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Mark V S.

Mark V S.

Why do people laugh when you say "accordion"!? Let's show them different! This instrument ROCKS!!! It's one of the most expressive, international, fun, and emotional instruments out there! So much more than just "polkas": Argentinian tangos, German beer songs, French cafe, Irish Celtic music, Russian folk, Italian melodic, and the list goes on... Bottom line: I love this instrument because it is FUN and VERY "produceable". Half of it is an arsenal of buttons while the other half is a good 'ol piano keyboard, and depending on which model you have, there are many tone levers to thoroughly change its personality -- no electricity needed! No sight-reading required! All ages welcome! I can teach you how to create some fun and inspired music on it regardless of your musical tastes or background, as long as you have a PIANO ACCORDION -- not JUST buttons like a bayan or concertina (sorry -- at this time, please note that I do NOT teach chromatic/diatonic button accordion or "virtual/electronic accordions" such as the Roland series -- just traditional, acoustic piano accordion). Ready to have some fun? Click BOOK NOW and let's begin!
/30 mins