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Jane M.

Jane M.

I teach what you want to learn. Lessons may include: Basic or advanced techniques. Mixing vibrant hues. Wet-on-wet. Dry brush. Masking. Glazing. Dew drops on flowers. Textures--using salt, layering, sponges, scratching, lifting, etc. Considering your light source. Loosening up. Managing the water to pigment ratio. Paper selection. Setting up your palette. What paints to use. And brushes: how many, what kind and brand? Painting outdoors in the open air, or from photographs, or from a still life. Using your phone to help you critique your painting. All levels--from beginner to advanced. Demonstrations on creating watercolors in the style of famous watercolorists like John Singer Sargent, or Winslow Homer. Subject matter can include journaling, watercolor sketching, landscapes, seascapes, florals, abstracts, still life, urban settings, color grids, and more. Additionally, you can schedule a lesson and let me know that you want to use it as a critique to review some of your work. I recommend the 45 minute session for a critique.
/45 mins
David Z.

David Z.

• Use materials such as pens and ink, watercolors, charcoal and oil to create artwork. • Confer with clients and other interested parties regarding the nature and content of artwork to be produced. • Explain and demonstrate artistic techniques for clients of all ages. • Collaborate, gather materials and design curriculum for art workshops in the community: o Charcoal Over Watercolor Workshop o Watercolor Workshop o Acrylic Painting Workshop o Self-Portraits in Charcoal Workshop o Mixed Media Black Ink Over Gouache Workshop o Oil Pastel Workshop “Beekle, The Imaginary Friend” • Providing professional framing services for art workshop clientele • Art brokering and marketing art material at various shows including: o Art Show- Prairie Arts Festival, Schaumburg, 5-28-2017 • Sales, Murals Advertising and Promotional Artwork
/60 mins
Sharron J.

Sharron J.

Watercolor painting has a way of showing emotion and expression. The most fabulous thing about being an artist is that boundaries regarding creativity are non-existent. The artist is always in a state of learning. Art is a progressive practice that takes time to develop. Students will be introduced to the color wheel, basic materials needed, perspective, and the differences between realistic and impressionistic painting techniques. The students main objective is to learn, by painting what the individual wishes to paint (personal projects that sparks and continues the creativity within). Materials are not included. Watercolor painting lessons will be assessed based on the individual's current abilities and their goals. Note: For virtual sessions, the student will need to create a conducive workspace that will allow teacher/student viewing of art work in progress. The student will need a workspace with lots of light. Often, I will ask to see the students progress, so that I may be able critique and give advise on their work in progress. For short-term sessions (virtual or in-person), the teacher and student will collaborate and determine how the student will get the most out of their session.
/30 mins
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