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Nico W.

Nico W.

I really believe Spanish lessons should be fun and enjoyable. Languages are a gateway to another culture, and the best way to learn them is by learning about the things you're interested in. My approach to teaching Spanish is driven by my experiences as both a student and a teacher. I learned best when I was asked to think on my feet, make my brain stretch. The great thing about individual lessons is that we can go as fast or slow as you need on a particular topic: Really good with verbs? Great, we'll fly through. Subjunctive is tough? No problem, we'll slow it down. I learned my Spanish from my Spanish grandmother and from my travels in Nicaragua. As a result, I am familiar with a variety of accents and can cater to the needs of an individual student. If this sounds good to you, please reach out! I look forward to meeting you. - Nico
/60 mins
Orville F.

Orville F.

You can expect to begin speaking in Spanish from our very first lesson! My classes are student-centered, offering you a focus on your interests and goals, which is very different from a group class. So, by the time you travel or apply for a job with perks for bilingual people, you'll have plenty to say! I help adults increase their adventure (travel) or improve job security by becoming more fully fluent. For children, I've tutored both private and public school students. I look forward to helping parents have a break from the stresses of parenthood! During my classes of 30 minutes or a full hour, parents can rest/talk to a friend/decompress! Ask me about options (45-minute classes, in-person classes on a patio or at a park) or for references!
/30 mins