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These Music teachers are highly rated by students in the Indian Hills area, including Mead, Firestone, Pine, Dacono and Larkspur.

Ellen W.

Littleton, CO 80126


About Ellen

As Abbe' Dimnet once said, "Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves."

I aim to teach my students how to sing through kinesthesia. This allows them to internalize what they are doing in the studio so they can practice it at home and be more successful. Practicing what they learn in the studio will help them gain good habits, making singing and performing more effortless. One of the hard things about learning how to sing, is learning to use muscles you can not see. This is why kinesthesia is important! It helps the student learn how everything feels, so they can produce free, open, resonant sounds.

I also aim to teach my students artistry! Music can be a powerful influence in our lives and society. It is important for a student to learn to connect with their music so they can be better perfor


Last, I am a member of NATS. This allows me to continue my education on the voice and gives me new insights from other great teachers and vocal scientists around the nation. By being a member of this association, it also allows me to give my students opportunities to compete in competitions and get feedback from other great teachers.

I grew up in Centennial, Colorado and started playing the violin in 4th grade. I developed an interest in singing in middle school, and started voice lessons when I was 16. I have been singing ever since!

I graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho in April 2009, with a Bachelor degree in Music Science. I emphasized in vocal instruction.

I am happily married to my husband, Kevin, who is currently studying to be an optometrist.

October 19, 2017
Ellen is an amazing teacher. She is patient and kind with my daughter works with her to become excellent. She is a very good teacher.
June 22, 2015
Marianne T.
She is incredible, fantastic! My daughter and I love her! She's very sweet and a great teacher. She connected with my daughter and my daughter loves her lessons. Absolutely recommend her!
October 29, 2014
Lara H.
Ellen is excellent! She has listened to our daughter and helped her to learn several songs on the violin which is what she wanted. She is actually practicing almost daily! Ellen plays alongside her so she can get a feel for the notes and how they sound. I like the way she teaches. She encourages and praises our daughter all the time.

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Ellen W.

Littleton, CO


Amber J.

Englewood, CO 80110


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Amber

Growing up in Denver, I had a huge desire for singing and performing. By age 14, I was taking weekly singing & piano lessons, was acting constantly in local productions-many times getting the lead role.
Some of the productions I acted in: The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Camelot, Anything Goes (Reno Sweeney), How to Succeed in Business (Smitty), Carousel, Oklahoma, Les Miserables, and Oliver (Nancy.)
I received a 4-year scholarship to the Conservatory of Music in Stockton, CA. at the University of the Pacific. Upon graduation, I entered graduate school at the University of North Texas to continue my singing and piano studies, along with music theory, history, and musical video production.
Upon graduating UNT, I was chosen among 200 performing arts majors to be the featured soloist at the UNT commencement ceremonies. This led to an off

er to tour Italy with the Rome Festival Orchestra. For the next two summers I performed in Copenhagen, Istanbul, Rome and Berlin with the Berlin Philharmonic.

*** Lesson Details ***
My students progress VERY quickly! As a teacher, I can easily identify my students’ strengths and weaknesses, and plan an individualized study course. I will instill a solid set of production skills that will easily serve ANY style of music you choose (from rock to opera.)
I will make for you a personalized recording for you to practice with daily. We will also work on songs you LOVE!
My students will have performance opportunities every 3 months. I will prepare you for college entrance auditions, TV contests, and television appearances. My students make extraordinary progress-I want you to become one of them!

TWO thrilling developments with 2 of Amber's students:

1. One of Amber's young students, aged 7 years old, was chosen Miss Young Colorado...this student used piano as her talent!!! Amber began teaching her young student the piano almost 1 year ago and she won the Talent division of Miss Young Colorado...
2. Another one of my college aged students who has taken 2 lessons per week for 2 years, auditioned for America's Got Talent. He was chosen as one of the Regional Finalists for Colorado."

*** Studio Equipment ***
10x15 dedicated music room, piano, lovely mountain view, mirrors, microphone and sound equipment available for students. The parents of students are welcome to stay in the room with the students, if they choose.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have a piano and I will purchase the method book I want the student to use but I do require reimbursement for books and shipping if required. Student provides notebooks and pens.

*** Specialties ***
Seth Riggs, Popular vocal technique "Singing For The Stars"
John W. Schaum for piano

October 12, 2019
Amber is an amazing teacher who is kind and appreciates the student. She teaches with great passion and makes the student feel the music. I could see my son progressing already and his confidence level has gone up. He shows great interest and practices more than before!
September 20, 2019
I have been taking piano lessons and singing lessons from Amber for about a year. I have had big music dreams for most of my life, but have just recently found the courage to give it a try. I was an absolute beginner in singing and had a few months experience with the piano. In both aspects, Amber has completely changed my life. I am more confident in my skills, I enjoy practicing, and I am starting to see a HUGE difference in my vocals and piano from when I started.

Amber asks you to put in work in order to achieve your musical goals. Follow her advice, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Before you know it, you will have gained skills in sight-reading, in breath support, in playing through distraction, in singing and playing with correct form, and in building confidence in yourself and your abilities. I love Amber, and I would choose her again and again if I could.
May 16, 2019
She is a my daughter’s favorite teacher

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Amber J.

Englewood, CO


Nicole R.

Lone Tree, CO 80124


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Nicole

I have been playing violin for 17 years. I received two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music and Psychology in 2013 from the University of Denver. In 2016 I added to my education with Graduate Certificates in the Suzuki Technique and the Alexander Technique. During my education I was fortunate enough to study violin with Jerilyn Jorgensen, Brad Watson, Carlo Feige, Roberto Andreoni, and Simone Fontenelli. From 2009-2016 I had the honor of performing in the Lamont Symphony Orchestra.

Given the extensive nature of my musical training and my great passion for music, specifically the violin, I can offer a student an engaging and instructive experience, that will allow them to reach any goal.

*** Lesson Details ***
As the only professional violinist certified in both the Alexander Technique and the Suzuki Pedagogy in Colorado, I focus on

building a students technical skills in a body healthy manner. My lessons are geared around encouraging a student's creativity and musicality, while at the same time providing them with the tools to work through each piece and each technical aspect of playing the violin.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The studio is fully equipped with plenty of parking.

*** Specialties ***
Classical Violin
Suzuki Pedagogy
Alexander Technique

June 14, 2017
Jamie K.
Nicole is a very educated and skilled musician that offers a lot of insight to new and intermediate violin players. Her lessons focus on technique in various areas such as bowing strategies, shifting, and scales in various keys, and Nicole is always prepared to teach her students these skills and help them along the way.
We highly recommend her!
May 17, 2017
My daughter has been taking violin lessons from Nicole for almost 2 years. I appreciate Nicole's patience, the variety of techniques she uses to ensure proper posture, bow grip, etc; and the fact that the lessons are tailored to each individual student and their musical interests and habits. We will miss her when she moves out of the Denver area!
May 17, 2017
Nicole has been flexible with us and has engaged and encouraged my son to want to continue violin.

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Nicole R.

Lone Tree, CO


Greg G.

Aurora, CO 80017


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Greg

I have been playing music for over 30 years, and have been teaching music for almost half of that time. I have performed and recorded throughout the Midwest in a variety of cover and original bands ranging in styles from metal, rock, to R&B/Jazz and Blues. I teach these styles as well.

The most important thing for me as a music instructor is to get to know the student. I then tailor the lesson in a way that will resonate with the personality of the student. Finding the right balance of technique, theory, and fun, my goal is to have the student leave the lesson eager to go home, practice and come back for more. All ages and skill levels are welcome.


May 3, 2017
Greg is a great men also a great teacher, when i first meet with Greg for my first lesson that i known i will be learning by the great teacher.
I had played guitar in the past many, many years but for sometime in my life was so busy working, and focus on raising family but i had to put away my guitar i bought 25 years ago. finally, now i decided to learn to play my guitar again and find Greg on take lesson.com and he has been teaching me just like i am a beginner playing but i am now so happy that i am on a good hand and Greg had been teaching me playing my guitar again. so far so good. Thanks Gregory
October 4, 2015
Craig Cirbo
I took lessons from Greg when I was much younger say 12-13 for a year or more. He taught me a lot and had me playing guitar really fast, I always tried to do what he asked and he never ever got frustrated if I did it wrong or couldn't play what we were learning right away correctly!. Also all of what he taught me stayed in my head all these years some how and I kinda progressively got better and better!. I'm pretty happy with my playing and a lot of others are to!. Greg has something special about his students and teaching them to play the guitar correctly no matter what or how long it takes, he cares about you as a student. You get out what you put in ,but be patient cause it also takes time. But you'll see the difference later down the road that Greg was the right teacher for learning to play and the theory behind the guitar.....I recommend him as a great guitar teacher!. I myself take lessons from him again at the age of 38 , I was able to find him on Facebook after all these years and we do lessons via Skype, I'm a very happy student, very happy!. And I thank Greg Gladman for that!.
October 3, 2015
He has taken his time with my son and they have made great success. He goes at a speed that is adaptable as my son progresses. Friendly safe environment to learn. He has so many guitars and other instruments to help the learning process.

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Greg G.

Aurora, CO


Stephen B.

Boulder, CO 80302

About Stephen

Hey drummers!

I am a working drummer and percussionist in all major styles, from blues, funk, and jazz to classical and marching band.

In my off time, I enjoy playing in the mountains with my girlfriend and our cat.


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Stephen B.

Boulder, CO

Olivia R.

Boulder, CO 80303


About Olivia


I am a second year Master's student at CU Boulder studying Piano Teaching and Performance. I previously lived in Nashville, TN (Music City) - obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance from Belmont University, teaching, and gigging in the city.

I specialize in classical piano, but also teach pop, jazz, and ensemble repertoire. Classical piano lessons (especially for beginners) provide a great foundation for students, even if they decide later on to pursue another musical genre.

My teaching philosophy is that music should be inspiring! I truly believe and have seen first-hand that music lessons have the power to change lives at any age. For me, teaching piano is a way to positively contribute to my local community. I am currently teaching at the Parlando School for the Arts in Boulder and hope to expand my teach

ing studio into the broader community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or reference requests. I look forward to meeting you!

October 28, 2017
I can't recommend Olivia highly enough! She did an excellent job with my ants-in-his-pants 7-year-old son. She is extremely patient and knows the trick to motivate each student individually. She figured out what "made my son tick", and taught him from that perspective. One thing I especially appreciated was Olivia's ensemble piano efforts with my son and the rest of the students in her studio. They played such a sweet 8-hand piano piece for a recital. It brought down the house! It is a rare teacher that would be willing to take the time to coordinate 4 students and coach them through a song so that they'd be able to perform on a recital.
October 28, 2017
My experience with Olivia was been outstanding! While I was completing my undergraduate degree, I hired Olivia to perform a few difficult piano movements I had written. Before that point, I did not have much experience writing for piano, but she had incredible insight into making the music more idiomatic for the piano. Additionally, I received piano lessons from her to supplement my college instruction. She was very very patient and her love for the piano was clear through her instruction. I could not recommend her high enough.

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Olivia R.

Boulder, CO


Nabin S.

Westminster, CO 80031


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Nabin

Nabin, a renowned face amongst the Coloradans is a classical tabla virtuoso of the highest order. His consistently brilliant and exciting performances have not only established him as one of the prominent musicians in his own country, Nepal but gained him worldwide fame. His deep understanding of different traditional styles of tabla playing, tonal quality, clarity and ability to collaborate with different genres of music makes him different from regular percussionists and it’s no surprise that he’s the favorite accompanist for many musicians and dancers.

Music was always an essential part of his life since his childhood days, and Tabla is the medium by which he was introduced to the world of music and rhythm. In combination with the guidance of his Guru Shree Rabin Lal and inspired by brother Rajendra, Nabin began learning tabla at th

e age of eight. To this day, he still views himself as a learner in an ever-expanding exploration of the beauty in musically interpreting dynamic rhythmic sounds while performing the Tabla.

While pursuing his academic studies in music, Nabin was awarded an ICCR scholarship for his Master’s degree in Music. He completed his Master’s degree from Gandharva Music University with the highest score in the year 1998. During his stay in India, he got an opportunity to further develop his knowledge with some of the greatest musical masters/gurus such as Ustaad Shri Faiyaaz Khan and Shri Tansen Shrivastav. Upon completion of a Master’s Degree from Gandharva, Nabin got an opportunity to further his musical studies under the guidance of the greatest tabla maestro of all time, Taalmani Pandit Sureshji Talwalkar, in Mumbai.

Some of his albums are, Raaganubhuti (Hindustani Classical), Murchchhana(Jazz Fusion), Re-drums (Traditional Nepali Drums and Tabla). He is also a founder of a successful band named Murchchhana, a Jazz classical fusion band. Nabin was also teaching at Tabla at Tribhuvan University one of the oldest and reputed universities of Nepal.

Currently, Nabin is residing in the USA and is teaching and performing as a full-time musician. He has also launched a music school in Colorado, Aum School of Music, He has formed a Classical fusion band named “Jam Key Jam” with amazing Musician Bijay Lal. They perform Hindustani music, traditional Nepalese music, fusion and collaborates with many artists from all around the world.

July 15, 2019
Started my class six months ago and I must say a brilliant tabla instructor I could ever ask for. His way of teaching is just fabulous. He always keeps in mind how the class can be made interesting and gives the same. I am so fortunate that I am learning from him.
July 11, 2019
I started taking lessons from Nabin from the age of 12 till the age of 19. I was encouraged by my father to take lessons from him as he saw it as a great opportunity. At first, I was not the most enthusiastic about it since tabla was an instrument I had never heard about. After taking lessons from him, not only did I fall in love with tabla, but I became obsessed with it. Nabin teaches tabla in such a way that it is extremely difficult to not be intrigued by it. He is the most patient teacher and will teach you in a personalized manner. It does not matter who you are, what your skill level is, if there is anyone that can teach you the tabla in the most complete way, it's him. Tabla is a difficult instrument to master. Thus, it is important that you find a teacher that is understanding, patient, and works with you carefully to master the smallest details. Nabin is that person. He never gets frustrated with his students and encourages them in every part of the journey.

It's not just tabla skills you will gain from Nabin. You will gain appreciation for music, the ability to become more confident in yourself, the desire to become a hard worker, and gain numerous valuable life lessons as I have. He is the greatest teacher I have had without a question and there is no other guru I would recommend.
July 8, 2019
Nabin is patient, clear, and makes tabla both accessible and exciting!

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Nabin S.

Westminster, CO


Nancy H.

Aurora, CO 80013

About Nancy

Hello! My name is Nancy and I have been teaching piano for 2 years. I have been playing for 17! Playing and teaching piano is my passion. I love teaching students of all ages and of all learning styles. I also teach English as a second language and have been a part time English tutor for 3 years. I enjoy teaching English just as much as teaching piano and love to see my students progressing in each subject!


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Nancy H.

Aurora, CO

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"Caleb is truly a student-centric instructor. He lets the student's progress dictate the pace and program. I've learned a lot from him, and intend to conti
nue taking lessons from Caleb. Thus far, Caleb is the best instructor I've had."
"thank you"
"Milton is hands down AMAZING! :)

I've been with Milton for about almost a year already and he is just amazing! In the beginning I was very nervous to tak
e singing lessons but Milton came in with a positive attitude. Milton is very friendly, funny, professional and always enthusiastic when asking questions about music. I use to be very shy, "never want to sing in front of people" type of girl, but ever since I started lessons with him, I sing all the time in front of people, starting to perform on stage, built A LOT of confidence, and found what type of musician I am. All the things he teaches me is VERY USEFUL, I apply everything we learn to my music and it has made a huge difference. I've come to learn that the tiniest things count! I highly recommend him and you'll have the best time!"
"Im really excited to learn more"
"My son had warmed up easily with Alex. The fact that my son wants to continue with the lessons means that he likes it. he had fun. Might we will do piano
lessons too with him."
"I am a middle age, over 50 person, that decided to take up an instrument (plus amazing support from my wife). I chose the drums so I could be in a band wi
th my wife and a few friends. Don has been a truely interesting, inspiring and encouraging instructor. I credit my continued interest in lessons to his patience and approach to each student as unique; and he weekly finds a way for me to connect to the music I am learning. Lessons are a bright light in my week and I am now "listening" to all music in a way I had never before. Thank you Dan and looking forward to many years of learning!"
"Andrew really creates a very comfortable environment for the singer. I've never seriously sang in front of anyone before, so I had a bunch of apprehension
about the whole experience. However, Andrew's confidence in me made me believe in myself. It's an honor being taught by Andrew, an experienced and professional teacher."
"My son has been taking lessons from Jason for about 9 months, and he LOVES Jason! He is awed by the level of talent Jason has and is inspired by the way
Jason teaches him. Lately, Jason has also been working with our son on garage band and composition. We're really liking this also. Professional, flexible, talented - what more could you ask for?"
"Kimberly is the best teacher I've ever had. Growing up in Barrington, we had a wide variety of private tutors and vocal trainers. My mother once put me up
for private sessions for three months before my school musical. I thought I had received good training. Thought. My mother referred me to Kimberly after hearing her sing at a venue. I perused some of her videos and I must say that I was highly impressed. I signed up for a lesson, and my vocal range increased magnanimously! I am now able to sing in octaves in which I previously was unaware existed. My range is now more comfortable than my boat shoes whilst I cigar with the boys. I would recommend Kimberly to the highest degree possible and then some. If you don't know Kimberly, you are nowhere near your potential in vocals, guitar, or even life."

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