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Melvin W.

Corning, NY

About Melvin

With over twenty years experience playing in almost every conceivable style and genre of music, I have a lot to offer every student looking to update their skills. From Rock, Jazz, to Classical, Blueg
rass, Flatpicking, and Fingerstyle, to every Contemporary Worship, Lead Guitar, you name it, I can teach it. I currently assist in leading worship with a medium sized church (approximately 300 people), both adult Sunday services, and for our youth group ministry. I have played in Rock ensembles, Jazz ensembles, and I direct a collegiate instrumental performing ensemble. I have the experience and expertise to take your playing to the next level.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I typically have guitar amps and cables at the store where I teach.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I bring my guitar. The student needs to bring their own guitar.

*** Specialties ***
Method books used: Hal Leonard, Alfred, Mel Bay, Progressive, Berklee.

Specialization: Guitar theory, proper technique, fingerstyle, pickstyle, Jazz, Classical, Rock, World Music, Christian Worship.


VanB March 6, 2014
20111-13 Review

Technically very proficient. Needs to continue to meet the student at their proficiently and method of learning and help them with the next big step. It has helped me considerably to have him break down the learning into parts that can be combined once proficiency in the base level parts is achieved. Thanks for being willing to try new things!!
Achievements: Has mentored me through the following fundamental changes in playing:
1. Different pick placement between thumb and finger
2. Percussive strum
3. Tempo - have improved ability to keep tempo to metronome - still much more work on my end.
4. Rythmn - improvement - still struggle with more complex synchopation picking and strumming.
5. Key work pieces - Through Guitar 2 book; Knee Deep; Boxer; Girl from Ipanema; Halleluah; now working on Layla
LaurenceM March 6, 2014
Mel Williams guitar lessons

Even after playing guitar & piano for many years and learning a lot on my own, deciding to take guitar lessons from Mel was one of the best decisions I have made.
He's extremely knowledgable with everything related to playing guitar and is able to answer every question I ever have. He's also a very talented player and is motivating to watch play. He makes it look so easy and fun that it makes you want to keep pushing to improve. I've had times when I couldn't get to my lesson on time unless I skipped going home to get my guitar so I had to go to my lesson without my guitar. Even those lessons were valuable and worth the time. Mel is very easy to talk to and listens to the goals and questions brought to him. I would highly recommend Mel to anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge and ability on the guitar.
JefferyL March 6, 2014
Really great teacher!

There is a lot to say about Melvin. First of all, not only is he a great teacher but he is such a great guy. He is a dedicated teacher and he really loves to teach. He loves to see his students grow from the lessons he gives. He works at Marich Music located in Corning, he is a teacher at Corning Community College, and he is also a teacher at a store called Robert M. Sides at the Arnot Mall located in Horseheads. If anyone that I know is starting to learn the guitar, I would tell them to either go to Marich Music where he works to receives private lessons or I would tell them to sign up for his guitar classes at Corning Community College.

He can teach you from the basic chords and songs to start with, your basic scales, and how to read music. To intermediate techniques, the theory behind playing the guitar, lead guitar, power chords, pentatonic scales, more chords. All the way to advanced playing which is self explanatory. Pretty much what you need to actually play in any type of band. Melvin is really patient with his new students and he wants to see his students learn from him. He can teach you anything from Rock, Metal, Country, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, and a lot more styles of music.

Overall, he is a dedicated, hard working, strong, Christian man and a wonderful teacher! If anybody that is reading this review and considering getting lessons from him then I will say, GO FOR IT! He will help you with anything you need for music and you can ask him anything you want. He will answer you!
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Melvin W.

Melvin W.

Horseheads, NY 14845
starting at
$20 / 30-min

Richard H.

Ithaca, NY

About Richard

Greetings! Currently enrolled as an engineering undergrad. I've got an A in every subject posted here and they are all fresh in my mind. I can help you learn the material, take useful notes and prepar
e for the exams you may be facing. I enjoy teaching and would love to hear from you.
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Richard H.

Richard H.

Ithaca, NY 14850
starting at
$15 / 60-min

Jessica S.

Ithaca, NY

About Jessica

My name is Jessica Smith and I am a recent graduate of Ithaca College where I received my Master's Degree in Music Performance under Dr. Wendy Herbener Mehne. During my studies, I performed as princip
al flute in the Symphony Orchestra, member of the Wind Ensemble, and flutist for the Contemporary Ensemble. Prior to my time in Ithaca, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from Eastern Michigan University (EMU) where I studied under Dr. Julie Stone. While at EMU, I performed as principal flute in the Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra and as concert music librarian for both the Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band. I am also a member of the professional music fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon.

I am a recipient of numerous music recognitions and scholarships including: the Barbara Elizabeth Scott-Brundage Scholarship, the Jessie Dillman Scholarship, EMU Band Service awards, finalist in the 2010 Barry Manilow Soloist Competition, winner of the 2010 William Stewart Concerto Competition, and winner of the 2011 Barry Manilow Soloist Competition. I have been honored and given the opportunity to perform with the Michigan Youth Arts Festival Orchestra, Interlochen Philharmonic Orchestra (as a staff member), Interlochen All-State Orchestra, and at the South East Michigan Flute Association (SEMFA) Convention. I have participated in masterclasses with renowned flutists such as Marianne Gedigian, Christina Jennings, Jeff Zook, Eric Lamb, and Sharon Sparrow. Additionally, I have performed research on flute construction through EMU’s Undergraduate Research Program.

I have been teaching flute lessons privately for over nine years to students of all ages. I believe that private lessons are one of the best ways to enrich the learning of music and the flute. My lessons provide individual attention to a student’s needs and goals whether he or she is just beginning or has been playing for years. By giving yourself or your child the opportunity to take private flute lessons, you are provided with the opportunity to further the understanding and appreciation of music through a relationship with an experienced and enthusiastic teacher. I love music, and I want to spread to you its power and beauty! For more information, please visit my website: fluteatheart.com.

Besides private teaching, I have also taught at the Concordia Flute Camp, with EMU’s Community Music Academy, and at high schools across Southeast Michigan. Recently, as the flute graduate assistant at Ithaca College I taught class flute to the music education undergraduate students.
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Jessica S.

Jessica S.

Ithaca, NY 14850
starting at
$20 / 30-min

Erik J.

Ithaca, NY

About Erik

Hello! My name is Erik and I'm excited to meet you! I've been teaching private lessons since 2004 and have loved helping my students learn how to read and comprehend music, improvise and perform, as w
ell as prepare for college auditions.

I went to Western Michigan University and earned a degree in Clarinet Performance and Composition in 2012 and then did graduate work at Ithaca College in upstate NY where I currently live/teach.

I offer comprehensive teaching in a number of musical instruments and genres, but I love learning and instructing helps me develop in the other areas of my life. So i'm here to offer my knowledge on sports psychology, yoga, meditation, language, and anything else that I can help with.
I've played in symphony orchestras, concert bands, chamber ensembles, jazz combos, rock bands, irish sessions and more!!!

I'm very excited to hear from you!
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Erik J.

Erik J.

Ithaca, NY 14850
starting at
$15 / 30-min

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