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Popular Academic Tutoring Teachers in Albany, GA

Heart-empty Heart

Logan S.

Social Sciences
Starting at $20
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Speaks German, English
  • Masters from University College London
  • Teaching since 2012
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I am a Subject Matter Expert in the area according to the Arizona Department of Education.

About Logan

I'm a US licensed teacher specializing in ESL, Essay Writing, Social Studies, Business, and Adult Education. I've traveled to over 40 countries and have taught students from nearly every corner of the globe. From my international experience, I am huge proponent in teaching with online learning plat

Heart-empty Heart

Meenu K.

Starting at $20
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Speaks English, Tamil, Malayalam
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School
  • Music Composition from University of Akron
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I teach in a punctual, efficient manner. I also will help teach 1-2 chapters ahead, so that the students stays ahead of the class. I will also give the students the right amount of extra help (ex. additional problems outside of class) in order to be successful in and out of the classroom.

About Meenu

Hello! My name is Meenu, and I am currently a 2nd year college student at the University of Akron, Ohio. I am currently studying music composition and my dream is to become a film composer. Having written numerous ensemble pieces for woodwinds, brass, strings, voice, and percussion, I also love giv

December 2, 2018
Meenu is really nice and sweet, and she helped with not only my upcoming band auditions but also with the math portion of the SAT!
Heart-empty Heart

Elvis W.

Starting at $34
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Teaches College
  • Teaches students 10 to 70
  • Teaching since 2015
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I have been an architect for 5 years and have designed many residential buildings. Lessons include learning from an expert. I work with autocad, revit, Photoshop, Adobe, and achihome.

About Elvis

I have been an architect for about 5 years. I have my masters in architecture from Covenant University. I work with autoCAD, Adobe, and more.

Meet Online Academic Tutoring Teachers Serving Albany, GA

Heart-empty Heart

Brian L.

GED Test Prep
Starting at $25
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Teaching since 2014
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Middle School, High School
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Online only

About Brian

Having studied Jazz at Wayne State University, I previously earned both an Associate of Arts degree, and a Music Foundations Certificate from Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. I have years of experience as a professional music instructor, working with both children and adults of all ages. I

March 20, 2016
Joshua B.
Brian was very patient with my son. He made sure he was aware of his instructions. He even guided him back to the correct path when he was unsure of the information. Great teacher!
June 28, 2015
Tremendously knowledgeable and able to teach complex things very simply. Everything he taught me was so much more profound and important to understanding music that I could have imagined. Highly recommend him as a mentor if one is at all interested in music.
June 5, 2015
Maya H.
Brian is wonderful! He is extremely helpful and patient.
Heart-empty Heart

Myreah E.

Elementary Math
Starting at $23
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Teaches Elementary
  • Human Services/Psychology from FDTC
  • Teaching since 2014
Quick view profile

What do you call a teacher who will not hush about adding?! ...
A teacher who can't keep his Math shut!

My name is Myreah, but you may call me Mya. I'm no teacher. I'm no instructor. I'm no professor. Nope, too serious! I'm just a silly wife and mom of eight who homeschooled three of her sons and got them moved from special education to regular ed classes in less than a month... They are now back to attending school in a physical setting. I have an autistic son who is in first grade, thriving, and at the head of his class. I also have twin sons who are in 3rd grade. They have special physical and mental challenges due to being delivered via an emergency C-Section three months before their due date. Despite their challenges and struggles since birth, they are now eight-years-old and doing really well in school. Their teachers have no concerns. I took my boys who still could not read or count in first grade due to challenges to now reading (& at a nice pace), writing ...

About Myreah

Hello! My name is Myreah, but you may call me Mya. I have been teaching my own children basic subjects on an Elementary level since 2014. In college, I studied Human Services, Sociology, and Psychology. I'm a perfectionist, so I work extremely hard to reach my goal(s). Why am I not teaching Psy

October 26, 2019
I saw that Myreah was very passionate about helping my grandkids succeed. She has done an excellent job teaching them phonics and helping them learn to read. They all are striving and doing exceedingly well with reading and has greatly improved with their spelling, which is wonderful!
October 26, 2019
She was super encouraging. My daughter almost likes her more than me and she improved in her school work soooo much. Money well spent.
Heart-empty Heart

Chizindu I.

Algebra 2
Starting at $15
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 2019
Quick view profile

Math can be very hard to follow and understand. A lesson with me will help break down the complexities of algebra into something that you can easily understand and replicate so that you can ace your homework and exams.

About Chizindu

I am a Junior in college currently majoring in electrical engineering. I'm intrigued by topics involving science, engineering, and math. I've always been told that I explain topics very well and it inspired me to start this journey. My hobbies include(but are not limited to) Tennis, Web development

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"Great Algebra tutor! Chris was tutoring my daughter in algebra. He picked up very quickly to see where her weakness is. He is very patient and takes his time in making sure my daughter gets it done. Excellent tutor."
- Shaniya
Took Algebra lessons from Christopher A.
"good techer"
- Latissya
Took Writing lessons from Dr. D. B.
"Our experience with Ms. Julissa was wonderful! Ms. Julissa stepped and corrected my daughter's mistakes but make the correction in a way that helped my daughter see her mistakes. Ms. Julissa ability to engage our daughter, gave her the drive and ambition to reactivate. My daughter is now on the right track. Thank you Ms. Julissa for your skills and willingness to help our child!!!

If we need you again we will reach out to you! Be blessed!!!!"
- Bertillia
Took Algebra lessons from Julissa F.
"Michael is a great tutor. I've had so much trouble solving homework problems but Michael is very patient and takes time to thoroughly explain how to solve really difficult problems. He is very knowledgeable about physics and can help anyone who is struggling with understanding concepts and solving problems"
- Rachel
Took Physics lessons from Michael F.
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"Best instructor ever! WOW! I learned so much! Would totally recommend to anyone needing help with study skills."
- Adeline
Took Study Skills lessons from Tony S.
"Great experience"
- Maliha
Took Math lessons from Ariel F.
"Very professional and effective."
- Abby
Took Biology lessons from Benjamin K.
"She is the most qualified and knowledgeable person for this job on Takelessons.She has more real life work-experiences than any other teacher on Takelessons. I am an IT Freelancer and needed basic accounting lessons to maintain my online business,she was able to help me clearly with everything.
I would highly recommend Amrita as your next accounting teacher if you want to learn easily and quickly and actually be able to apply accounting concepts to your real life business. The class was fun,Thanks again Amrita for your time."
- Sunny
Took Accounting lessons from Amrita M.
"After speaking to multiple tutoring companies, we discovered Matthew. Matthew was very professional and made my son feel comfortable. They had a total of 5 tutoring sessions covering Math, English, Science and Reading. My son took the ACT after his tutoring sessions and scored a 23. We were very pleased with the progress our son made by going from an ACT score of 19 to 23 after only 5 sessions with Matthew. I would highly recommend Matthew J. Horwich to anyone needing tutoring."
- Rhonda
Took ACT Test Prep lessons from Matthew H.
"Dr. Ilodi's is an energetic and knowledgeable teacher. He has the ability to teach Anatomy and Physiology in a manner that you will be able to recall the lessons from him and not forget. He puts great efforts into giving you the tools to succeed in the subjects he teaches. He provides great mnemonics into his lessons so that you will be able to recall and understand the information he teaches. He cares for his students and gives them the tools they need to do well."
- Af
Took Anatomy and Physiology lessons from George I.
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