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Jeanne P.

Jeanne P.

English is the language of the world! I'm amazed at how many bilingual people there are now living in Mexico, where I live. Aren't you ready to be one of them? Whether your areas of need are academic reading and writing or casual speaking, I can help you to improve your skills. We will use a variety of online sources and books as the classes progress. I've got almost 15 years of experience teaching all aspects of ESL: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Coupled with a Master's degree in Education and a Graduate Certificate in TESL, I'm fully qualified to help you bring your English language skills to the next level. My accent is a neutral North American accent and I can teach you how to mimic me and other Americans so that you can understand and be understood. I look forward to working with you!
/30 mins
Gary C.

Gary C.

I Teach English, Writing, Public Speaking, Business & Management Your lessons will be interesting and exciting because we will use materials from business and other interesting subjects What is the most popular English accent of all? — It is US English as seen in cinema, music, television. It is also the easiest accent to understand and learn. My experience in journalism, photography, research, tourism, ranching, and real estate will help make lessons exciting. I’ve also been a Green Beret, a rodeo rider, a pilot, a businessman, and a movie extra. I have published 5 books and over 3000 people read my online articles each month. My photos have been published in print, online, and in The New York Times. I have taught for companies such as Century 21, Nevada Association of REALTORS, US Army, US Navy, Halliburton, Venture Realty International, and the National Association of REALTORS I love to teach advanced business English. I can help you with better presentations, emails, resumes, reports, and even interview skills. You will get powerful and effective classes with lots of tips and suggestions for improving your English. If you are not fluent or talk slowly, that does not matter --- in fact, that is a great reason to be here. Just be ready to talk about your favorite topics. Now - I have one more question for you. Do you want to improve your English? If so, I hope to see you soon in class!!
/30 mins