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Nadia B.

New York, NY

A classically-trained flutist, Nadia has been teaching flute for many years. A summa cum laude graduate of New York University in Music Performance, she excels at teaching students how to play flute in a way that emphasizes body awareness and comfort in positioning and holding the flute. Nadia also focuses on whole musicianship in her lessons, incorporating theory and other elements of music into lessons to facilitate a deeper understanding of the music. She is a friendly, encouraging and dedicated teacher who aims to teach each student according to his or her needs and interests. See you in class! :)

About Nadia

My current teaching includes music performance (piano and flute), Italian language and Alexander Technique. I have spent many years honing my skills in all of these subjects and I delight in sharing my knowledge with you and helping you to improve and reach your goals. My teaching style is patient, friendly, helpful and individualized to your needs, interests, goals and learning style.

For more information about my experience and teaching in each subject, please click on the subject you are interested in to read more.

I also enjoy writing blog articles for TakeLessons as another way o
f sharing information. I have written articles in all of the subjects I teach. Here is a list, by category.


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Lori T. August 23, 2015
Piano · Online
Verified Student
Terrific first lesson! Nadia is great at simplifying and using creative methods to help you remember the fundamentals.
Madeline S. July 14, 2015
Flute · Online
Verified Student
Wonderful first lesson with Nadia! My daughter is 13 and extremely happy with the instruction she received. We definitely plan on continuing!
Susan K. June 1, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
I had a wonderful experience with Nadia. She is very knowledgeable and is helping me advance in my piano learning
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Nadia B.

Nadia B.

New York, NY 10030
starting at
$55 / 30-min

Matt L.

Brooklyn, NY

Although I am primarily a saxophonist, flute is a secondary instrument that most saxophonists also have to know how to play. As a performer it is an absolute necessity that I be able to double on the flute and be just as proficient.

My goal as a teacher is to provide an in depth understanding of the instrument to my students. Whether we are learning technique specific to the instrument or general musical concepts, it is important to me that I take the time to insure that my students not only learn how to do something, but also the reasons why we are learning a specific concept or technique. At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to teach you how to teach yourself, so that you may enjoy playing the instrument outside of our lessons together.

I prefer not to conform to a specific teaching style, because every student is different, and I have been fortunate to have a great variety of types of students throughout my years as a teacher. Some of my students are children and

About Matt

Matt has enjoyed working and teaching as a professional musician for at least 15+ years. He began studying music and playing the saxophone at age 11. He currently lives and works in the New York City area after moving there from Philadelphia in early 2001, after graduating from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1999 with a Bachelors in Music.

Throughout his musical career, Matt has performed and worked in a variety of capacities including as a composer and recording studio engineer. His main area of expertise is performing as a jazz saxophonist on alto, tenor, and soprano saxoph
ones, and he regularly plays throughout New York City in restaurants and jazz clubs.

Matt's area of expertise in teaching is beginner to advanced studies on the saxophone, beginner to intermediate studies on the flute and the clarinet, music theory, and jazz improvisation for any instrument. Whether he is teaching saxophone, flute, or clarinet, his teaching approach places emphasis on giving the student an in depth understanding of his or her instrument. He puts the utmost importance on explaining advanced concepts in the simplest of terms in order to insure that the student fully comprehends the objectives of each lesson. Such concepts that he covers regularly and places importance on are sight-reading, ear-training, and creativity.

As a regularly performing musician in New York City, Matt can be seen every Sunday night at Ba'sik (a new and very popular bar in Williamsburg Brooklyn) where he leads the open jazz jam session. A few of his adult students have even been able to reach a level in jazz improvisation that they've been able to come out and sit in with the band.

In addition to teaching woodwind instruments and jazz improvisation, Matt also has experience teaching Sibelius music writing software, and audio engineering with Pro-tools LE and Logic Pro.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the NYC area is very different geographically from other parts of the country, especially in terms of transportation, I may appear outside of your area in terms of where I am available to travel. If you are very interested in taking lessons with me, but you are outside of my travel zone, please feel free to follow up with a Takelessons counselor and have them contact me personally to see if we might make an exception. I am available to travel to virtually all areas of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan as well as Jersey City and Hoboken. if my location in Williamsburg Brooklyn is not convenient for you, and you are unable to have lessons in your home, then there is also an option where I can most likely find a very affordable teaching studio in an area that is more convenient for you that we may rent by the hour and split the cost for your lesson.

*** Lesson Details ***
Matt believes that any student, regardless of age or experience level, learns best when engaged in an activity that he or she understands and enjoys. Part of his success as a teacher can be attributed to his willingness to take into account every student's particular musical interests and strengths, and in tern, he teaches directly to those areas. For instance, in the initial stages of developing a student and teacher relationship, Matt requests that the student compile a "wish list" of approximately ten pieces of music that he or she would like to be able to play. This list may include pieces in such genres as classical, jazz, and popular music, just to name a few. It is through this list that the student can begin almost immediately learning exactly what he or she likes, and by default, Matt can then teach the student all of the technical components needed to perform on his or her instrument, as well as determine the specific areas where the student needs to receive more focused instruction. More importantly, this "thinking outside of the box," customized approach provides a fun atmosphere and enables the student to enjoy learning the art of playing music by not being solely dependent on instructional booklets which many students, regardless of age and experience, find boring and tedious.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Additional saxophones for students who do not currently have a saxophone to use during a lesson. Recording equipment, including software and microphones. Mac book pro with music writing and recording software. Full 88 key keyboard.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Additional saxophones. Macbook pro with recording and music writing software

*** Specialties ***
music, music theory, home recording, saxophone, clarinet, flute,
all styles


Tanaya R. August 22, 2015
Flute · In studio
Verified Student
Matt's a wonderful teacher. He's extremely patient, and takes his time explaining concepts in different ways to help you understand the topic fully. He's also very flexible which really helps those of us with crazy schedules. If you wish, class time can focus on music theory along with the actual playing of the flute which is very valuable (in my opinion). He's given me great tips with regards to embouchure and tone, not to mention with reading music and applying them to my playing. His instruction has really helped me improve my playing overall. I highly recommend Matt.
Tal V. August 20, 2015
Saxophone · In studio
Verified Student
Matt is an awesome teacher. I have been taking lessons with Matt for about 18 months now. Even though I haven't picked up a horn since high school, Matt's patience and methodology has given me the confidence to pursue this hobby further.
Highly recommended!
Dina Z. August 17, 2015
Saxophone · In studio
Verified Student
Matt is a great teacher. He's flexible and patient and really knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!
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Matt L.

Matt L.

New York, NY 10031
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Ivan L.

New York, NY

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what level you are at!
If you love music you are on your way to success!

Some of us want to learn music for fun and other’s want to do it professionally! Whatever your case is it is my job to provide you with all the tools necessary to become a musician.

Breathing and Phrasing
Posture and Hand Placement
Tone and Intonation
Scales and Arpeggios
Technical exercises and Etudes
Solo repertoire
Music Theory (basic)
Aural training
Sight reading

Travel Equipment:
Student should have his/her own instrument, music stand and preferably metronome/tuner.

About Ivan

I am a professional flute player / teacher.

First picked up the instrument at the age of 6 and have been playing for the past 22 years.

In 2011 received Bachelor’s with honors in flute performance at Moscow State Gnessin Academy of Music.

In 2013 received Master’s with honors in flute performance at Moscow State Gnessin Academy of Music.

Working experience includes:
-2014-2014 Flute Teacher/Administrator at Scherzo Music Studio - Summit/Morris Plains, NJ
-2007-2013 Freelance musician for different events
-2008-2010 performed as a member of “Beluye Vodu” folk group
Teacher at Beethoven School of Music (Moscow)
-2010-2013 performed as a member of “Moscow Flute Orchestra”
-2010-2013 principal flutist of the “Lenkom” Moscow State Theater


Maria V July 7, 2015
Flute · In studio
Ivan has been a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend him as an instructor. He's patient, professional and a great person to learn from. He's very talented and highly skilled at his craft. I went through several teachers in the past and he is by far my favorite.
Alex July 6, 2015
Flute · In home
It was very exciting and helpful to study flute with Ivan. I start from the beginning and grows very quickly. Amazing journey with music and comprehensive learning.
Laura Ellen G. July 6, 2015
Flute · In studio
Ivan is a wonderful flutist and a warm and engaged person. I highly recommend him!
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Ivan L.

Ivan L.

New York, NY 10036
starting at
$40 / 45-min

Katie A.

New York, NY

I teach students of all ages and abilities. I strongly believe that with patience, determination, and intelligent work, all students can become wonderful musicians!

About Katie

Katie is currently perusing her masters of music degree at The Juilliard School where she studies with Robert Langevin, principal flutist of the New York Philharmonic. She received her undergraduate degree from the New England Conservatory where she studied with world-renowned artist, Paula Robison. Katie is passionate about sharing the joy of her craft and the knowledge that she has obtained over the years with others. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities.


Linse Rose K. August 14, 2015
Flute · In studio
Verified Student
Katie is a patient, kind teacher, and she gives clear, specific instructions to help me improve my playing.

I am an absolute beginner and Katie chose a book suited to my level. Her lessons are enjoyable and I recommend her highly!
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Katie A.

Katie A.

New York, NY 10069
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Shai G.

New York, NY

Hello! My name is Shai G. I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Jazz Performance from CSU Northridge and am currently attaining my master's degree from Manhattan School of Music on a 95% scholarship. Flute is a very serious part of my study and I am currently pursuing a career in music education. My flute teacher is Katisse Buckingham, who is the flutist from the movie Anchorman! I also teach saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, piano, arranging, composing, and music theory. I also play and teach the piccolo for any students interested in learning. Teaching is such a significant part of what I do and I enjoy every opportunity!

About Shai

Hello! My name is Shai G. I am recent suma cum laude (3.9+ GPA) graduate from CSU Northridge with a bachelor's degree in Jazz Performance and am currently earning my master's degree at Manhattan School of Music with a 95% scholarship. I am a saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist, trumpeter, jazz pianist, arranger, composer, and am pursuing a career in music education. Teaching is something that has been very important to me from a very young age and I enjoy every opportunity I get!


Athan G. August 27, 2015
Music Performance · In studio
Shai is an incredible musician and an incredible teacher! Very few people share the passion that Shai has when it comes to teaching an instrument, and such every single lesson will leave you inspired and motivated (not to mention a lot better at your instrument!)
Chris August 26, 2015
Saxophone · In home
Shai is an incredibly gifted musician and educator for whom I have the utmost respect. He is able to articulate concepts clearly and concisely to individuals, as well as large groups, in a way that inspires motivation to do your absolute best. I highly reccomend shai to anyone seeking an instructor who is not only exceptionally skilled, but also deeply caring and encouraging towards those he invests his time in. I have no doubt that shai will achieve great things in the future.
Saygin August 20, 2015
Trumpet · Online
Verified Student
My first lesson with Shai went pretty well. He has deep knowledge of trumpet and I was happy also about his teaching methodology and the way he explains the very fundamentals. Glad I am learning from a jazz musician who plays in the best venues of LA and NY.
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Shai G.

Shai G.

New York, NY 10027
starting at
$30 / 30-min

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