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Evangeline A.

Evangeline A.

ABOUT OUR CLASSES: Learn to access and express the beauty that is within your feminine energy through bellydance! I have been teaching, performing and competing in bellydance for over 10 years, nationally and internationally. I grew up in the middle east and speak Arabic, and have a deep connection to the music and culture. In our classes, we honor our bodies and learn to access our energies to express our sensuality, grace, fluidity and love for the music. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Ranging from beginner to advanced, we will learn postures, arm and leg positions, hip lifts, hip drops, undulations both vertical and horizontal, how to position the body to highlight the body parts and isolations while bellydancing, ballet technique, turns, body anatomy and muscle groups that work to engage our bodies in fluid movement and isolation, tricks, sequences to practice and of course, choreography! Events: Learn to dance bellydance as a dance lover, hobby, entertainer or performer, and to make it a profession. BELLYDANCE PROPS: Learn how to dance with veils, fan veils, ISIS wings, and a cane. Start your bellydancing journey today! :) You will fall in love, just as I did, because the music carries so much heart- it's easy to connect to and fall in love!
/60 mins
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