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Vandi E.

Vandi E.

I did a full two year Meisner training course with a professional theater and theater professor, have done continuing workshops in Meisner and other method acting, and have training and experience in the teaching of method acting. Meisner can be helpful for anyone working with others and presenting but is especially helpful for actors, specifically film actors.
/30 mins
Randy S.

Randy S.

There are many misconceptions on Meisner's technique. I teach directly from source materials to avoid confusion. There are many different exercises that have been misinterpreted, thus the reasoning for always returning to the source. I'm not interested in the arguments, I'm interested in the finely honed differences between Stanislavsky's Method and the work Meisner did with it. We could argue all day how there is a world of difference, or very little separation between the two approaches. You decide because in the end it doesn't really matter. Do you want to become a better actor via a different route, or with simple addition of knowledge of the craft? Either way, that is the question you need to answer as to whether or not to take this class. Honestly, whatever class you sign up for with me; we will tailor it to what you want to get out of it. What you initially read would be teaching Meisner as a jumping off point, but I don't know your experience, level of knowledge, education or what exactly it is you seek. I am confident I can help regardless of the various combinations of experience, knowledge et.al.
/45 mins
Adam R.

Adam R.

I coach monologues, scenes, and commercials. Hour sessions are available but count as two 30 minute sessions back to back.
/30 mins
Daniil K.