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Andrew G.

Andrew G.

I am joyful to be a part of some truly spectacular results from my students! My lesson plans are designed for all ability levels ranging from complete beginner to professional performer. They will help you with tuning, range, endurance, rhythm, but most importantly keep your chops (lips) in healthy condition (no-one wants to hurt after playing music!) I promise results. My Trumpet students learn songs they have always wanted while learning how to sound great. - Proper breathing/compression - Playing resonant without playing louder - Articulation styles - Range development (Low and High notes) - Personal interpretation - Brass maintenance routines - Live performance tips - Lead/Jazz/Big Band music - Classical solo/Concert Band/Wind ensemble repertoire - Simple-to-Complex Rhythms - Soloing over chords/modes - Flexibility All my students learn: - Sight reading - Music Theory - Ear training
/30 mins
Bobby S.

Bobby S.

I love the trumpet, and it's my life mission to help others to experience the transcendent joy of music and the excitement of playing a brass instrument. I take pride in my ability to quickly convey the fundamentals of trumpet technique to beginning trumpeters so that they can get the full enjoyment from playing early on. I perform regularly in a wide range of genres from jazz and funk to pop and reggae, and it's important to me to cater to the individual musical interests of my students. I have been playing trumpet for more than 24 years, and I teach my students valuable brass exercises based on lessons I learned under the tutelage of John McNeil, Laurie Frink, and Walter White, among others. I encourage the use of long tones, air support, and trumpet calisthenics to improve tone, increase range and endurance, and work towards greater flexibility on the instrument. I also focus on the stylistic nuance of jazz, funk, classical, and the many genres that feature the colorful and majestic sound of the trumpet.
/30 mins