses at the University of California Davis Mind Institute for a certificate in autism studies.

Credentials include: Former Co-Representative for the Greater Bay Area Chapter of the California Partnership of Kindermusik Educator’s, and currently a member of the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program. In addition, I am the founder of the San Diego International Music Teachers Symposium, Innovative Music Conferences, The Special Needs Resource Fair and was recognized by Kindermusik International as a maestro.

During the first months of my teaching I received several inquiries from parents with children on the autism spectrum who could not find a piano teacher who would take them. After researching and working with these families, my studio became one of the largest that provided all inclusive and adapted music lessons to students with just under 400 students. My work with special needs students was the focus of a 2009 documentary film in which several of my students and parents were featured discussing the effects music education had on their child.
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Cathy H.

starting at
$50 / 30-min

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