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Profile_44246_pi_Vir water headshot

Vir M.

Berkeley, CA

I have a Drumset at my studio and can get you started with the rudiments and basic drumming skills.

About Vir

I am a graduate of U.C. Berkeley.;I have been teaching and performing music for over 15 years. I have toured the United States and other countries playing many types of music. I play Guitar and Bass and Sing   I teach in a fun style that emphasizes the students creativity.  Styles range from Rock, Folk, Electronic, Jazz,  African, World, Hip Hop to Country.  I can give you the skills to go to the next level.  From 5-99 years old!

*** Lesson Details ***
A typical lesson would look like this:  Depending on your level we would first work on some new chords and/or a new scale and how to play them
.  We "jam" a little to get the feel.  I have a really great way of teaching theory that will get you playing what you want.  The second half we usually focus on learning a song of your choice or working on an original of yours. I am very personable and easygoing.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Have guitars and amps, basses and amps, drum set, microphones and recording equipment.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Have equipment

*** Specialties ***
Rock, World, Hip Hop, Folk, Electronica, Classical, Jazz


Karen T. March 31, 2016
Acting · In studio
Verified Student
Although I only had 1 lesson with him so far, I can say he's a very good teacher and I had fun.
caroline S. April 23, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Vir is a gifted teacher. He has taught my son guitar for more than a year. He meets my son where ever he's at in his practice, attention and interests with calm, skilled focus and intention . Vir's background as performing musician infuses his teaching with an enthusiasm and creativity of practicing his teaching. We are truly grateful for Vir.
Alexander S. March 6, 2014
Verified Student
A Guru

Vir is beyond your typical vocal coach. He was a huge help on things like pitch accuracy and phrasing, but more than anything, his focus on getting me to tap into and harness my inner power has already paid huge dividends in my recordings and performances. Further, Vir is an amazing person to know and his home-studio in Berkeley is magnificent!
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Vir M.

Vir M.

Berkeley, CA 94708
starting at
$35 / 30-min
Profile_89483_pi_JHstand copy

John F.

San Francisco, CA

Whether you are a complete beginner or getting more advanced and need some keys to reach the next level, I'm your man! I started playing drumset (and snare drum) when I was 12yrs old (I'm quite a bit older now so I've been doing it for a while! :) and I LOVE teaching drums.
I wanna teach you to read and write drum music, play strong beats and fills, develop natural technique, relaxation and independence. Eventually you will learn to use stylish transitions, interpret song structure, and achieve proficiency in a variety of styles. And most importantly, know how to play it musically.

About John

I play a wide variety of musical styles on drums and percussion and have a long history of performance art in live bands, theater and orchestra. I teach drum set, symphonic and marching percussion, electronics in drumming (sampling, loops, midi etc), and general rhythm lessons for beginners. I also enjoy helping students prepare for auditions, studio recording sessions, and live performance opportunities. There's alot to know about what to do and what not to do in these situations, especially if you want to look like a pro and have a positive experience.

I studied percussion performance at
Washington State University while developing my set playing and enjoying my employment with the Washington Idaho Symphony as a classical percussionist. I play in rock, funk, pop, metal, EDM, hip-hop, industrial, honky-tonk, and jazz outfits with multiple appearances at SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, TieCon, and various festivals throughout the US.
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John F.

John F.

San Francisco, CA 94115
starting at
$40 / 30-min
Profile_46433_pi_matt and lea france

Matthew F.

Walnut Creek, CA

I have been playing drums and percussion for 15 years, I can teach you everything you need to know about rhythm reading, improvising, technique, and more!
Whether you want to play rock, jazz, classical percussion, contemporary percussion, metal, pop, or anything else, I can help you learn the basic skills you need to master these styles!

About Matthew


My name is Matthew, and I teach many people of different ages academic topics from arithmetic to algebra 2/trigonometry, science, reading/grammar, as well as all kinds of music and instruments!

I hold a Masters of Arts in Music Composition from Mills College in Oakland, CA and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from UC Santa Cruz.

Musically, I specialize in drum set and percussion, piano, voice, and guitar instruction (4 and 6 string) woodwinds, brass, and violin family strings. I have been teaching in Walnut Creek at my home studio/office for 10 years, worked with local schools such
as Walnut Creek Intermediate, Meher School, Las Lomas High School, and Stanley Middle School.

Some basic pedagogical ideas:

I make sure each student learns the necessary techniques, rhythms as well as reading and performing skills that each player must posses on their instrument or voice to properly play the instrument. Alongside this crucial, ever-lasting quest to have a good sound and play the repertoire of the instrument I teach many other aspects of music that most students indulge in as they progress. These including but not limited to ear-training, improvising, composition, theory, music history and appreciation, transcribing, arranging and performing popular music, basic tracking and recording/computer compositions, as well as basic singing and drumming.
Each student has different goals and interests that draw them toward certain aspects of music. My goal is to supplement the basic music training while offering guidance in more complex areas of music that bring excitement and enjoyment to learning. I work with each student to find not only what aspects of music they are interested in but also what styles and groups they enjoy and aspire to play or just enjoying listening or singing along.
Balancing all of this during a 30-60 min lesson and then during your practice time in the week can be tough, so I work with each student to set priorities and goals based on their interest and skill and follow through with them!

Here are a few of my BASIC POLICIES; please read so you can know if we will be a good fit. If you have any questions about them feel free to ask, but I rarely make exceptions!

-I only accept students who take weekly lessons

-I only accept students (usually) who have already started reading

-All students and parents must be on a fairly flexible schedule and reply to phone calls or texts on the day of lessons. With 30+ concurrent students and families, schedules are constantly changing to accommodate each other. If it works for everyone to help another student out by switching, then I will request that of you, but I ALWAYS GUARANTEE YOUR SCHEDULED LESSON TIME.

-I always guarantee your full lesson time. Driving from my home studio and house to house around the East Bay during the after school/work hours does come with traffic delays, so I ask that each student (unless previously noted) keeps 10-15 minutes before and after their lesson free in case of an unexpected delay or cancellation.

- I require AT LEAST 72 HOURS ADVANCED NOTICE FOR RESCHEDULES. If you need to reschedule then I prefer knowing a week in advance. IF YOU CANCEL WITHIN 72 HOURS I DO NOT GUARANTEE A MAKEUP SPOT.

-I rent beginner instruments so that you can get started while I help you shop for an instrument. This includes weekly checkups, maintenance, changing strings, cleaning, and covers any basic damage done to the instrument (for example, broken bridges, broken bow hair, pegs, tuning parts, replacing strings, minor dents on brass). This does not cover non-reusable parts (strings, reeds, drum heads, cork/slide/valve oil, rosin) as well as damage to the body of the instrument or theft. I charge $45 dollars a month flat for the instrument and service.

If you are at all interested for yourself or your child please don't hesitate to call and ask questions.

Have a great day!


Sam Maldonado January 11, 2016
Composition · In studio
Verified Student
great time at my first lesson
Denise S. October 31, 2015
Viola · In studio
Verified Student
My daughter took lessons with Matthew for 5 months and we are severely disappointed. We originally switched because he was constantly changing the days/times of our lesson to accommodate his schedule or that of new clients, which is a terrible way to do business. However, after having one lesson with a new teacher, we realized that my daughter never learned the basics of viola playing - how to hold the instrument properly, how tightly the bow should be strung, the names of the parts of the instrument, etc. He also rented us an instrument that didn't tune properly at twice the cost of what local music stores were charging. She also was not properly measured for that instrument, which I learned was standard. Since I am not musically trained, I went on faith that she was being taught properly. After the first lesson with a teacher who actually knew what they were doing, my daughter was in tears over all the things she didn't know. I feel like all those basics should have been covered in the first month of instruction. In addition, his bio states that he has been teaching for 10 years. At his current age, that would mean he started teaching at the age of 13 or 14. I'm very disappointed in our experience with both this instructor and with Take Lessons for not vetting their instructors properly.
Adriana September 25, 2015
Violin · In home
Verified Student
It was excellent. He has the patience and the knowledge. I do recommend him.
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Matthew F.

Matthew F.

Walnut Creek, CA 94595
starting at
$45 / 30-min
Profile_74725_pi_Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.38.43 PM

Ryan L.

San Leandro, CA

ALL SKILL LEVELS and all ages are welcome.


I customize each students lesson to their individual needs and the styles of drumming they enjoy. Expect to have a lot of fun on your path of drumming!

About Ryan

Ryan's passion for teaching allows him to customize each student's lesson to their individual needs and style. He works with students of all skill levels and all ages. See: Ryanscottlong.Net/lessons for more info on what Ryan covers.

Having been described as a musician “with gut busting solos and dynamic versatility, Ryan Scott Long continues to push drumming to new levels. With his forward thinking approach, Ryan may be forming an exciting new style of drumming. Long has toured across the country in bands covering many different genres of music giving him a unique style that can only b
e formed through [his] immense experience under his belt.”*

Ryan’s project "Booker Long Duo" recently cut their second release "Booker Long Duo EP" featuring an explosively intense double drums collaboration with Grammy-winning drummer Thomas Pridgen alongside Mike Sopko on guitar.

His group "BroJazz” will be releasing their debut record May 3, 2016 and will be distributed worldwide by The LA Sound Group (Thundercat, Stanley Clarke).

BroJazz features multi-instrumentalist Ben Wallace-Ailsworth on bass and world class saxophonist Joshua Smith (Birth, Scott Amendola Quartet).

Ryan is proficient in jazz, rock, funk, Latin, hip-hop, and many more styles. Ryan is very tour friendly as he has toured all over the country.


Gina April 21, 2016
Drum · In studio
My teenage son has been taking drum lessons from Ryan for almost two years now. Ryan is the BEST instructor. He is patient with my son and very inspiring. My son enjoys taking lessons from Ryan. Not only is my son learning a lot, he is also gaining more self-confidence. I highly recommend Ryan as a drum instructor.
K April 14, 2016
Drum · In studio
great instructor! Ryan has taught and continues to tech me a lot in an entertaining way. Unlike other instructors I have had he teaches diverse methods, techniques, and styles. Overall a great experience!
Robert Anthony Morales April 14, 2016
Drum · In home
Ryan uses all his skills to access the best approach to teach student drummers. His insights go way beyond his youth. Said and done look at all the successful drummers he has tutored.
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Ryan L.

Ryan L.

San Leandro, CA 94578
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Huston B.

Oakland, CA

I've been educating drummers for almost a decade and my students have gone from no experience drumming to playing in their own bands. I have almost 30 years of drumming experience. I've toured the country as a national touring musicians many times over. I graduated from Berklee College of Music and have all the tools they gave me in my studies there. I have recorded in a dozen different studios with rock, prog, funk, brazilian and country bands. Let's play some drums together!

About Huston

Hello, my name is Brian Huston. I love drumming, and all that goes into making music. I began playing the drums in school concert band, when I was in 5th grade. At 16, I was in my first rock band and in H.S. jazz band.

I was the principle drummer for the Plattsburgh State of New York, jazz band, symphonic band, and percussion ensemble. After two years in Plattsburgh, I attended Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, I learned about drumming, musicianship, and life. After three years, I earned my Bachelor's degree and moved to California.

I've played in many bands, in styles like, prog ro
ck, afro-brazilian, country, and bluegrass. I've been a national touring drummer since 2012, and can share the things I've learned through touring. I have played venues like The Fillmore, the Wonder Ballroom, Neptune, and The Troubador to name a few, as well as music festivals all over the country. I will also share the knowledge I've gained recording in the studio.


Sheila September 20, 2016
Drum · In studio
Solid teacher! Brian really knows his stuff on the drums, and is able to break down beats so beginners can understand them simply. His positive attitude and desire to teach is obvious, and you can't ask for more in a private music teacher. My daughter has taken lessons on a few different instruments, but I've never seen her so eager to come home and practice as after lessons with Brian.
Peter September 19, 2016
Drum · In studio
Brian is an excellent drummer and teacher. I've had a few lessons and he makes the learning process fun. He has changed the way I approach the instrument. He is patient and knows how to bring out the best in student drummers. He is skilled at many different styles of percussion and has a deep love of the instrument that you can sense spending any time with him. His passion will rub off on you. I recommend anyone who is interested in learning technique and wants to devote their time to getting better at drumming to take lessons with him. He gives lessons at a studio in north Oakland in a safe and nice neighborhood.
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Huston B.

Huston B.

Oakland, CA 94609
starting at
$25 / 30-min

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