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About Omar G.

Riverside, CA

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I've been teaching music for 15 yrs on guitar, piano, bass, cello and bass. My students have ranged from from 5yrs to 75yrs of age. I have seen many student go on to join orchestras, bands, broadway shows or simply continued their education to a university or college. Being able to read music profeciently has given me the opportunity to teach off many method books but like to use Alfred Method, Mel Bay and Frederick Noad Method books. I teach many styles ranging from classical, jazz & blues, rock, contemporary and pop. I do stress and recommend all my students to learn how to read music and usually by our second or third lesson they will playing simple songs. I am here to help you make music!

About Omar
Knowing that you are looking for a instructor to teach you music puts a smile on my face. You see, music has been a part of my life since the age of 3. Some of my first memories are of me accompanying my father at home with his rehearsals or just singing together to have fun as a family. I believe music is a gift that unites people together bringing out our deepest emotions that words cannot express. At the age of 5 I received an organ and from that point on I embarked on a long life journey to indulge and learn more about music. In elementary, junior high and high school I was involved in any subject dealing with music. I joined school choirs, orchestras, bands, marching bands, jazz bands, musicals you name it. While enjoying all school music activities I was selected to join in honor county and state orchestras and choirs. In junior h
igh and high school I was selected to play for the Junior Pacific Symphony Orchestra, received scholarships to music summer camps, and was selected musician of the year. In college my quest continued with the Orange Coast College Orchestra, Praise Symphony Orchestra, Vanguard University Orchestra as well as guitar ensembles and college choir groups. I've also taken private lessons from Dr. Art David (Julliard graduate) in stand up bass as well as David Black (Pacific Symphony Orchestra) and classical guitar with Richard Glenn and David Murray. I've been teaching now for 15 years in guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar, stand up bass, cello, piano and voice ranging from 5 yr old to 65 yr old. My styles of music range from classical, jazz, rock, blues and contemporary. At this point I'm enjoying playing and singing in my church choir and worship team as well as teaching my two kids the joys of music. I hope you truly enjoy the joy of learning music whether it be through me or another teacher.

*** Lesson Details ***
As a teacher I require all students to set time aside to practice. For without it, it is only wasting your time, your money and my time. I don't expect a total dedication to it but I do want to see some effort put into it. A little practice can go a long way and the more you do it, the faster you will progress and the more you will enjoy it. We will first start off with what you want out of music and the level you are at and go from there. Student can bring their own music either thru tabs, music sheet or just by ear but one thing I do expect is a student to learn how to read music notation. We will go thru the regular warm up exercises, material practiced during the week and any new music for the following week. Correct techniques in how to hold your instrument or voice procedures will be addressed. Music theory will also be part of the lesson as well as ear training. At the end of either 3 to 6 months you will have learned the basics of music and will be playing songs for you or someone else to enjoy. I will make it a total relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere but some dedication has to put on the students' part.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Dedicated music room, guitar both classical and electric, piano, cello, upright bass and electric bass guitar

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide my own instrument. I can also provide music stand, small amplifier if needed and music material for the first few lesson until student provides for him/her self. Student must have own instrument.

*** Specialties ***
My way of teaching would have to be that they must learn how to read music while learning how to play an instrument.
Ed R. January 30, 2019
· Classical Guitar · In studio
First lesson was more of an assessment of where I am as a musician, it was a good lesson but I'm sure the next will be better. Omar is obviously a professional. Hopefully he will be able to teach me how to read music as good as he soon.
Shayla T. December 5, 2018
· Piano · In home
Omar is on time and and kind at our first meeting.
Sergio July 15, 2017
· Singing · In studio
Very helpful. Most of all very calm and patient.
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Omar G.

Riverside, CA 92503
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$30 / 30-min

About Belinda J.

Arcadia, CA
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I started teaching piano lessons in 2010, and I love teaching piano based on what and how the student wants to learn. I like to suggest appropriate piano books to supplement the lessons, but I also enjoy teaching chords and music theory, which are better suited for those wanting to play popular repertoire. I took piano lessons throughout my childhood learning classical piano music and competed in local competitions.

About Belinda
I have been teaching voice and piano since 2010, and I love sharing music with others! I am available for in-home and online lessons, and I teach a variety of styles for both voice and piano. My higher education studies are in vocal performance with a focus on classical music, opera, and art song, but a lot of my vocal students work on musical theater and popular repertoire. My piano students also play a variety of styles, and I teach many to play and sing at the same time!

I treat every student with respect, and I truly enjoy getting to know them as well. I like to have fun in my lessons, but I also have years of training and musical knowledge to impart to my students. I am well versed in vocal pedagogy (the science of vocal production), and I use this education to promote healthy singing! I received my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Perf
ormance at Boston University and my Master of Music and Doctorate of Music in Vocal Performance at Arizona State University.
Ariel June 30, 2018
· Piano · In studio
She was great
Scott T. February 1, 2017
· Singing · In studio
very helpful
Grace June 14, 2016
· Singing · In studio
My 12 year old daughter is loving her singing lessons with Belinda. She is always so excited to go to her lessons and always leaves with a smile on her face. My daughter is wanting to do some musical theater auditions in the near future, and Belinda is helping her find and prepare for the auditions. We are so glad we found Belinda!
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Belinda J.

Arcadia, CA 91006
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Athena M.

Lomita, CA

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Experienced piano teacher of 15 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation in rhythm, reading, style and performance skills. I specialize in pop, gospel, jazz and classical, typically use methods books for beginners, and also use materials that experienced students already have. (No need to buy all new stuff if you like what you have.)

About Athena
About Me

If you can recognize your favorite song when you hear it, you already have what it takes to be a great musician!

1. Your lesson will always be geared toward what YOU want to learn, and if it seems like we are working on something that doesn't match that, I will always take the time to make clear why what we are doing will have you be able to play what you want.
2. You already have every skill you need to be a great performer, and my job is just to steer the ship in the right direction to have that happen. All I am ever doing in a lesson is making sure that we are moving you in the ultimate direction that you want to be going musically.
3. I will do everything I know how to do to make sure that what I have learned that will benefit you becomes something you have mastered. If I could take th
e "computer chip" in my head and put it in yours, we would do that. Study with me and you will get the next best thing!
4.If I say something that isn't clear, or isn't useful to you, I will ALWAYS re-explain, or say it a different way, until it is useful to you and something you know how to use for your benefit on your instrument.
5. If you have a practice schedule set up with me, and for any reason you do not have time to practice or get an assignment done, I GOT IT! You can always tell me, because I've been there and I know. Music Lessons are NOT school, and I will never act like they are.

OK, now for the credentials:


I learned how to read music at 4 years old, before I had even learned to read English. If I can do that, anyone can do that given the right set of elements.
1. I started singing at three, piano lessons at nine, began teaching myself guitar at twelve and I have never stopped playing and learning since then.
2. I earned a B.A in Music from Towson University and graduated Magna cum Laude with a Major in Jazz/Commercial Piano Performance and a Minor in Opera.
3. I made my stage performing debut in a solo role at six, and I have never stopped performing since then. I wrote my first song, all by myself, at eleven and have composed over 1000 pieces since then.
4. I have studied brain science and practical neurology for fifteen years as part of my continuing education.


In addition to my extensive study of the piano, I have had many other valuable experiences as a musician and teacher, including but not limited to the following:

1. I have been a choral singer for twenty three years, and during that time toured Italy, sang at St. Martin of Tours Church in Los Angeles for fifteen of those years, and worked on mastering just about every form of sacred choral and gospel music.

2. As a soloist, began performing professionally in 1988 and have done numerous performances of my own compositions around Southern California. I also have had songs of mine pitched to major artists in Nashville and currently compose both contemporary music and feature songs for film and television.

3. I developed a method of curing tone deafness, and authored a course that teaches this to anyone whether they are a trained singer or beginner. I also authored a second course specifically for karaoke singers to learn stage presence and better performance skills.

4. I have been teaching for twenty years, working with students from 3 to 78 years old at every level of musical experience. I have taught not only music performing and instrumental technique, but song-writing, arranging, and the tricky task of singing while playing an instrument to accompany one's self. Believe me, this is a skill that DOES take a separate set of lessons to master, but every student who studies it with me does!

In short, if it's music, or even music-related, I've done it and I can teach it and I can figure out the best method to have your brain master it!

My Specialties:
Working with kids and young people in a SAFE environment to learn their instrument
Rhythm, and understanding why it is your ticket to musical mastery
How to use your own brain to be your own best teacher (when I'm not there in a lesson with you!)
Pop, Classical, Gospel, Rock, Musical Theater,

B. A. Music

Subjects Taught
piano, voice, guitar, music theory, song writing/composition, arranging

*** Lesson Details ***
Your BRAIN is your greatest musical asset, and I have spent the past twenty-five years learning how to make the musical brain easy for everyone.

I've been a musician since I was in the cradle, and I
learned to read music before I could read English! Over the past twenty years of teaching piano, voice and guitar I have learned how to use your brain, and the basic musical skills you ALREADY have to help you turn yourself into a great musician and performer.

If you can tap your foot along with a song, and you can recognize Mary Had a Little Lamb, you've got what it takes. My specialty is taking these simple skills you already have and using them to teach you EVERYTHING you want to know how to do on your instrument. I also teach combined
lessons so that you can learn more than one instrument in your course of study if that is what you choose.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student provides piano in their home for piano lessons. Voice students provide a recording device to record their lesson for their practice. Guitar students provide their guitar, any amps, cables, anything else they need for their rig. All students provide any CD's or mp3's they are working with during study. They pay for all books needed.

*** Specialties ***
Beginner level through advanced in kid songs, pop, rock, gospel, contemporary Christian, Broadway and classical. Emphasis on rhythm and technique. Lessons specialize in using knowledge of brain neuroscience practical applications in hearing, learning, reading, practicing and performing music.
Danna H. January 5, 2019
· Piano · In home
My daughter had a great lesson and she had a great time it was a very fun experience thank you so much
Samantha November 8, 2018
· Piano · Online
My 12 year old daughter throughally enjoyed her first lesson!
Alison October 29, 2018
· Guitar · Online
We wanted to try this out for our 8-year-old daughter who had 5 hours of lessons in-home by another teacher/company. We wanted to compare the experience and learning on the two different methods. Athena was fine, but wished SHE kept better notes on what had been done the previous week(s), instead of counting on our 8-year-old to remind her. So much time was taken up repeating back the same things. Seems like a "set" course/lessons with attachments ahead of time would have worked better for us. I understand every student is different but a Beginner is a Beginner and they all need to learn the basics.
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Athena M.

Lomita, CA 90717
starting at
$22 / 30-min

About Michelle V.

Downey, CA

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You will develop your musicality and learn the language of music through the application of piano. Learn the basics of notation, rhythm and theory. Learn scales and how to build chords so you are able to open any music book and can play the chords accurately as well as how to arrange the notes of the chords depending on the style of music.

About Michelle
I am Certified Beginning Piano teacher as well as an intermediate level teacher. I studied piano at Cerritos College of Norwalk, CA and completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a focus in percussion from CSU Long Beach. I have consistently taught piano, music and drums since 2002.

I have traveled the world to perform music. I have been to Brazil to study samba and its many different styles with the World Percussion Program of CSU Long Beach in 2006 and 2007. In 2012, I traveled to Colombia and Venezuela to perform with the band of Terratour, a humanitarian group. While touring, we collaborated with local musicians in local venues.

You may have noticed from my photos and videos that I'm a Carpenters fan. I sing, play piano and drums. The Carpenters are my musical inspirations and that's exactly how I perform- with te
nder, love, and care. I was once the other musical half of a Carpenters tribute band, Close To You. My friend and I learned many of the Carpenters tunes and collaborated with vocals, piano, steel drums, drums and other percussion.

My teaching is focused on reading the notes (pitch), proper technique and rhythm. All are a part of the music-making process and should be equally strong. I start with young beginners when they can count to at least 10 and know the alphabet. The student must have the proper instrument and additional equipment, when necessary. The student is required to practice on a regular basis (daily is ideal).

I am currently available for online or in-studio lessons. Please notify me if there is a day and time not available. I try to be flexible but do prefer serious and committed students. When signing up a child for the first time, it is best to make a one year commitment so the child can really learn to work alone and develop self-discipline and parental guidance and support is necessary for success. For adults, commitment to practicing is key- not just lesson attendance.

You have all the ability and power to learn and be great- I'm just going to guide you all the way to your goal!

Please notify me of the special need prior to booking lessons so I can accommodate.
Patty October 22, 2018
· Piano · In studio
Michelle is a great teacher. She is patient, kind, and enthusiastic about music. My child loves going to class and hates missing a class (only when she's sick). She makes learning music fun but it also firm if the child doesn't meet the expectation. It's been a year since we started lessons and we couldn't be more happier.
Izabel M. June 15, 2018
· Piano · In home
Michelle has been very good at keeping my 8 year old engaged and interested in learning to read music. We are looking forward to many more lessons.
Dan October 18, 2017
· Piano · In studio
So far so good
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Michelle V.

Downey, CA 90241
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Tomoko O.

Irvine, CA
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I can give you tips that I gained from my own experience to acquire techniques and understand the music. I am also able to help you find a comfortable posture to play with ease. We can discuss your interest whether classical, jazz or pop, and I will walk you through to achieve your goals and most importantly to enjoy playing music.

About Tomoko
Tomoko has been teaching private lessons in piano, music theory and ear training since 2011, and is currently available to teach lessons at her home studio in Irvine, CA or at your home. Tomoko has helped students find joy and confidence in playing music. She is also able to guide you to play in a healthy manner. She has experience in helping students with learning difficulties and special needs.

After having trained classically in Tokyo and London, Tomoko relocated to Boston in 2011, to study jazz composition and performance at Berklee College of Music where she received a diploma in Professional Music in 2014. As an expert in her field, Tomoko always tries to keep student's learning experience fun and motivating, and looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. She has earned master's degree in performance from Longy S
chool of Music of Bard College, and is currently a Ph.D candidate in ICIT (Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology) at UC Irvine.
Holly W. April 27, 2018
· Piano · In home
My first lesson went well. Tomoko is very patient. Even in one lesson, I felt I learned a lot. She finds out what level you're at to save time and plays to your interests. I look forward to more lessons.
mosh N. June 28, 2016
· Piano · In studio
Tomoko is a not only a perfassional teacher, but also a talented improvisor! She has extensive knowledge of lots of kinds of music (ballet, Jazz, classic) and excellent skill of improvising. I observed her accompany class for ballet, she was very patient and helpful which are also very important qualities of being a teacher. it was a great experience!
Don June 13, 2016
· Piano · In home
I am just starting to learn how to play the piano, and have had no past experience with other music teachers. Tomoko has a very pleasant and encouraging teaching style. Her approach is informal and she does not rely on a rigid "lesson plan". I would highly recommend her for those wanting a relaxed learning experience.
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Tomoko O.

Irvine, CA 92617
starting at
$45 / 30-min
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About Stephen L.

Fullerton, CA
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I teach beginning basics, that will get you playing easy songs today!

About Stephen
Hello my name is Steve, I'm 36 and I am a professional musician and educator. who currently has openings for new students! I offer absolute beginning to professional level lessons. I teach at two locations in the Inland Empire, and at a location in Orange County. I earned a B.A. in Music Education at California State University Fullerton, and I performed with all the top ensembles. I studied with Grammy nominated and awarded musicians like Bill Cunliffe and Francisco Torres, Kye Palmer, and more!
I also have over twenty years of musical experience. I have been playing trombone and bass guitar since 1994 and I have been teaching since 2005. As a brass instructor I specialize in breathing techniques, embouchure development. range, flexibility, endurance, and improvisation. As a bass guitar and guitar instructor, I specialize in
flexibility, endurance, speed, song writing, ear training, improvisation, and much more!
In addition I also help students with their music for band at school, or for any other type of ensemble they might be playing in. I have been a professional musician for several years and I have backed groups like The L.A. Swing Barons, The Inland Empire Swing Orchestra, Sonora Santanera groups, Willie and The Road Tramps, Irie Nationz, The Goodlow Company, Domestic Imports, Buddha Bomb, Angry Babies, Space Camp Stowaways, The Debonaires, and more! I am currently in a few different groups playing all over Southern California and beyond.
I will bring the best out of your playing, take a lesson with me and you will get better! I have years of experience that you can tap into; in order for you to reach your musical goals. My education philosophy is student focused and I draw from a lot of different teaching concepts like Kodàly method, Orff method, Susuki method, and more. I am much more than just an instructor, but your also getting a mentor and a life coach. Sign up for a lesson today!
To reserve a spot just look for the box that says "Reserve your spot with Stephen," then go ahead select the instrument you want to learn, then the location, and a time that works for you. Then I will get in contact with you as soon as your sign up and we can go over all the details. I love new students, and I cannot wait to hear from you today.
Aaron August 11, 2018
· Bass Guitar · In studio
The best lesson I have taken! I look forward to future lessons because I am learning so much!
Jared M. November 11, 2017
· Flute · In home
Steven is a very good instructor. He has a wonderful personality. He!s firm, knowledgeable, and knows how to encourage the student to work hard. My son has learned a lot from him in a short period of time as a beginner. I’d definitely recommend Steven.
Michael Rodriguez August 11, 2017
· Bass Guitar · In studio
Really like Steve's teaching ! Very easy and simplified instruction.Thank you ! Can't wait for the next Lessons.
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Stephen L.

Fullerton, CA 92831
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Sean T.

Walnut, CA
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I'm 19, but don't let it fool you and make you think that I'm not well-trained enough or not experienced enough! I have TONS of experience dealing with students of all ages, and I've taught for almost 5 years now going into my second year of college at UCLA. I major in Piano Performance! Piano is my passion, but teaching others and watching them grow and develop as a musician is just as rewarding as performing before a crowd. I'm sure I can help you with whatever needs you may have.

About Sean

My name is Sean and I'm a sophomore at UCLA! I major in piano performance and economics, and currently seeking to apply the skills I've learned in my 15 years of learning from some of the world's greatest musicians and to spread that knowledge to my students. I'm young, but eager to prove that I am just as capable to teach if not more. I have had tons of experience teaching students of all ages, and have seen each of my students grow and develop as his/her own unique artist.

Awards that I have won are included below!
• SYMF Chopin Mazurka 3rd place
• CAEA 1st place

• SYMF Open Solo 1st place
• SYMF Chopin Etude 2nd place
• CAEA Silver Award Young Pianist Competition
• Royal School Grade completed at age 9

• SYMF Chopin nocturne 1st place
• SYMF Chopin waltz 1st place
• SYMF Classical sonata 1st pl
• Los Angeles Japanese American Association 1st place
• Long Beach Mozart Competition Winner

• SYMF Baroque category 1st place
• Chinese American Association Platinum Award
• Long Beach Mozart Competition 1st place

• MTAC Sonata and Sonatina Branch 1st place
• Scholarship Award at MTAC Los Angeles Branch 2nd place
• Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition 1st place
o Performed at Carnegie Hall as a result of winning this competition
• Teachers College and University 1st place
• UDACS Annual Young Musician 1st place
• Los Angeles Liszt International Piano Competition 1st place
• SYMF Chopin etude 1st place
• SYMF Chopin open solo 1st place
• SYMF Chopin open concerto 1st place

• Glendale Piano competition honorable mention
• Los Angeles Young Pianist Competition 1st place
• MTAC Contemporary Piano Competition 1st place
• San Diego Salon Concert with Lang Lang
• Virginia Waring International Piano Competition Semi-finalist
• Mt. Sac solo piano concert

• Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition Semi-finalist
• SYMF Chopin Long Works 1st place

• Glendale Piano Competition 1st place
• SYMF Chopin Scherzo 1st place

• Glendale Piano Competition 1st place
• Spotlight Awards semi-finalist
• Scholarship Awards 1st place
• SYMF Chopin Ballade 1st place
• MTAC Piano Competition 1st place
• San Jose International Piano Competition 2nd prize
• Participated in the Ettlingen International Piano Competition in Germany and was featured on the German weekly

• Bach Festival finalist for Well-Tempered Clavier
• Invited to Cortina, Italy for a series of concerts and masterclasses

• Invited to Perugia, Italy for a series of concerts
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Sean T.

Walnut, CA 91789
starting at
$54 / 30-min

About Juliet K.

Fullerton, CA

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Overcome shyness and grow in self-confidence, poise, and passion for the arts! Learn from someone in the business! Impress your friends! Give as a gift to someone you know!

Builds Work Ethic
Helps with overcoming nerves
Passion and Drive for Pursuing the Arts
Stage Presence
Healthy, Efficient Vocal Technique
Performance Technique
Audition Preparation
Artistic Development
Performance Opportunities
Proper Warm-Up Technique
Acting Technique
Music Reading Ability
Ear/Pitch Training

Schedule a lesson today with an award winning artist and coach!

Works great and has experience with kids, very friendly, highly recommended!
CPR/AED Certified and Livescanned.

Teaches all ages including special needs!!!

About Juliet
Juliet has been recognized as a distinguished artist throughout the Southern California Region where she resides and teaches privately. She began her training at the Professional School for the Arts in Torrance, CA on a full-ride scholarship. She continued her education and training at Cal State Fullerton's renown Department of Theatre and Dance. Two years later she was accepted into Cal State Fullerton's School of Music in pursuit of a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance. Juliet specializes in opera, art song, musical theatre, jazz, folk, Christian worship, and pop. She has sung in over 15 languages and has performed at the Hollywood Bowl, Orange County's Segerstrom Concert Hall, Disneyland, at countless baseball stadiums. She has sung with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, sung solo with the Pacific Symphony, and performed with Grammy w
inners John Williams, David Newman, Sara Gazarek, and John Proulx. Juliet was also the soprano soloist in Faure's Requiem with CSUF's University Singers Tour to Paris, France and was the title role in CSUF's production of The Merry Widow.

Experience and awards:

Overall Grand Prize Winner of the CSUF School of Music- Music Associates Concerto Competition,
1st Place Upper Division in the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia American Music Soloist Competition,
Classical Singer Magazine's first round finalist and nationals advance,
Lucy Dunn Vocal Scholar,
Winner of the Vidal Vocal Scholarship,
Board Member on the Los Angeles Opera - College Advisory Committee,
Recipient of the Cal State Fullerton's College of the Arts: Artsweek Executive Director Scholarship,
Selected performer for the CSUF School of Music accreditation performance and review,
Franc D'Ambrosio's Search for the Phantom's Christine Competition,
Singer in Orange County's Afternoon Singers,
Soloist on CSUF's 8-Track Debut Recording,
LA Music Center's Spotlight Awards Prelim Finalist,
Miss High Desert 2009 Talent Award,
Kern County Honor Choir Soloist,
Mojave High School Drama Department, Music Department, and Art Department Award,
Professional School of the Arts Scholarship,
Thelma Rae Kern County Music Scholarship,
and Finalist in the LA Regional National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition.
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Juliet K.

Fullerton, CA 92831
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Ana C.

Redondo Beach, CA
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I will show you the easiest way to learn the hand position, that is the most important thing for playing from simple to advanced. I will teach you basic techniques and will help you play the music of your choice. I will pick you up from any level you are, with any issues you got from previous teacher, everything is possible to correct and make your fingers fly above the keys like a pro.
I am playing piano since I was 6 years old and I have a BA in Vocal Arts.

About Ana
I am very passionate about music in general, Piano was my first instrument. I studied piano since I was 6 years old, with some best teachers. I earned a BA in Voice Arts. I love teaching music to students of any age, have 10 years of experience in private lessons, singing and piano. I will always be teaching the right approach to music and musicality, and the technical basics, exercises and tricks to learn faster.
John May 27, 2018
· Opera Voice · In home
Ana is great at combination technique and practice. Would highly recommend!
John May 26, 2018
· Opera Voice · In home
Ana is patient and kind with great classical training; and super flexible which I think is a huge asset!
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Ana C.

Redondo Beach, CA 90278
starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Dean W.

North Hollywood, CA
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I will only teach you songs you want to learn.
Former clients including The Voice France contestants, Universal Music/Sony Music/ Warner Music artists.
I teach Piano and Guitar but also can help with Vocal coaching, Songwriting and Music Production.

About Dean
Former Universal Music artist, I've been giving lessons for almost 10 years.
Former clients including The Voice contestants, and artists from all 3 major labels: Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music.
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Dean W.

North Hollywood, CA 91605
starting at
$50 / 30-min

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What is a Lute, and How is it Different From the Guitar?

What is a Lute, and How is it Different From the Guitar?

As a guitar player, I rarely had to deal with the issue of explaining what my instrument was to people I met. Even non-musicians are generally familiar with the guitar and the many forms and shapes it takes. When I made the transition to playing the lute, however, this changed significantly, due in no small part to the odd-looking case that I have to carry the instrument around in. People will often ask me, “What is a lute?” In truth, the history of the lute is a long one and I often simpl … Read More

What is a Lute, and How is it Different From the Guitar?
As a guitar player, I rarely had to deal with the issue of explaining what my instrument was to people I met. Even non-musicians are generally familiar with the guitar and the many forms and shapes it takes. When I made the transition to playing the lute, however, this changed significantly, due in no small part to the odd-looking case that I have to carry the instrument around in. People will often ask me, “What is a lute?” In truth, the history of the lute is a long one and I often simpl
5 Excellent Online Resources for Singers
As you learn how to improve your singing voice with private lessons, you can also make the most of your time in between the lessons with helpful online resources, websites, and videos. Read on as Gambrills, MD teacher Shannon F. shares some of her favorites...   The Internet is a big place. There are so many websites, videos, and blogs for singers of all ages and ability levels. Sifting through them can be daunting, but having too many helpful resources is a good problem for students
6 Definite Signs That You Were Born to Sing
  Love to sing? Ever wonder if you have what it takes to become a pro singer? Justin Timberlake sang harmony to commercial jingles when he was just two years old. The rest of us, and even most professional singers, aren't so lucky that we find out that early in life. We all go through the motions: sometimes we want to try to pursue singing, and sometimes, we doubt our ability. And every so often, it just feels like you're born to sing. The answer isn't always obvious, but there are
How to Prepare for a Singing Audition: Ten Tips for Success
There is one thing that unites all singers, regardless of age, ability, genre, or professional status: the feeling of impending doom that descends as auditions approach.  Even if your ambitions are fairly modest, and don’t extend far beyond finding a fun choir to join, there's a good chance you will have to at learn how to prepare for a singing audition at some point. However, you can do a great deal to improve your chances simply by preparing yourself adequately. Think of a “successful” auditi
Voice Therapy for Singers: How to Know When to Get Help
As a singer, your instrument--your voice--requires special care and precautions to avoid injuries. But what if the damage is already done? What symptoms should you watch out for, and when is it time to look into voice therapy? Learn more in this guest post by Corona, CA teacher Milton J...   As singers, we understand that the voice is an instrument all of its own. Furthermore, we should also understand that our voice is a muscle that requires its own workout, and is subject to i

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