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Kyle B.

Kyle B.

I'm a passionate chess player and full-time chess coach with an extensive knowledge of chess theory who specializes in teaching beginner/intermediate (up to ~1600 USCF) players of all ages. Lessons will be personalized to focus on student's weaknesses and areas of needed improvement, as well as generalized chess instruction. In our lessons, we'll analyze full games (games that you've played as well as master-level games), study opening and endgame theory, and practice tactical motifs to improve all aspects of your play. Chess is a great platform to improve critical thinking skills and one's ability to focus, as well as a great way to have fun. As an adult learner, I understand that getting into chess (especially later in life) can be a bit daunting. I'm here to help remove the stress from chess learning and to make the process fun and enjoyable. My lessons will help you or your children gain a deeper understanding of the art of chess and improve your confidence and ability to play the game.
/30 mins
Dipankar G.

Dipankar G.

"My rating has gone up from 935 to 1474 in just 3 months working with Dipankar." " I scored 1st place in the unrated category in my first chess tournament and went on to improve my rating by 200 points." "The sessions are fun and educational and although I was a total beginner, I recently got my first ever medal in a chess tournament." These are the testimonials from just a few of my students. Learn from an International Chess Coach who is ranked in the top 7% of all players in the United States. As a coach, I have coached over 150 students ages 5 to 82 for 6+ years. My students have gained more than 500 rating points in a span of 3 months. As a player, I have over 16 years of experience competing in various national and international tournaments. My USCF rating is 1965 which puts me in the top 7% of all players in the United States. Each lesson will be personalized to the unique strengths and weaknesses of the individual student. You will go through a structured chess curriculum which will ensure there are no gaps in your understanding of the game. Lessons will consist of the following : ->Analysis of the student's recent chess games with detailed feedback on all stages of the game ->In-depth discussion of openings, middlegame tactics and strategy, endgame technique ->Analysis of model games by World Champions and Grandmasters ->Anwering all chess-related questions of the student and filling in any gaps in understanding ->Homework assignments to reinforce the topics covered during a lesson If you have always wanted to learn chess but never did, or you are an avid chess player but are tired of being stuck in a plateau and not seeing improvement, contact now and let's improve your chess!
/60 mins