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Chris T.

Rochester, NY

Looking to get started on guitar? Look no further. I can also connect guitar lessons to other instruments and musical skills you'd like to learn for a well-rounded approach to getting your start with what you want to learn.

About Chris

Since arriving in Rochester, NY in 2007, Chris T. has become one of the areas most in-demand drummers. A willingness to integrate a myriad of different styles with dedicated authenticity has provided Chris with long-standing musical relationships with groups as diverse as The Po’ Boys Brass Band (funk/rock), the Crescent City Connection (traditional swing dance), Madeline Forster (American songbook), and Cash Back (country). Always an active collaborator, Chris can be heard investigating creative new territory with bassist and singer and bassist Katie Ernst, the Dave Rivello Ensemble, the
New Energy Jazz Orchestra, and The Mighty High and Dry.
Since the group's formation in 2009, Chris€™ group Quintopus has been an outlet for original creative music and instrumental covers of artists including Bjork, Cibo Matto, and Radiohead. Signing to ears&eyes Records in 2010, Quintopus' debut album “…incorporates so many influences into a brew that is steeped in traditions but also has a shot of rock-n-roll sensibility.€
A graduate of the Eastman School of Music (MM €™09) and Whitworth University (BA 05) Chris has been driven to provide practical music education to his community as an individual and group instructor. With recent group workshop tours in Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, and New York, Chris intends to build upon those experiences and expand access of to the arts in other communities, nation-wide. Also an active community organizer, Chris has worked with the Rochester Freelance Musician Forum, Rochester Musicians Local 66, and the Institute for Creative Music (a non-profit co-run with trombonist Nick Finzer).

*** Lesson Details ***
Before starting any formal teaching, I like to do a short interview with the student to get antiquated and learn about their musical preferences. This helps to shape the structure of a semester so that we're working towards goals that we both want you to accomplish.

You can expect to balance technique (beginner to advanced) with learning grooves, solos, exercises, and full drum parts. Recording projects in my home studio also help us work on getting a professional sound and mix from the drums and evaluate your performance constructively.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Sound-proofed basement two drum sets, keyboards, recording equipment seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide instructional handouts. Students should have their own drum set/percussion equipment, along with the appropriate sticks, brushes, and mallets. There will also be a couple of required books (depending on the skill level)

*** Specialties ***
Drum Set, all styles, band leading


Pete R. September 25, 2012
Verified Student
Chris is an excellent instructor!

My 7 yr. old took Drum lessons with Chris and has shown definite improvement over the past 6 wks. Chris set up a system where my son can play at his skill level yet learn something new at every session. He is also good at keeping my sons interest (tough to do with a 7 yr. old!) Overall, I would recommend Chris to anyone .
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Chris T.

Chris T.

Rochester, NY 14619
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Keith S.

Webster, NY

I've been teaching guitar for 17 years and my students enjoy success both as private players and performers. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to manage basic chords and start to accompany yourself and, eventually, progress to more complex, colorful techniques. I have a relaxed teaching style and I specialize in those who have little or no experience.I have the patience to help them through those initial difficulties but I am also happy to teach anyone at any level of experience.

About Keith

Hi, there! My name is Keith Spratley and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching private lessons since 1998 and have loved helping my students achieve their various personal goals.

I went to The City University, London, and earned a degree and a doctorate in chemistry from 1971 to 1977. I'm an extrovert music lover (many different kinds) and have a wide ranging sense of humor. My teaching style is very relaxed and lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual. Music theory and composition are taught as required.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals!
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Keith S.

Keith S.

Webster, NY 14580
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Marty L.

Rochester, NY

I have been studying the guitar privately and formally for over 13 years now. I have been performing in bands for all of that time, in addition to solo performances. I have proficiency in a variety of genres and have studied classical guitar, resulting in an Associates in guitar performance. I have also attended the Berklee College of Music as a guitarist.

About Marty

Hello! My name is Marty and I am a guitarist.

I have educational and performance experience in a variety of styles and approaches, and would love to help you progress with the instrument in any way that you wish!

In addition to playing with a variety of bands over the years, I have also performed in solo situations, and have an Associates degree in guitar performance.
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Marty L.

Marty L.

Rochester, NY 14607
starting at
$15 / 30-min

Matt Q.

Rochester, NY

My philosophy on instruction centers around the two principles of engaging the student in a productive and fun way while promoting a clear path of study with various short-term goals. If something is not fun then practice time will suffer.

I've had the pleasure of teaching for over twenty-five years now with many of my students becoming local performers and song writers. I treat every student as an individual with a lesson plan creatively crafted around their interests.

About Matt

I've had the pleasure of teaching for nearly twenty five years now with a focus on rock, blues, jazz, metal and country styles of playing. Through the years I have seen many students blossom into incredible players, some of which have chosen a similar career as myself in music and performance.

My entire philosophy revolves around the individual. I don't have a global lesson schedule that everyone must adhere to. Instead I take it upon myself to interact and consult with the student to really get down to what would motivate them to want to learn no matter how abstract the idea may end u
p becoming.

If something is not fun then chances are we just won't be interested. Many instructors fall into the trap of just showing song after song without really giving any indication of how things work and why certain chords go together.


Greg July 1, 2015
Blues Guitar · In studio
Matt is a superb teacher. He customizes the whole learning process to better suit your style, your talents, your frustration threshold & your personality.
He's a guitar COACH! He makes things fun.

I have seen him be this way with other students as well as me.
In four years he has gotten me to do things with a guitar that I never thought I would be able to do.

I have been a "teacher" for over 35 years. I've been on all ends of the spectrum.
Hopefully I can do my job as well as he does.
He is totally positive.
I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Andrew July 1, 2015
Guitar · In studio
I became fascinated with guitar at 18, and in college I saw some musicians sitting around and asked if they knew how to play the Freebird solo. They all quickly turned to a gentleman named Jesse, who tore up that solo...on my acoustic! Yes, behind the back and all! lol. But rather humbly , Jesse said if I want to get serious about it, who better to learn from than the man that taught him, Matt Quistorf.

Matt is a very modest and humble talent. He oozes musical talent from every cell, but is the most patient, flexible, and understanding teacher you could ask for. He caters lessons to what best fits your learning style, so that you are fast-tracked to improvement. The lessons are always exciting and often mind-blowing. Additionally, he is an outstanding drummer, so you will have opportunity to put what you learn to the test in an actual "band" feel.

Even if you don't live in Rochester, NY, be sure to take advantage of his video lessons.

This is one of the few investments without risk!

Thanks Matt!
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Matt Q.

Matt Q.

Rochester, NY 14616
starting at
$20 / 30-min

Daniel N.

Rochester, NY

The experience I've had teaching such a wide diversity of styles has taught me how to adapt to the student's needs. I always try to push the boundaries of a student, just as I try to push my own. I have a thorough work discipline on the guitar and have written about some of my findings on my website blog. I enjoy witnessing a student make music expressively and enjoying the process of music making. I also like seeing a student begin to be self-critical, eventually becoming their own teacher.

About Daniel

From prior experience, I'm confident that I can have you playing a wonderful short piece of music in one lesson! My main philosophy is that we learn together in an environment where the student feels comfortable to push their boundaries and enjoy themselves in the process. I always try to encourage the student to think for themselves and spur on any ideas they have.

I value the learning of notation but don't think it's necessary for everyone to learn. I also like to expose the student to many different styles of music and open their ears to the rich world of music that exists around us.

I specialize in classical guitar instruction but can teach many styles if required. I've been teaching students and coaching ensembles at the Eastman School of Music for 2 years, and I've had almost 10 years of experience in teaching many styles of guitar playing, from beginners to advanced.


Jeremy July 18, 2015
Classical Guitar · In home
Dan's continually helped me to be a more musical musician on and off the guitar.

His aptitude for analysing a players technique and prescribing the appropriate repertoire that caters to the wants of the individual whilst developing them is rare indeed.

Dan's more than a guitar teacher he's a technician, under his guidance my tone, time, technique and more have improved so, so very much.

Check him out, have a lesson. You're welcome.
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Daniel N.

Daniel N.

Rochester, NY 14604
starting at
$25 / 30-min

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