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Barbara D.

Barbara D.

I am offering General Typing Courses for all ages. This includes schools and all grades, k through 12. I also offer Typing for Individuals, Homeschools and Christian Schools. Again, all ages and grades, including k. The above can also include Typing for Beginning or struggling Readers and Typing for Spelling and Grammar. I also offer a Medical Typing Course for those in or pursuing a Medical Career. In addition, there are courses that focus specifically on increasing speed and accuracy though all courses include beginner and Intermediate levels with an emphasis on touch typing (not looking at the keys) and increasing accuracy first, speed next. In each course you progress at your own pace and the length depends on your progress. There are also prescribed length courses that you can take twice a week in: 1) 16 Weeks (4 months) -- 2 months for twice a week 2) 24 Weeks (6 months) --3 months for twice a week 3) 32 Weeks (8 months) --4 months for twice a week These courses are structured for you to finish and progress in the prescribed time limit but can vary according to your individual progress.
/45 mins
Justin T.

Justin T.

Increase your typing speed to increase your productivity! This course is perfect for virtual learners and anyone that spends a lot of time texting and typing! Students can expect to learn: -Effective ways to increase typing accuracy and speed -Keyboard layout and shortcuts (for Standard QWERTY Keyboard) -How to involve all ten fingers when typing -Touch Typing (typing without looking at the keyboard) -Best practices for improving typing endurance and decreasing fatigue As your instructor, my top priority is to get you moving in the right direction from day one. Over my 5 years of teaching experience, I have realized that learning isn't the same as growing. Learning is simply gathering information, but it takes practice, hard work, and time to grow. I expect my students to grow and to get closer to achieving their goals. Average Typing Speed: 90 WPM at 95% accuracy Highest Typing Speed: 119 WPM at 90% accuracy
/30 mins