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Seiko D.

Hi, My name is Seiko. I am an experienced Japanese tutor teaching online nationwide as well as in-person locally in CA. I provide individually tailored lessons based on your interests, necessary improvements, and goals. You would most likely use textbooks during sessions. For business needs, my work experience would help you not only learn the language but also strengthen your communication skills in understanding its cultural aspects and nuance. For job seekers and Japanese college applications, I have experience in reviewing and proofreading resumes and essays as well as JLPT test preparations.
/30 minutes

Wakana Y.

I am a Japanese trainer with extensive knowledge in teaching Japanese as a second/third language. I work closely with my students to identify their goals and objectives and develop tailored lessons for a more effective learning experience. I believe that you will absorb more effectively when you enjoy learning and you are encouraged to learn! I teach basic through advanced Japanese. • Speaking, listening, reading, writing, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji • Conversational Japanese: casual/polite/formal • Real-life applications to Japanese life and culture • Nuance in Japanese • Japanese way of thinking, trends, custom, traditional and contemporary Japanese culture
/30 minutes

Jinko H.

I am a native speaker and former school teacher in Japan. Learning is fun-that's my motto. When you achieve your goals, you enjoy a feeling of accomplishment, right? I want to help you to achieve your goals. My lesson starts from finding what students really need to learn. Understanding student is the key to success. I am very strong in teaching proper Japanese, including reading and writing Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji with fun way. Also, casual, informal, practical Japanese too.
/20 minutes

Toshi M.

💖 Special Offer!! First lesson for $1 or 3 for $30/30min lesson. Limited time offer! Don't miss out!! 💖🌟I am a Los Angeles US-based certified veteran NATIVE Japanese language instructor/coach/mentor with over 18 years of experience. I teach people of all ages from all over the world, through online platforms. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an enthusiastic teacher and serious when it comes to Japanese language matters. Manners ARE part of the Japanese language. I will teach you Japanese manners first. I’m living in Calabasas, Los Angeles ( in the Valley ) CA, USA for more than 28 years. (PST). So that’s why, I laterally speak “Volley girl English” Sounds so so good, right? Ha lol J/K 😆 Currently, I have students from the USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Türkiye, and Japan. ✅ I have worked with veterans, police officer, MLB professional athletes (MVP 2010), Hollywood film editors, producers, actors, actresses, TV presenters, filmmakers, voice actresses, professional makeup artists, Facebook account managers, Taco Bell managers, investors, realtors, doctors, lawyers, karate teachers, professors, American college and elementary, middle, high school students, mothers, single fathers, etc (See below’s photo section) 🌎🪐UPDATE: Takelessons Acquired by Microsoft. I'm a part of the Microsoft family. 🌏🪐 🌟 I am also working on a project through Google, since 2013. It's a data collection project that leads to the betterment of Google products for voice search capabilities in their Google search engine, Chrome software. Google has chosen me to record, translate, and transcribe for these projects within the Japanese division! ❤️ NEW ❤️ Watch My “YouTube Channel” videos below. I will upload a new video every week or two. 🏆” SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY” 🔥 Speak Japanese Like a Native! 🔵 NEXT-LEVEL LEARNING SYSTEM 🔵 ⭐️ I don't just teach the Japanese language, I also teach the true meaning of Japanese spirit and soul and the right mindset, the right attitude. Such as : 1. Respect for human beings 2. Benevolence 3. Rectitude 4. Honor 5. Honesty/Sincerely 6. Loyalty 7. Politeness/Propriety 8. Courage 9. Alertness/Awareness 10. Clear Mind 11. Emotional balance 12. Japanese manners, etiquette, customs, cultures. 💜 Take the class fully online via Zoom. 💜 One on One PRIVATE online lessons or GROUP online lessons. Learn from anywhere and from any country! 💜GROUP discount available for more than 3 people. Takelessons.com requires all group lesson students to sign up and purchase their lessons separately. Do you want to take a trip to Japan with your family? Is your business or company involved with Japanese customers or suppliers? Test prep? Is it your dream to work for a Japanese company in the future? Do you want to understand Japanese animé or movies? Or Interest in the Japanese language and culture? Do you want to speak, read, and write Japanese? 🌈 I know this is just a lesson you’ve been waiting for. I’m teaching you tricks and secrets that you probably didn't learn in your textbooks and normal traditional Japanese classroom. 1: Develop your Japanese speaking skills like a native. 2: During my class, learn the full set of real natural Japanese, anime words, polite forms, speaking, and listening, reading, and writing training. 3: My class meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new levels. 4: The Art of Listening and Mimicking. New skills for Japanese language Pitch, Tone. 5: Breaking Bad Habits and Psychology. 6: Speaking With real feeling and Emotion. 7: Finding Confidence as a Japanese speaker. 8: How To Improve Faster like a native Japanese speaker. (includes writing, reading, hiragana, katakana, kanji) 💘 Master "Core Rapport Methodology" 💘 ⭐️ Learn through a step-by-step curriculum ⭐️ Drastically improve your Japanese skills through complete Japanese sessions. ⭐️ It's an unforgettable learning experience designed to level you up. ⭐️ All Levels: Beginner or advanced, this class will level you up. ⭐️ This isn’t your typical “online course”. It’s a fully immersive learning experience. Look at the “Reviews” on why students love this class. Thousands of students have leveled up! 🔷🔸🔷🔸🔷 JAPANESE 15 WEEKS BEGINNER COURSE AVAILABLE 🔷🔸🔷🔸🔷 (♦️Special Discount! Limited-Time Offer♦️ ) 🗝 15 Weeks Commitment 🗝 ⭐️AN IMMERSIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE ⭐️Become a better Japanese speaker in 15 weeks. ⭐️15 WEEKS. PERFECTLY STRUCTURED. Learn through a step-by-step curriculum SPEAK JAPANESE LIKE A NATIVE WITH COACH TOSHI 💚 Provided Materials 💚 💟 Beginner Course ( 15weeks Package) 60 min class, One on One private online Zoom class. CLASS included: Japanese syllables sounds, Kanji understanding, Kanji strokes systems, grammar, vocabularies, writing, reading, speaking, sentence structures, slang, rough, casual, polite forms, verbs, business Japanese, learning cultures, manners, etiquettes, rules, business manners, society, etc. ⭐️Get personalized feedback as you learn. Throughout the class, you’ll share your ongoing progress, receive feedback, and ask and answer questions. 💘 Coach Toshi may occasionally answer questions and give feedback. 💘 Ready to level up in 15 weeks? 🔐 RESERVE YOUR SPOT: Click “View Lesson Packages” then click on 60min/15 lessons or DM me through “Ask Toshi A Question” or simply call Takelessons customer service. They'll set it up for you!! 🚫🚫🚫 15 weeks class is a one-time charge. No cancelations and No refunds are given for 15 weeks of class 🚫🚫🚫 🥊🥊🥊 30 Weeks BOOT CAMP Course!! ( If you want to go to work in Japan, SERIOUSLY? Take a 30 Week “Boot Camp Course”. Don’t miss out. It's just like the military training program. You will learn how to show respect, be responsible, humble for superiors and elders, and how to handle and deal, with aspects of a strict Japanese company's business rules, etiquette, society, and manner in a real Japanese way! You will become a new reliable Japanese person. Your mindset and attitude are renewed and changed. Also learn the culture, ready to work for a Japanese company in Japan ) if you have questions, DM me through Takelessons “Ask Toshi A Question”🥊🏋🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️ ⭐️ In any important decision, there are four key elements to success for the Japanese language: 1: KNOWLEDGE 2: ACTION 3: SUPPORT 4:REFLECTION ⭐️ I want to teach you to do - to employ these four key elements to empower you to step into your potential... and into your future. Level up in speaking. Are you ready?
/30 minutes

Jesse M.

Learn to speak and read Japanese, have fun, and get considerably better results than you would in a class. Or use this as a supplement to an existing class and completely surpass it's standards. Explore the methods that make it possible to be conversational within a year.
/30 minutes

Hikaru I.

During my undergraduate studies, I worked as a president of SUNY Albany Japanese Student Association and also worked as a TA for Japanese 101 classes, and I absolutely love to teach languages! I understand it is often very hard to find a language tutor outside of the spoken community, and I hope to provide you with the opportunity to be exposed to authentic media sources to acquire natural fluency. Hope to hear from you soon!
/60 minutes

Rie T.

Maximize your Japanese learning with a native speaker with years of teaching experience! I tailor my lessons to each student's learning style, her/his needs and goals. I use Genki 1 and 2 textbooks and workbooks with most of my beginner to intermediate level students, unless other textbooks and/or learning resources are requested. During the lesson, my focus is generally on the grammar explanations and practice, as well as reading, and speaking practice. Homework is assigned after each lesson, and students are expected to work independently on vocabulary building, unless otherwise requested. I encourage all of my students to contact me between lessons if they have any questions, and I will try to answer them within 24 hours. I am currently accepting students ages 16 and up. I am looking forward to meeting you! ❗️Cancellation, reschedule and late policy ❗️ 1. Lesson cancellation and rescheduling must be requested at least 8 hours before the scheduled lesson starts. Without an 8-hour notice, you will be charged for the lesson, regardless of the reasons. 2. If you cannot attend your lessons for two or more consecutive weeks, your time slot may be given to another student. If you wish to resume lessons with me but your original time slot has been filled, please contact me. 3. If you realize you will be late for your lesson, please contact me as soon as possible by text or email. I will wait until you log in, but I cannot extend the duration of your lesson. No refund will be given for the time you missed. Please remember that by signing up for lessons with me, you will be agreeing to all of the above.
/30 minutes

Masaki K.

Do you want to understand your favorite anime show, movies or Japanese culture better? Do you want to learn to crack jokes in Japanese and win any crowd over? Would you like to do business in Japan and need someone who can not only teach you the language, but cultural differences and etiquette so you can win over any client? Japanese and English are polar opposites in many ways. Sentence structures are upside down. English is written horizontally left to right, but traditional Japanese is written vertically right to left. Communicating can be difficult when what can be spoken directly in English has to be said in more subtle ways in Japanese, and this miscommunication can cause relationships to break down. My passion is to help people cross cultural barriers and make new friends. Learning a new language can build confidence and expand your mind in ways you never thought possible! One of the signs that you have truly mastered a language is to understand the humor. I can break down and explain jokes and humor to the point where you’ll be captivating a crowd. I want to build you up, not only in your speaking, listening, reading and writing ability, but in your confidence, because I believe confidence and charisma is the foundation for communication. I have also trained in acting and script analysis so I like to use movies and TV shows to teach language in a fun and interactive way. Let me help you master Japanese!
/30 minutes
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I had a great session with Wakana and am excited to do more. She was very interested in why I wanted to learn Japanese and is tailoring the lessons to help me get the most out of it. She made it ver

Alex (Japanese lessons with Wakana Y.)

I had my first lesson with Seiko today, and it was great! She's very nice and encouraging and adds cultural notes throughout the lesson. She also makes sure she's not going too fast and welcomes quest

Christine (Japanese lessons with Seiko D.)

It was very exciting to learn with her and I am excited for future lessons.

George osborne (Japanese lessons with Seiko D.)

It was a fantastic lesson! I learned a lot (: Arigatou Gozaimasu

Javier (Japanese lessons with Seiko D.)

I had a great session with Wakana and am excited to do more. She was very interested in why I wanted to learn Japanese and is tailoring the lessons to help me get the most out of it. She made it ver

Alex (Japanese lessons with Wakana Y.)

I had my first lesson with Seiko today, and it was great! She's very nice and encouraging and adds cultural notes throughout the lesson. She also makes sure she's not going too fast and welcomes quest

Christine (Japanese lessons with Seiko D.)

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