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David L.

David L.

I am a NJ Certified Science Teacher with 26 years public school teaching experience. My degree is in Biology. Since retiring, I found I absolutely love online tutoring, and my students look forward to their lessons with me. I build their confidence and understanding. As a professional teacher, I know how to uncover the difficulties specific to each individual and guide them toward success. Rather than just explaining a concept to them, I lead my students with questions and examples so they can explain it themselves. With true understanding rather than mere memorization, grades naturally improve. I am especially good at teaching how to solve word problems. My online equipment includes a laptop with webcam, 2nd monitor, 4K document camera, headphone/mic, and iPad (if you also have a tablet, we can use it as a collaborative, real-time whiteboard, much superior than the whiteboard provided by Zoom). I can also show you how to use your phone as makeshift document camera, so I can see what you are writing.
/45 mins
Corrie B.

Corrie B.

Does your child struggle with or hate science? Is homework a constant battle? My name is Corrie and I can help solve those frustrations. Having taught 20 years of science in a full time classroom and hundreds of students, I know how to redirect confusion, stop-out misconceptions, and break down difficult concepts into small manageable pieces. I have worked with students of all levels and ages, and can design our tutoring time together to not only the target a specific skill or concept, but also adapt sessions to the student's best learning style. Some students prefer direct instruction, some like games. During our class, students will receive the tailored and individualized help they need to gain confidence and success in science. I have been a full-time, certified teacher for 20 years teaching grades 2-7. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. I specialize in gifted education and have extensive experience with math and science curriculums in elementary and middle school grade levels. I have worked closely with bilingual and gifted students, but have also taught all elementary subjects to students with and without special needs, IEPs and 504 plans. My experience teaching has been in both the state of Arizona, Montana, and at a private bilingual German/ English school in Berlin, Germany. Additionally, I have worked as a private tutor over the last 10 years, successfully teaching over 3,300 lessons online for students around the world with an ESL company in China and a U.S. based online learning platform as a freelance instructor. I have extensive experience teaching elementary science especially Earth, space, physical, and life science. I also have tremendous experience with STEM, engineering design, the scientific method, robotics, and science fair competitions. My online / remote lessons can be tailored to fit your needs. I can design a lesson to teach a specific topic or can assist a student with an assignment assigned at school. I am very flexible and willing to work with families to meet their student's needs. Communication with families is key, and I request a brief overview of your needs be communicated via email prior to our session. I must know the lesson topic, goals, and the type of lesson you are requesting 24 hours prior to the session so that I have adequate time to prepare.
/30 mins
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