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Teaching Piano in Del Mar

By Ryan H.-Del Mar Piano Teacher

Music is a language unique from any other in so many ways, and introducing it to a student is an experience that isn’t easily forgotten. There are so many reasons why I enjoy teaching piano; creating a lifelong love of music for a student is an addicting experience.

One reason I love teaching piano lessons in Del Mar is because it requires me to be at my most creative; there is no general plan for planting a musical seed. One student may require a different approach from another student. A plan that works well for one person will not always show th
e same results if that plan is used with a different person. Teaching always keeps me searching for the most effective and exciting way to bring music to each of my piano students.

Music itself is a creative doorway that opens up opportunities to express ourselves far beyond the ability of words. It can be used to express our innermost feelings through a spectrum of emotions; happiness, sadness, awe, and love being only a few. Introducing this ability to another person is a satisfying experience that is unlike any other that I’ve previously experienced. It’s a joy to be able to share this with other people every day and I’m happy that I’ve been given the opportunity.

Nahal D.

San Diego, CA

About Nahal

Music is the food for the soul. It inspires and influences people whether they are musicians or not. I started playing the piano when I was 10. My parents took me for piano lessons to introduce me to music and see whether I’d like it. Well, I loved it! I have been playing since then and music has become part of my life. I have been taking piano lessons with 3 different private instructors. My recent private piano teacher is a student of Iran’s most well-known pianist and composer, Emanuel Malek Aslanian. My focus area is classical piano music. Some of my favorite composers include Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Schubert and Bach. However, I enjoy music from all over the globe and love discovering new musical styles and pieces I can play ! I have been teaching piano for over 6 ...


Katherine S. September 29, 2014
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Nahal has been a great teacher for my eleven year old daughter. She is very patient and makes the process of learning a new instrument fun and stress-free which is important in order to inspire young people to continue playing. I hope that she will continue to teach for many more years!
DianeH1 May 29, 2012
Nahal is very knowledgable and patient. She enjoys teaching music. I've learned a lot just starting out.
CherylR July 12, 2011
Doing a great job! Ruby loves her and she is making piano fun!

Emily S.

San Diego, CA

Piano lessons consist of four main parts:
1. Technique - This includes scales, chords, arpeggios, and other fingering exercises to properly warm up the hands and improve muscle memory and help students recognize common patterns in music.
2. Repertoire - Students will play the pieces they have been practicing. This may include memorizing pieces and performing them in recitals.
3. Lesson - Students will learn new material and may receive a new piece to practice.
4. Music Theory - All piano students are required to learn music theory, which consists of one or more pages of homework to reinforce what the student has learned.

About Emily

When I was little, I begged my mom to let me play the piano. At age 5, I started taking lessons at my school. As my passion for music grew, I began composing and at age 11. I wrote my first complete song. Continuing to study and compose music, I completed all 10 levels of California'™s Certificate of Merit music program, and for several consecutive years, I was selected by the Certificate of Merit judges to perform in multiple honors recitals. I have also been singing all my life and have been formally trained in voice. Being able to sing and accompany myself on the piano has been very rewarding, and I hope to help others to do the same! In addition, I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology with concentrations in Ballet and Literature from the University of California, San ...


Dave P. April 23, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Emily works very well with my 7 year old son. She's very nice, patient, knowledgeable, flexible and great to work with!
aaron F. February 25, 2015
In home
Verified Student
My daughter loves playing piano and has been super inspired to show off her skills after each lesson. Emily has established a great rapport with her and teaches to her at her level so she has gained of love for music and felt encouraged throughout her introduction to formal music training. They have been a perfect match and we look forward to seeing her excitement after every lesson.
Lori R. February 18, 2014
Verified Student
piano lesson

Emily is very sweet and knowledgable. She is a great teacher and keeps my son interested. She is accommadating and encouarging. She offer a lot of positive reinforcement and praise which goes a long way in my son wanting to learn piano.

Ferlyn F.

San Diego, CA

My History of Piano:
I have been teaching piano for 10 years. My 25 years of training is mostly through private lessons and passed down generational methods taught through my mentor, Joann Maybe.

My Teaching Method:
I assess each students' levels, knowledge and styles of learning, determine the best learning paths to incorporate into the lesson and bring a "natural movement" approach of training and education.

With my method, this is to provide a collaborative & supportive environment as well as actively develop a person's life, culture and well-being. I strive to take a step further and deeper within the mind of the person who is learning dance and find one's "True Inner Dancer."

My Teaching Credits:
Private Piano Lessons

My Training Credits:
Private Piano Lessons - Joann Maybe

My Trained Methods:

PLEASE NOTE: For a more accurate look into my experience and resume, please refer to my profile. Any ...

About Ferlyn

My Teaching Philosophy: "Everyone is capable of dancing, playing an instrument, and understanding music & art performance; it is the desire, drive, determination, dedication and discipline instilled within a person and the guidance of the Method that will bring these abilities to light." - Ferlyn I believe each and every person has a unique brand of movement, understanding of music, and learning style for any dance form or instrument. Whether it is hip hop, breaking, ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, dancing for a wedding, birthday, or flash mob, playing the piano, singing or even learning the theory of music or dance, I make sure to bring out the best quality within your learning, expand that knowledge and encourage you to become your fullest potential as my student. I bring a different ...


Dena H. May 20, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Ferlyn is a great teacher! She interacts well with my daughter and knows when to recognize growth and areas of improvement. My daughter and Ferlyn get along very well which is always comforting!
Jackie J. May 8, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Great teacher. Jacci has progressed beyond our expectations these past 5 weeks. Highly recommend.
Ksenya K. April 15, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Thank you for being so patient and understanding with Ksenya. She gets distracted easily but you were able to keep her engaged and focused. And she absolutely loved you and the lesson, and that's what is most important to me.

George M.

San Diego, CA

George was born in Moscow, Russia. He studied in the Moscow Conservatory, Completing his first major, a Bachelor’s Degree in Violin Performance, under the tutelage of David Oistrakh. During his time at the conservatory, Mr. George also completed a second major in Piano and Composition studying with Dmitri Kabelevsky.
In 1982, George immigrated to the US in order to accept the position of Acting Assistant Concertmaster with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. During his tenure with the Houston Symphony, 1982-1988, Mr. George also taught at Houston Baptist University and Music Clef School of Fin Art..
In 1989, George moved to Canada, accepting the position of Concertmaster and Assistant Conductor of Symphony Nova Scotia. During his ten concert seasons with the orchestra, Mr. George appeared in frequent broadcasts of his performances with the CBC Radio as well as concertizing around Canada.
In 1999, George returned to the US where he performed as a violinist with the Boston Symphony ...

About George

Russian born American highly professional violin/piano teacher (San Diego).


George M. September 19, 2014
Piano · In studio
Moji L., Hong Kong 09/05/2014
George is truly a music professional with a heart for his students. Music is his passion. He writes, performs and teaches music with his heart and mind, gaining respect from peers, friends and students everywhere he goes, and enjoys his work. His music career spans globally, with major footprints in Boston, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Shanghai, San Diego and many other cities around the world. He is inclusive, caring, fun to be with and very well-trained musically.
My daughter, Crystal, was admitted to Walnut Hill Music School of Boston 1 year ago and has flair very well.. Crystal's significant progress in music was principally attributable to George's dedication in his teaching to her for more than 5 years in Shanghai. In Shanghai, new students queued up to have the opportunities to receiving violin and piano classes from George. We are so lucky to have known George and his family. George made every music class a wonderful experience to his students. His students, many became followers, love his teachings and philosophies of life ... they will be shared with the passion George has in music from the very first minute of meeting with him, his good sense of humour and be trained to enjoy music.
Many many of George students made their ways to top music conservatories across the world. Some simply learned to enjoy music more in life ... George is the Number 1 music teacher, a fine gentleman with a good heart, in my opinion.
We missed him dearly in Shanghai and wish him all the Very Best in the US !!
George M. September 19, 2014
Violin · In studio
Ms. H., Shanghai 08/25/2014
George is one of the world's top violinists and teachers. His students have won world-class, international competitions and been accepted with scholarships to prestigious schools such as Menuhin. My daughter (now aged 15) was fortunate to be accepted as Mr. George's student for almost 3 years in Shanghai. Her progress was rapid and remarkable, to the level where she is now invited to be a part-time member of a professional orchestra and the conservatory in Shanghai. All attributed to George. If you have the talent and alacrity to apply yourself, George will mold you into a top violinist. If he accepts you, consider this a true honor and reflection of your potential.
George M. September 19, 2014
Violin · In studio
Miranda, Cambridge, UK on 07/06/2014
Our entire family is delighted to highly recommend Mr. George as both a violin and piano teacher. He is simply one of the most talented violin (and piano) teachers in the world. He is a highly gifted and accomplished performer who has a special ability to explain the intricacies of playing so his students understand. He uses highly effective, colorful language in his teaching and he works tirelessly and patiently to guide each student through their studies. As is rare today, he not only provides students with flawless technical skills, most importantly he nurtures their musicality.
He has inspired many students to pursue careers in music and each has reached their goals of getting into great programs. George sets high expectations for all of his students and they all take pride in being a part of a special studio under the guidance of a uniquely talented teacher. His studio feels like a family and all students support one another.
After studying with George for over four years in Shanghai, our older daughter was accepted into The Yehudi Menuhin School, where she currently studies, The Royal Academy of Music Junior Academy (offered a place immediately following her audition with a full scholarship) and The Royal College. Our younger daughter was accepted into The Royal Academy of Music Primary Academy, and she was also offered places as the Music Scholar at 7 senior schools in the UK this year. We credit these successes to the strong foundation gained under George's tutelage in Shanghai for so many years.

Jessica A.

Solana Beach, CA

Jessica's specialty in piano extends to improve and intermediate reading levels. Where she shines i songwriting, improve, chord theory and application. She has lead a band for 5 years and plays keyboard as well as piano very well. With her vast performing experience, she helps performers expand their technical knowledge in piano as well.

About Jessica

"I love music! Music has the power to move the soul when simple words fail. Learning music is just as powerful." ~Jessica Jess has a mission for instilling confidence and excellence in performers through music. Whether you wish to play for excellence or simply the enjoyment of it, music should bless your life. She offers voice and piano lessons through Speech-level Singing and Reading Keyboard Music. These methods are non traditional and produce top level creative performers.


Gabriella B. May 8, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
My children love working with Jessica! She inspires them to play and practice.
Gianna B. April 24, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
My kids really enjoy working with her. She is enthusiastic and interacts well with children.

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