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Ny Y.

Ny Y.

Join me on a healthy, hearty, lifestyle & fitness journey! We go over meal preparation, caloric intake, different nutritional values, budgeting, and a lot more! Your Holistic Creative Coach is here to serve you! Training includes certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! Hamasté 🥰 Get full unlimited access to our Honey Lattes VIP group to grow your faith & nourish your soul! Get access to daily devotionals, accountability prayer partners, recipes, giveaways, fun activities, learn about the N.O.S.H method to see lifestyle improvements in as little as 30 minutes a day. All faiths are 🙏🏽 welcome! Share w/ friends and family if possible! Thank you! Deadline to register is 4/30/23! *Disclaimer: The recommendations of this coach are not a substitute for treatment, to cure or diagnose any medical health conditions. Please see your healthcare practitioner for any medical advice*
/60 mins
Zarina N.

Zarina N.

Learn how to nourish your body through the food choices you make. Change your body and attain your body goals through education, awareness, and a process that will establish healthy eating habits and lifestyle in a bio-individual program tailored to the unique individual you are. Reprogram your body to crave healthy foods and exercise, in a simple, step by step individualized way that is stress free and replaces the negative habits and foods that do not support your desires and goals. Fuel better, Feel Better, and Discover what your incredible body is capable of. What is your body's Optimum? As a CHC, Certified Health Coach, I have the education to assist my clients and students, with realizing, achieving and maintaining their body and health goals. This is great for voice students, as we singers need to learn how to properly nourish and support our bodies, with vocal demands and traveling demands. That said, we can all do with healthier choices, habits and lifestyle. Every time we eat or drink we have the opportunity to do just this! Let me show you how.
/30 mins
Susan T.

Susan T.

First, we'll talk heart to heart. We most likely will learn to meditate (including breathing exercises); diet lifestyle choices; enhancing wanted and needed changes in your life you have not been able to do on your own (yet!). We may also read a few books together (New York Times best sellers), and study then, associated guided meditations. MOST RECENT TESTIMONIAL 01/28/23 I had to travel and find a new Medicare clinic for my first Wellness checkup. Upon arrival (after traffic and parking) I knew my blood pressure was high and expressed same to my new medical assistant - when taken was 142/90. I told her I would be able to bring it down with meditation. When the NP arrived, before receiving a complete physical, she wanted to prescribe high blood pressure medication (see how western medicine is?). Needless to say, I graciously talked her out of it stating I only use meditation and holistic approaches to my health issues. After visiting, she agreed to take it again in order to let me leave without medication. She left the room for about a minute, I did my "breaking the habit of being yourself" quick meditation; 110/67 was my final blood pressure reading that day. My NP couldn't believe what she witnessed. My heart rate was perfect too. I must admit I was a bit surprised myself but I did the same thing when I had a root canal (achem: a "root canal") performed two summers ago, different types of meditations though as I hadn't learned yet, what I used 01/28/23. Many have shared with me over the past few years, that I should be a health coach. So here I am at your service. This will be a new teaching experience for me and I am really wanting to help others learn to help themselves. Ending words: Meditation and holistic lifestyle works. I am not saying it is easy as taking pills, but most likely you will experience quite a lot of personal growth using me as your health coach (without the side effects ... grinning).
/30 mins
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