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Shirley N.

Shirley N.

My goal is to share my knowledge as a classically trained actor and film director. I will create lesson plans catered to each individual that captures the complex and wonderful world of theatrical and on-camera performance. Students will be exposed to various acting methods created by Uta Hagen, Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, and others. Students will participate in multiple exercises and performances that will build and strengthen their bodies, voice, mind, and heart.
/30 mins
Amanda K.

Amanda K.

Acting Technique, Comedic and Dramatic Monologue Studies, Audition Preparation
/30 mins
Dennis J.

Dennis J.

I teach all kinds of acting, and have for over 40 years, but I specialize in stage acting, on-camera acting, acting for the face, voice acting, comedic acting, physical acting, improv, script analysis, monologues, audition prep, audition videos and voice over auditions. For Voice Acting, we'll cover the various elements including: pitch; loudness; speed; rhythm; tone; prosody; variables and variations; character elements; use of dramatic and comedic pauses; emotion; enunciation; emphasis; pace; intervals; nasal continuents; u-glide; musicality; timing, and more. We'll study mic technique, what to do and what to avoid. We'll study how to prepare your script, including identifying and using key words, and script shorthand. We'll explore what to expect in the studio, how to work with a producer, how to work with a sound engineer, and how to work with other voice actors. We'll apply the elements of Voice Acting to the study of voice artistry, video game voiceovers, commercial voiceovers, audiobook narration, character voices, dialects, documentary vo, reading short stories, auditions, and more. We'll cover: vo markets; how to develop leads; how to cultivate clients; what to expect from a client; how to audition; and how to deliver work that will make the client happy. We can also explore how you can create your own basic home studio, including microphone, software, interface, computer, headphones, and sound blankets.
/30 mins