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Jangmee B.

Jangmee B.

Hello, everyone! I am Olivia. I was born in South Korea and I am currently living in Texas. I have taught Korean to all level of students who are from diverse countries more than 11 years! My class is absolutely informative and interactive and I make a personalized lesson plan for each student and provide course material after each class for your review and self-study. My class focuses on what you want to learn and improve according to your learning goals and needs and I always do my best for students to make them achieve learning goals through my class. I teach ✔️ Oral Korean ✔️ Korean Grammar ✔️ Basic Korean ✔️ Korean Conversation ✔️ Korean Idioms ✔️ Korean Pronunciation ✔️ Korean Culture ✔️ Information of Korea and ✔️ EVERYTHING ABOUT KOREAN YOU WANT TO LEARN for any level of students from a beginner to an advanced learner! Do you want to Speak Korean fluently? Do you want to learn about Hangeul? Do you want to know about Korean Culture? Do you want to have a conversation with Korean? Do you plan to travel in Korea? Do you want to speak Korean better? Do you want to improve your pronunciation? I would love to help you to achieve your learning goals and you will enjoy your learning journey with me!
/30 mins
Jin S.

Jin S.

I offer Korean courses for beginners with no prior experience, all the way to advanced learners looking to perfect their skills. I provide lessons on Hangul, vocabulary, conversation, writing, and pronunciation. Every week, I like to introduce a fun concept that has to do with Korean culture. Things like the history of Hanbok, Kimchi, Korean Flag, etc. If you’d like, I can utilize Korean songs, movies, and dramas, so that our classes will be enjoyable! - Attentive to student's needs - Customized Korean lessons depending on your interests and proficiency. - I will provide preview and review material for you to utilize. - I will assign homework customized to the time you can commit. Message me anytime if you have questions or difficulties while you are studying!
/30 mins
Hyojung C.

Hyojung C.

Do you want to know more about Korea and the language? I can help you. I am an experienced Korean teacher of 8+ years available for eager students. I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of language skills.  Overview Korean language course for beginners, intermediate level Goals 1. To read Korean 2. To understand Korean culture 3. To understand Korean grammar 4. To practice writing 5. To have a conversation in Korean Requirement Textbook: 1. Talk to me in Korean, Talk to me in Korean Workbook. by Longtail books. 2. Handouts, audio examples, other materials will be provided at various times throughout the sessions. Materials Please bring the following to each class. Pencil Textbook Device for Video Call Homework 1. Homework in this session will be centered. 2. Homework will be given after each session to your email. (Check your email often) Attendance 1. Talk with teacher prior to a session that you know you will miss or be tardy to. 2. In order to cancel or reschedule the lesson, you need to contact prior 24 hours. Session Schedule 1. Overview of class. Review (if needed). Introduction of Hangeul. Hello, Thank you. Yes, No, What? 2. Introduction of Hangeul. Good bye. See you. 3. Hangeul Reading, I’m Sorry, excuse me. 4. It’s me, what is it? 5. What is this?, This is ... This, That, it 6. It’s not 7. topic, subject marking particles 8. Have, Don’t have, there is, There isn’t. Please give me 9. It’s delicious, it tastes awful, thank you for the food 10. I want 11. Sino-Korean Numbers 12. Basic present tense 13. Past Tense 14. Location marking particles 15. Time, Time marking particle 16. Pure Korean numbers 17. Negative Sentences 18. Doing 19. Who? 20. Why? How 21. From A to B, From C until D 22. Summary for Level 1
/30 mins
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She's great all around. Very nice and patient!

Alexis (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

My first session with Panjin went very well. She assessed my needs and current knowledge level of the Korean language. It was a learning experience for both of us. I'm excited to what's in store fo

Jon (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

Great teacher! Just finished my first lesson and I'm very happy with what I learned.

Osvaldo (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

I had a tiring day today at work but as always Panjin brightens my day! I had so much fun and was in a much better mood afterwards. She’s the best!

Alexis (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

She's great all around. Very nice and patient!

Alexis (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

My first session with Panjin went very well. She assessed my needs and current knowledge level of the Korean language. It was a learning experience for both of us. I'm excited to what's in store fo

Jon (Korean lessons with Panjin T.)

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