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Douglas O.

The study of music performance includes perfecting your skills as a musician with exercises that improve one's muscular sensitivity and agility. The student will also hone his or her stagecraft and ability to work in a group or band environment.
/30 minutes

Dan B.

I revel in teaching all styles & levels and revel even more in making the universal connections that tie across all musical genre and levels. From Beethoven to Beatles to Blues and beyond - music moves in the same pathways and it gives me great satisfaction to expose my students to this connections.
/30 minutes

Ian S.

I would be happy to help you become more confident performing in front of people, and bringing out the best in yourself every performance! I used to get so nervous that my hands would shake on stage, so I know how it feels!
/30 minutes

Jerry M.

My name is Jerry. I LOVE music and passing my knowledge on to others. I have played many different instruments in many different kinds of bands. It all one major thing in common, it was FUN! If you are not having fun while learning an instrument you won't want to learn. Lessons can be fun AND educational at the same time. I have had many parents tell me I'm one of the best teachers they have ever seen. (A couple of them were public school teachers themselves). I truly want my students to succeed and I will do everything in my power to help them accomplish that!
/30 minutes

Robert H.

I work with a variety of people with many different goals. Currently my studio has young beginners, teens and young adults who are entering their professional career stage with new recordings, videos and many performance opportunities. We have upcoming shows at professional venues for our young artists as well as nursing homes and churches for less experienced performers. Shows include all genres and styles: voice, piano guitar and ensembles - and the studio has a lot of collaboration between people - doing back up vocals, co-writing songs, duets trios and more.
/30 minutes

Matt B.

I study and teach a number of diverse subjects, from nutrition to logic, and from literature to genomics, though I am fundamentally a concert pianist. I love learning, and I love sharing and developing the tools for learning. When one deals with words as symbols, one deals with the mind. I focus on the expansion of symbolic usage, with an emphasis on cognition and analogies. Like Douglas Hofstadter, I believe that analogies are the core of cognition. For my musical background, please keep reading. I began as a self-taught pianist at age 12, and from ages 14 to the present I have had the experience of studying with some of the most phenomenal teachers of this generation. These include George Katz, former chair of the Drake University Piano Department and student of the legendary artists Alfred Cortot and Marguerite Long; Jerome Lowenthal, also a student of Cortot (and William Kapell) and former chair of the Julliard piano department, and Jose Feghali, 1985 Cliburn International Piano Competition gold medalist. As a winner of the 2000 Interlochen Concerto Competition, I had my orchestral debut that year with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra at 16. Following that, I have given concerts in several U.S. states, some parts of Mexico, Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden, and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having become keenly interested in technology and recording engineering, I have produced many CD's for renowned artists, such as Joseph Banowetz, Jose Feghali, Mike Morey, Paul Tuntland Sanchez and Vladimir Ashkenazy. I also worked for two years as the recording engineer for the Fort Worth symphony, where I studied dozens of new and old orchestral works while preparing the recordings for radio broadcast. My interests expanded even further when I became interested in the study of memory. I felt that I was still a slower learner, and wanted to counteract this. Having taken up research into the functions of memory and retention, I became a student who, instead of spending 6 months perfecting a Haydn or Beethoven sonata, could learn a monster piece of music like the Ravel Trio and perform it within 9 days (recordings available). It's these methods that I offer to my students, in full confidence that any of you could surpass my own efforts, given time and focus. *** Lesson Details *** Music is a tool for the discovery of critical thinking as well as an art, i.e. an excellent way to ready your mind for nearly all problem solving and learning. Most great polymaths are musicians. Even if you have been a prior music student, I will be able to help you advance your practice technique far beyond its current potential; my methods are unorthodox but carefully developed. For younger students, I prefer parental involvement in lessons. The parent of a student will have more influence on their progress on a weekly basis than I can. They will be asked not only to help the student practice, but to help them practice correctly. The results of this approach can be profound. For these reasons, I ask that the parents follow the student's progress so that they can provide support for the 6 days of the week that I do not get to see the student. I tailor my curriculum to the student, their learning habits and interests. I draw from a wide variety of curriculum, as well as sometimes writing original pieces that focus on areas that need focus. Lastly, the most important part of studying music is the joy of music itself. I do my very best to make sure that lessons and practice are both fun and engaging, as well as productive. Important Note: Right now I am only teaching classical music for voice. That doesn't mean that I am not willing to supplement lessons with other styles, but classical vocal training and technique is universally applicable and should be the pop or rock vocalist's foundation regardless. Please only sign up for voice with me if you are prepared to study primarily classical repertoire. Broadway songs are also acceptable. *** Studio Equipment *** Steinway Concert Grand *** Specialties *** I specialize in training memory, technique, artistic sensitivity and the development of a musical/mathematical mind. I am familiar with many methods and use them where appropriate. I will find out how you learn best and tailor lessons accordingly. Lessons with me are very fun and challenging.
/30 minutes

Steven B.

Having been a professional performance artist since 1972, I have practical as well as theoretic knowledge on how to make you shine on stage. I'll teach you basic techniques and "insider secrets" that will quickly have you looking and playing like a pro!
/30 minutes

Billy N.

I can prepare the student to perform a concert or do a show. We can record and listen back. Go over many practice techniques that will result in greatly improved performance
/45 minutes
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Barbara is very musical, very talented and very attuned to my needs. She is not only a singing teacher or a pianist, she is all and more. Most importantly, she is a mentor. I highly recommend Ba

Michal (Music Performance lessons with Barbara M.)

Nice class! I like it and learnt a lot !

Jessica (Music Performance lessons with Robert H.)

Maryann Graham is the best teacher and best friend I can possibly have! 😍😍 I highly recommend her to anyone. She's super sweet and is a great teacher and helper. I've known her for 10 years. I absol

Autumn (Music Performance lessons with Mary Ann G.)

Josh is an incredibly versatile musician and teacher. He understands the individual's source of desire to learn and meets them at the right place - remaining flexible to explore all of the many facets

John (Music Performance lessons with Josh F.)

Barbara is very musical, very talented and very attuned to my needs. She is not only a singing teacher or a pianist, she is all and more. Most importantly, she is a mentor. I highly recommend Ba

Michal (Music Performance lessons with Barbara M.)

Nice class! I like it and learnt a lot !

Jessica (Music Performance lessons with Robert H.)

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