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About Rodrigo R.

Long Beach, CA

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Students will develop a strong vocabulary while using a technique that build healthy vocal habits. Many aspects of every day actions will be applied through songs that help exemplify the Spanish language.
Diction, interpretation, reading and writing exercises, support and focus, all of this while having fun!
Also, they will acquire tools needed to keep an everyday communication.

About Rodrigo
With an associates degree from El Camino, and lots of musical studies in Mexico, I have been fortunate to tour through the States and through my country. My lessons include real working tips for the real life, keeping it fun as the material is created for your specific needs. I am a multi-instrumentalist that will pass as much knowledge as you can practice...
Let's work together...

*** Lesson Details ***
We'll cover music basic theory and the most part of your lesson will be the music you want to learn, saving a small portion of the time to repertoire that I consider will help you grow musically.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Sibelius, Logic, apple, Kala ukes, U-bass, vihuela, charango, piano, keyboard, accordion, acoustic and electric guitars, panflutes, boss fx, amps, mics, and more.

*** Travel Equipment ***
instruments and books needed

*** Specialties ***
mariachi, Catholic music, Andean music, Latin rhythms
Rosa Rodriguez May 22, 2018
· Accordion · In home
Mr. Rodrigo is a professional, respectful and super patient instructor. I could not made a better choice. I am looking forward to my next class @
Axel October 26, 2017
· Ukulele · Online
Rodrigo is a great teacher, not only an expert musician, but he shares all his knowledge.
Miguel July 24, 2017
· Singing · In studio
Great introductory class, covering the basic fundamentals of singing the right way with confidence.
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Rodrigo R.

Long Beach, CA 90805
starting at
$45 / 30-min

About Clifford K.

San Gabriel, CA

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Dr. Cliff, a part-time college and university professor, teacher and tutor with 5 master's and 3 doctoral degrees in a variety of topics: Mathematics, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, MBA, Leadership, Education and Administration.

About Clifford
****Dr Cliff requires that you contact him through the Ask-A-Question feature prior to booking lessons with him. Please be sure to provide him with the following:

-Skill Level
-Schedule request.

'Dr. Cliff,' a part-time college/university professor, teacher and tutor with 5 master's and 3 doctoral degrees in a variety of topics: Mathematics, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, MBA, Leadership, Education and Administration. He has always used proven educational techniques to instruct undergraduate students, graduate students and school children/teenagers (K-12). In addition, Dr. Cliff is a Certified Tutor by American Tutoring Association and National Tutoring Association (Math); he holds California Teaching Credentials in Math (CSET I,II,III), Busin
ess (I,II,III), and Educational Technology/Computers (I,II); he is a Sylvan Certified Teacher in Math and Arts/Language K-12.

Dr. Cliff believes that, although many professors and teachers do an admirable job in the classroom, many students and children do not learn well in traditional institutions. Many students and children don't respond to the assembly line nature of most institutions. He believes that a student's or child's strengths and natural abilities need to be the foundation of learning. Dr. Cliff often warns against a "cookie cutter" approach to educating students, teenagers and children. You or your child is seen as an individual, and natural strengths are identified and built upon. Therefore, individual one-on-one tutoring or help is the key approach to each student who has any challenges difficulties in a given subject.

In today’s environment and economic challenges, with shorter budgets for the education, larger classes sizes and pressure of performing well in all kind of standard tests, I often see many students lacking true knowledge and skills in a given subject, since they cannot get individualized attention during the class session. That’s where a tutor comes into the picture, not only uncover major “holes” in students’ knowledge set but also teach students how to study, how to learn and through proper guidance “fill” those knowledge and skills holes.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Not applicable (none).

*** Travel Equipment ***
Not applicable (none).

*** Specialties ***
California Southern University: Member of the Faculty Senate, Member of the Curriculum Committee, Member of the Personnel Committee, Member of the IT Committee, Core/Lead Faculty, Business & Management.
Northern University: Commencement Speaker, MBA/DBA programs, 2008-2013, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau.
California Institute of Advanced Management: Guest Lectured and Honored Speaker, MBA programs, May, 2012, El Monte, CA.
Pacific State University: Commencement Speaker, MBA/DBA programs, 2007-2012, China and Singapore.
California American University: Commencement Speaker; 2004-2009, China.
California Southern University: Commencement Speaker, Graduation Ceremony, 2011, Irvine, CA.
Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) - International Institute of Business Analysis, 2013.
DETC Evaluator – The Distance Education and Training Council, 2012.
ACICS Evaluator – The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Scools, 2012.
BPPVE Auditor – California’s Bureau for Private, Postsecondary and Vocational Education, 2000.
Senior Global Partner – The Academy of Business Strategy; 2012.
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: CSET Math (I, II, III), Business (I, II, III), Preliminary Education Technology (I, II), 2010-2012.
Certified Site Reviewer/Auditor, Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, California, 2002.
Certified Professional Tutor, American Tutoring Association and National Tutoring Association, 2011.
Educate, Inc.: Sylvan University – Certificate of Mathematics Content Proficiency for Directors of Education; May, 2010
Tier I California Preliminary Administrative Credentials, 2006.
University of Southern California, Graduate level courses (master’s) in Systems Engineering/Management, 2005-2006.
Certified School Director, Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, California, 2004.
California Community College Lifetime Teaching Credential, 1993.

HIMS (Healthcare Information & Management Systems), CPHIM (Certified Professional Healthcare Information Management); 2013.
Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) - International Institute of Business Analysis, 2013.
Security Innovation, Certificate in Enterprise IS/IT Security – part of the CISSP prep; 2012.
L. A. County: Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) training; 2012.
Senior Global Partner – The Academy of Business Strategy; 2012.
Harvard Business School, Certificates in: Leadership & Management, Creativity and Innovation, Global Business and Technology, Business Acumen, Communications, Marketing, Strategy, Technology, Leading Change; 2010.
Master’s Certificate in Project Management, George Washington University/ESI, 2009.
Disney University, Training and Certificate in ITIL Service Management; 2009.
ESI Int’l Executive Education in: Contract Management, Business Analysis, Information Systems Security, Business Intelligence, IT Service Management/ITIL, ROI Methodology, Intercultural Management, Internet/Digital Marketing, Sales Force Management, Supply Chain Management, Leadership, Negotiations, Business Process Management, Business Sustainability, Enabling Technology.
George Washington University Master’s Certificate in Project Management, through ESI classes, 9/2009.
CMU/SEI, S/W Architecture Professional Certificate, 2006.
Delivered College/Corporate Training: Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Systems Engineer (MCSE), Professional/Application Developer (MCPD/MCAD), Solution Developer (MCSD), IT Professional (MCITP); 2004-2007.
S/W Architecture Professional Certificate, CMU/SEI, 2006.
Member Board of Directors, National Management Association, 2005.
Scrum Alliance: CSM, CSP and CST, 2010.
Project Management Institute - PMP certification., 2010.
Malcolm Baldrige and Balanced Scorecard training; Software Cost Estimation training; Developing Software
Architectures for Multi-platform and Network Centric Environments/Operations training, 2005.
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, JPL, 1996-2002.
Certified Information Systems Auditor, Information Systems Auditing Association, 2000.
Certified Project Manager, American/National Management Association, 1999.
Certificate in Supervisory and Management Skills, National Management Association, 1991. Extensive PMP teaching.
Certified Quality Analyst, Quality Assurance Institute, 1990.
Certified Computer Programmer, Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals, 1989.
Brandon A. August 26, 2018
· Latin · In home
Great teacher, kind and funny!
Isabel A. December 8, 2017
· Algebra · In home
Clifford is absolutely FANTASTIC. I like the way he related to my son, and made it easy for him to learn. I was even surprised that I was able to learn a little Algebra!
Leighton R. August 20, 2017
· Grammar · In home
amazing professor easy to work with and is understanding
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Clifford K.

San Gabriel, CA 91775
starting at
$45 / 60-min

About Daniel G.

San Diego, CA
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You will learn Spanish from a bilingual instructor whose first language is English that you were spoken written and read Spanish fluently for over 40 years

About Daniel
Music lessons should be fun and focus on what you want! I am willing to travel to you or welcome you to my studios: Reseda pr Canoga Park. I travel to homes San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.
What is your goal? School or Church choir? Musical programs?Learn to Cantor or lead songs at Church/Synagogue? Disney careers, rock/pop bands? Becoming a professional or just for personal enrichment!! I am able to help you move closer to reaching that dream!!! I am a graduate of USD with a B.A. in Philosophy with an emphasis in musical performance. I also hold a Masters degree, completed California Teaching Credential Curriculum from Chapman University and completed Doctoral Studies at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. I studied voice, guitar and piano classes throughout grade school, high school, college and post-graduate
training. I specilized in vocal training with Robert Austin and in San Francisco with Richard Nichol of the Garcia-Marchesi Institute. I sang with the Palm Beach Florida Opera Company. I am a tenor with a 3.5 octave range. I also sang and performed in Musicals and Operas and Sacred Oratorios from Maui to Florida. I am the proud "dad" of two high school aged children who are excellent students!
I teach voice (beginner to professional levels), guitar (acoustic and electric: beginners to Intermediate) and basic piano. I have been teaching private lessons for 7 years. I also offer voice or guitar classes at St. Cecelia's School of Music in Canoga Park, and privately in my home Reseda. I focus my instruction on "correct" breathing and proper singing. My time-tested techniques will improve and protect your voice from injury.and produce a beautiful tone and wonderful performance. I teach guitar chords, reading standard musical notation as well as tablature. For beginning piano students of all ages I teach you how to read music, play scales, strenghten your finger strength and play cords and song.
Fred E. March 4, 2019
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Going to take time and Daniel is a font of knowledge, patient and funny):_
Ben R. July 31, 2018
· Spanish · In home
Daniel was a great instructor to learn with, he was very kind and likable as well as being a good teacher with a great understanding Spanish with an emphasis on spoken Spanish over academic Spanish. Daniel was a great teacher I would recommend to anyone.
Nelson January 10, 2018
· Piano · In home
Daniel understood exactly what my goals and abilities were. He presented the first lesson in an easy-to-understand manner. I am excite to work with him.
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Daniel G.

Reseda, CA 91335
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Erika H.

Los Angeles, CA
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Spanish Language tutoring and classes for all ages!

About Erika
Hola amigos!

My name is Erika and I would love to teach you Spanish! I am the daughter of a German- American father and Panamanian mother. I am 100% bilingual in both English and Spanish. I grew up mostly in Latin America living in Costa Rica, Chile, Panama amongst visiting countries such as Peru, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Nicaragua, and Spain. If you want help on your Spanish homework, need someone to quiz you, converse with you etc. or need assistance in reading, writing and speaking the language I'm here to help! I make learning fun and more than anything I teach it in an applicable way so that you can use it as an every day language and not as just a way to pass a class. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre Arts from Loyola Marymount University so if you want to include Spanish Soap Operas into the mix we can definitely do
that! Cheers to learning a new language!
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Erika H.

Los Angeles, CA 90045
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Parker E.

Glendale, CA
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Buen Dia!! I find communication with many cultures to be very rewarding. Let's learn conversational spanish together.

About Parker
Hi! I'm Parker,

I'm a music producer and audio engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. I've been producing electronically since I was 12 years old, and live/studio engineering for 8 years. I live and breathe this stuff, and I'd love to show you the ins and outs to get you started, or to amp up your Ableton or engineering game from where it is. Let's have some fun!
Edward J. May 26, 2018
· Ableton · Online
Parker definitely knows Ableton and production really well. He came up with a plan for me, which is something I don't see from other instructors. Other instructors just wing it through each lesson. He is definitely fun to chat with during the lesson and seems really down-to-earth. He's also helped me develop as an artist, so if you need guidance, he can help. He's active in the industry, so he can help connect you with other talented artists. As someone who's making a living in the music industry, he is always hustling from gig to gig, so you might need to be a flexible in lesson scheduling.
Ethan January 10, 2018
· Audio Engineering · In home
Parker has such a great ear, which is the most essential part of audio engineering. He has taught me countless ways to improve depth, clarity, and loudness in my mixdowns. He is well-rounded as an instructor and able to articulate even the hardest lessons. He is the perfect instructor for a beginner, and even an expert. Give him a go if you're looking to improve your music!
Willy January 3, 2018
· Ableton · In home
Was very informative and clear in his instruction. He taught me about compression, some eq lessons, and other basic skills in ableton in a single lesson. Never got lost or overloaded, and still use all the information I learned from him on a daily basis. Highly personable and has a calming work flow. Definitely reccomend.
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Parker E.

Glendale, CA 91205
starting at
$40 / 30-min
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About Maria D.

Downey, CA
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'Love what to do and do what you love' Both of them apply to me! I am passionate about what I do! I am American but I have lived in Argentina most of my life. I have recently moved back to US. I worked as a Spanish Teacher at Buenos Aires University and as a Spanish and Literature Teacher at Saint Ciaran School located in Buenos Aires too. As a Spanish teacher for foreigners and natives I have developed strong teaching skills related to adults, teenagers and young students.

About Maria
I am passionate about what I do! I am American but I have lived in Argentina most of my life. I have recently moved back to US. I worked as a Spanish Teacher at Buenos Aires University and as a Spanish and Literature Teacher at Saint Ciaran School located in Buenos Aires too. As a Spanish teacher for foreigners and natives I have developed strong teaching skills related to adults, teenagers and young students.

I have prepared creative lesson plans meant to reach them on various learning levels and used a variety of instructional strategies to provide equity and excellence to students (games, images, audio files). I also have more than 10 years of experience as a private teacher!
Tyler G. December 17, 2018
· Spanish · Online
Eve G. December 10, 2018
· Sewing · Online
Lisa M. November 25, 2018
· Spanish · Online
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Maria D.

Downey, CA 90241
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Ariadni K.

Los Angeles, CA

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I am very proud to teach my language. I understand that every student has different strengths and weaknesses in their learning process and I am committed to having differentiated instruction in my class with a variety of opportunities for my students’ to achieve their goals.

About Ariadni
Ariadni Kidonis is a singer songwriter, producer and certified Audio Engineer who currently counts with over 70,000 followers on her fan page and over 50,000 followers on her IG.

In 2015, she moved to Los Angeles, CA and enrolled in Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA) where she studied Vocal Performance and Audio Engineering. She's worked with Sebastian Krys (18 times Grammy Winner) Andres Torres (Latin Grammy Winner), Francci Richards (Grammy Nominated Songwriter), Brad Marrapodi (Sony BMG).
She has also worked on a full record for Sony BMG, producing, singing and writing with Alexei Misoul (BMI Award winner) at Sunset Sound Studios.

In 2018, she graduated in Audio Engineering at Musicians Institute. She is currently located in Los Angeles, California working at Ultrium Studios, teaching, writing, producing and engineering for
various artists.
Eduardo G. March 12, 2019
· Vocal Training · In studio
Ariadni K. is the best vocal teacher. she's helped me perfect my vocals and helped me how to warm up my vocals while at the same time help me mind my tone. she helps you in any way that she can to get where you want to be. when I first started my vocals were out of place but Ariadni helped me get better and helped me get far to where I I'm now I'm grateful to have meet her.
David February 12, 2019
· Vocal Training · In studio
I’m a musician and producer and I needed to improve my singing skills for writing and doing backgrounds and Ariadni got me where I wanted to get really quick.
Awesome teacher, great at shaping the classes around the student.
I recommend her to anyone who would like to get to the next level!
Sean December 16, 2018
· Singing · Online
Ariandi is one of the best vocalists I’ve worked with! Very talented and hardworking. Definitely would recommend taking lessons with her 🙌🏻
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Ariadni K.

Los Angeles, CA 90028
starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Sofia R.

Woodland Hills, CA

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I consider myself to be very adaptable, adjusting the lessons so they meet the different student's​ needs.

About Sofia
I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have also lived in Mexico City for most of my adult life. I studied Communications, and find great joy in teaching and traveling.
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Sofia R.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364
starting at
$59 / 60-min

About silvia A.

San Pedro, CA
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I am a Spanish instructor from Argentina with more than 15 years of experience teaching in Los Angeles. I teach all levels Spanish for travel, business or work.

About silvia
Hola! I am a Spanish tutor from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who has been teaching in Los Angeles for more than 15 years. I teach all levels and always try to make it fun! Based on your main interest I will customize my classes for you to learn or improve your skills. Looking forward to meeting you and working with you! Silvia.
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silvia A.

San Pedro, CA 90731
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Scott S.

Arcadia, CA
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I will teach you the most important part of the language so that you can start speaking right away. There are certain words that we use 80 percent of the time. Wouldn’t you want to learn these words first? If your looking for someone who’s going to grill you on speaking with a perfect accent that’s not me. What I want is for my students to be able to enter into a conversation and have a true conversation with a native speaker. A conversation that had they not learned the essentials to the language, they would’ve never been able to have had before. I am not going to teach you what words need an accent mark, when to use the subjunctive, etc. that stuff is still confusing to me. I want you to become an effective Spanish communicator plain and simple. That is my goal.

About Scott
Hey! My name is Scotty and I want to help you to have fun learning Spanish. Spanish is really fun and easy to learn if you learn it the right way. I’ll guide you into becoming an effective Spanish communicator. My goal is for you to feel comfortable engaging in conversations with Spanish speakers. I am not a native Spanish so I had to begin the journey just like you. I am here to guide you and make it fun.
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Scott S.

Arcadia, CA 91006
starting at
$59 / 30-min

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The average cost of 60-minute Spanish lessons in Mariposa is $70. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $60 and $80 per hour.

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$50 average
60-min $60
$70 average

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