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Five Tips for Efficient Piano Practice in Costa Mesa

By Dustin C. - Costa Mesa Piano Teacher

Learning to play the piano can be a very rewarding experience. However, the ability to express and communicate effectively through music can be limited without proper piano technique and learning procedures. In order to make steady progress as a student taking piano lessons in Costa Mesa, it is important to know how to quickly acquire the necessary technique to conquer challenging musical passages. The following are five efficient learning procedures that can be applied to any new piano piece you begin to learn.

  1. When you are first starting to learn a piece, listen to a recording. Don't be concerned about imitating the recording because playing styles are very individualistic. If possible, listen to many recordings. The idea is to assimilate and gather new ideas and possibilities of how to approach the new piece. In the end you will most likely choose your own playing over some of those in the recordings.

  • The key for acquiring technique rapidly lies in being aware of specific tricks for reducing difficult passages to not only playable but often surprisingly simple ones. Start by practicing the most difficult sections first. Many will start a new piece off by learning the easy sections and avoid spending as much time on the difficult ones because they are not as fun and enjoyable. However, the hard sections will take the longest time to learn, so they must be given the most practice time.

  • Our next practice tip is to choose a short practice segment. This tip can have the largest effect on reducing the practice time for many reasons. First, within a difficult section there are generally only a handful of notes that cause problems for you. It really is not necessary to practice anything other than those note combinations. Second, rehearsing short segments of music allows you to practice them several, even hundreds of times in very little time. This type of practicing can teach the hand new motions very efficiently. Third, the shorter the segment you practice is, the quicker you can play it without difficulty because the short segments are much easier to play.

  • When practicing one segment or passage, make an effort to include the start of the following segment. This continuity will allow you to connect two small chunks of music that have been isolated for practice and connect them as a complete musical idea. The general idea is that any larger musical passage may be broken up into short segments for practice; however, these segments must overlap.

  • Hands separate practice is one of the most important ways of developing technique. Many students attempt to develop finger/hand technique by playing hands together and that can be much more time consuming and difficult for a variety of reasons. It is important to note that hands separate practice should be used mainly for difficult passages that cannot be played otherwise. As a student becomes more technically proficient during their piano lessons in Costa Mesa, there will be less of a need to depend on hands separate practice. However, many students and even some professional pianists never completely give up on incorporating it as a strategy in their practice. Having said that, beginning students would do well to practice hands separately with everything they learn so as to instill this important learning procedure as quickly as possible.

  • Whether you're a beginner who has just started piano lessons in Costa Mesa or a seasoned pianist, I hope these practice tricks will assist you in getting through the technical aspects of the sometimes monotonous and tedious phase of learning new music. Now that you are armed with these practice strategies I hope you will have more confidence and freedom to express yourself as a musician!

    About Gregory V.

    Los Angeles, CA

    View Full Profile

    I've been teaching Piano for 12 years and my students have gone on to form their own groups and work with major artists around the world. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to know your way around the keyboard, and as time goes on you'll be able to naturally play what you want. I specialize in Pop, Rock, R&B, Country and Gospel and love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you!

    About Gregory
    The shortest and most direct methods to unveiling one's musical dreams.

    Voice, Guitar, Keyboard & Bass Private & Group Coaching independently and with TakeLessons.com and worldwide via Skype. Composer, Arranger, Guitarist, Pianist, Organist, Gospel Choral Director, Session Musician, Producer, Actor, Songwriter.

    29 years experience eternally blessed to work with such artists & group members of The Supremes, Prince, Motown legends Stafford Floyd & Scherrie Payne, Alice in Chains, Beck, The Black Crowes, The Stylistics, Blue Magic, Scott Weiland, Tom Petty, Sylvia Massy, David Tickle, The Travel Channel, Sigma Sound Studios-Philadelphia, also personal music instructor to Rod
    Stewart's children, Casey Kasem's grandchildren, daughter of producer Don Gehman (John Cougar, Pat Benetar), musical director for rising vocal group of daughte
    rs of a founding member of Earth Wind & Fire & lead singer of group led by Marko Babineau (Aerosmith, G&R.) I've also sung & ministered with outreaches to try & comfort the homeless in Skid Row-downtown LA... and put on a special special presentation for my Grandmother in her nursing home before she went on to her eternal home...the most wonderful thing I've ever done.

    I sing with the 3 Gospel choirs in North Hollywood- once informed that I had become president of my Men's Choir-arranging,directing-doing the deal-as learned from personal musical mentors, Anthony Janflone Sr. (the Nicola Tesla of Music) & Motown Songwriter writer/ director, Stafford Floyd.

    I also perform as a solo artist while recording/ performing with various artists including Naomi Nektare, Jillisa Lynn, Tru Addiction, Rich Vacarro, Gary Allen, Kenny Freeman & Marko Babineau & more.

    *** Lesson Details ***
    To connect with, meet you halfway on the path with, teach & direct from a sound & experienced mind the shortest and most direct methods to unveiling one's musical dreams coupled with on-going personal support, guidance, empowerment training, accompaniment and honest advice.

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    1971 Lowry Theatre Organ, Vox Tone Lab amp, Fender bass, acoustic & electric guitars, various microphones and recording equipment.

    *** Travel Equipment ***
    Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Korg Micro Synth, Accessories

    *** Specialties ***
    Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Music Theatre, Blues, Hard Rock, Gospel, Psychadelia, Acid Jazz, Metal, Country, Comedy, Free Jazz, Spoken Word
    Joey Gabra July 8, 2016
    · Music Recording · In home
    The first lesson was really great and informative.
    Greg was easy to talk to and very knowledgable...and was able to show me some really great things to help me work better in my recording studio.

    Highly recommended!
    Tresa Brown March 3, 2016
    · Music Theory · In studio
    Gregory Valens Luv is a phenomenal vocal coach. He's very detailed in teaching you structure of the body to relax you and open you up for singing. I love his technique. I find myself very relaxed and limber which brings out the best in me. He's very creative and shares various types of vocalizations to help you with every style of music. He's also got a sweet spirit and that makes it very enjoyable to come to class.
    Max G. January 29, 2016
    · Guitar · In home
    Great teacher, with advanced knowledge and skill in his profession.
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    Gregory V.

    Gregory V.

    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    starting at
    $50 / 30-min

    About Brian P.

    Culver City, CA

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    About Brian
    Brian discovered his talent and passion for teaching while still in college, and has been teaching guitar and piano in Southern California for over 20 years. Gifted at teaching students of all ages and abilities, he combines patience, creativity, imagination and boundless enthusiasm with solid professional training and experience. Brian also has over 10 years experience teaching piano and guitar to blind and autistic students.

    A lifelong musician, Brian received his first musical training at the age of 4 and 5 years when his actor/singer Dad and musically talented Grandma taught him to sing and play the mandolin. He began piano lessons at age 5, and formal guitar instruction at the age of 10 years.

    By the time he was a 14-year-old high school student, Brian was performing as lead guitarist in rock bands around Southern California
    , developing mastery of rock guitar and blues performance and improvisation. Brian went on to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from California State University, Los Angeles.

    Passionate about all kinds of music, Brian's studies include choral music and conducting, Gregorian chant (at the Monastery of St. Pierre de Solesmes, France), and Master Classes with Andrés Segovia and Christopher Parkening. In 1984, he participated as a member of the Honor Choir for the ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, which included recording of original music by Philip Glass for the Olympic Games under the direction of David L. Wolper and Mr. Glass.

    As a jazz guitarist, Brian continues to grow musically in association with his colleagues of the Naomi Jazz Group, and other close musical friends who include students of the late, great Ted Greene.

    *** Lesson Details ***
    FOR PIANO: Faber & Faber Method Series
    Dozen A Day Technique series
    STEEL STRINGS: Mel Bay, Alfreds Method Book
    CLASSICAL: Fredric Noad
    Julio Segraras Method
    JAZZ: Stanford Jazz Workshop
    The National Guitar Workshop's Jazz Guitar Method Series
    Real Easy Books: Beginning & Intermediate Levels

    I focus on four areas that I think are essential to being a good music teacher:

    • the uniqueness of each student;
    • the fact that enjoyment (fun!) maximizes learning;
    • the importance of proper technique and an understanding of music theory to build self-confidence;
    • the development of musicianship through performance.

    My first interest with each new student is to discover how he or she learns, and then to apply appropriate teaching techniques to maximize their potential. I gear my lesson plans to the individual and strive to optimize the learning potential of the student.

    In a lesson with me you can expect to never be bored, to laugh a lot, learn a lot, be positively engaged emotionally and challenged intellectually. I believe that learning is maximized when the student is enjoying the experience, and is faced with challenges appropriate to their skill level. I aim to make learning music fun, choosing musical selections to learn in the style and genre that relate to the student's interests and aspiration.

    When my students perform in concerts, recitals, juries, auditions, recording sessions or simply for friends and family, they have self-confidence because they know precisely the "how" and "why" of everything required to perform well. My goal with students is to build a solid foundation in instrumental technique and thorough understanding of Music Theory at their appropriate level.

    On a monthly basis, all my students practice performing pieces they are working on during the lesson time, with family/friends as an audience if desired and appropriate, and/or using digital recording to help the student develop a critical ear for their own playing.

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    Music stands, guitar/s and guitar stands, Dynarelle cushion, footrests, Korg 88 fully--weighted digital keyboard, Zoom H4 digital recorder.

    As well, I have guitars and equipment both for teaching and performance of various styles, as below. Students will have the opportunity to learn about, play and become familiar with any of these instruments/equipment according to their interests and skill levels.


    CLASSICAL: Ramirez Model 1A Classical (professional concert level instrument)
    Cordoba (teaching/practice instrument)
    Hohner Acoustic (electric)

    ROCK: Fender Stratocaster (pre-CBS)
    Shechter Omen6
    Shechter Elite Series C1

    FOLK: Martin (steel string)

    JAZZ: Oscar Schmidt by Washburn (hollow body electric)
    Gibson SG (electric)


    AMPS: Fender Twin reverb
    Pevey practice amp
    Rock amp

    Boss GT8 Effects Pedal

    *** Travel Equipment ***
    Guitar stands, guitar/s, Zoom H4 digital recorder. Generally I do not transport my Korg 88 keyboard to the student's home for lessons, but I can if necessary. However, I do require that piano students have their own piano/keyboard or at least reliable access to one for practice between lessons.

    Guitar students should also have their own guitar. I can advise on appropriate instruments and can help students find a suitable guitar for their learning level and price range.
    Jack August 4, 2017
    · Guitar · In home
    Brian was fantastic and the lesson was fun! Really pumped about my next lesson! I have some things to practice and I already feel like I can play some guitar!!
    Liana May 15, 2017
    · Piano · In home
    I have approximately taken ten or twelve lessons. I started from scratch, and Brian's input and guidance has helped me to move along pretty fast in my learning. My ear is becoming more selective. My fingers are more and more flexible. My idea of learning piano was to do so, in order to play for me and maybe one or two more people. I've learned with Brian that even if that is the case, I must still handle myself, as if I am going to be part of a band. This is teaching me the importance of counting and keeping the rhythm for me and for others. It basically helps me to have a structure. Thank you Brian
    Liana February 24, 2017
    · Piano · In studio
    Undoubtedly Brian has a deep and extensive knowledge of piano. I feel motivated by his hands-on approach to teaching.
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    Brian P.

    Brian P.

    Culver City, CA 90230
    starting at
    $40 / 30-min

    About Joseph R.

    Downey, CA

    View Full Profile

    Classical and Jazz piano

    About Joseph
    Joseph R. has 5 years of experience teaching students elementary, middle school-aged children and adults on to how to play keyboard, guitar, flute and saxophone while sharing his learning experience with them as a self-taught saxophone and flute player and his more conventional education on piano and guitar.

    Joe started developing his musical talent through piano lessons at the age of 7. After only a year of formal study, he began to experiment with other instruments such as the bamboo flute, the guitar and the drums. When he moved to the United States at the age of 13, he was introduced to the school’s band where he chose to hone his skills with the flute. Since then, he has been exposed to classical and symphonic repertoire. During high school, he joined the marching band and at the same time, found interest in jazz and alto saxoph
    one. He decided to pursue a career in music by majoring in Jazz Studies and Performance at the University of California in Irvine where he has received his Bachelors degree in Music. He is currently performing at local jazz clubs, formal events and concerts. He would like to continue to inspire his students while nurturing his passion.

    *** Lesson Details ***
    Scale Mastery
    Instrumental Technique
    Note Reading/Sight-Reading
    Ear Training (!)
    Live Performance
    Music in the real world

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    Wurlitzer upright piano
    Roland D20
    BX5a monitors
    BX8a monitors
    Shure, MXL mic's
    M-Audio Profire 610
    Yamaha YAS-82ZII

    *** Travel Equipment ***
    I provide manuscript paper. Student provides instrument and have the option to purchase my music books.

    *** Specialties ***
    I train my students the classical approach for their beginning and intermediate stages, and specialize in Jazz and Pop music.
    Jeff P. August 5, 2015
    · Saxophone · In studio
    Joe is a great instructor. He has done a fantastic job explaining concepts in an understandable way, and utilizes a lot of computer tools to help the lessons, such as backing tracks. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher.
    Darian C. July 2, 2015
    · Piano · In studio
    Couldn't be happier with my piano lessons. Joseph has really catered the lessons towards me and my needs. He's a great teacher, very patient, and encouraging.
    Jeff P. June 2, 2014
    · Saxophone · In home
    I am happy with Joseph teaching. He knows his stuff. I like the fact that he plays a lot of different instruments and has electronics to boot.
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    Joseph R.

    Joseph R.

    Los Angeles, CA 90023
    starting at
    $30 / 30-min

    About Sheila S.

    Fullerton, CA
    View Full Profile

    I've been teaching piano for over 2 years and my students have gone on to play very successful recitals. Within the first few lessons, you'll learn the fundamentals of music and piano technique and as time goes on you'll be able to play and read whole songs. I specialize in classical piano, typically using Bastien method books. I love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you!

    About Sheila
    I have earned a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Redlands. As a professional singer, I have performed in numerous concerts and operas. I've sung in both choral and solo settings, as well as fully staged productions. Throughout my education, I have played piano and even participated in Certificate of Merit testing. These experiences have all helped shape me into a well rounded singer.

    In lessons, I devote equal amounts of time to technique and repertoire. We will always begin by warming up, and working on some exercises. Then we will implement your new techniques into your repertoire, which I will tailor to your specific needs and wants.

    Above all, though, I want to help you realize your dreams as a musician! Looking forward to getting started!

    *** Lesson Details ***
    Voice: I believe techniq
    ue comes first and foremost, because it will free you to give everything you've got in performance! We will work on breath support, tone quality and proper placement, and then sing through your repertoire to put these techniques into practice.

    Piano: Learning music theory goes hand in hand with playing piano. As you play your pieces, we will also explore the fundamental concepts of music theory (basic rhythm, treble and bass clef, major and minor), giving you a well rounded approach to mastering the piano. These skills will take you a long way in your musical path!

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    Yamaha Upright piano

    *** Travel Equipment ***
    Stickers for little ones! I also bring repertoire books to share with my students.

    *** Specialties ***
    Classical singing technique, applicable to all styles of singing
    Ava M. January 31, 2017
    · Piano · In home
    Sheila is very kind and patient!
    My daughter just loves her.
    Isabelle Y. October 18, 2016
    · Piano · In home
    She is a great teacher
    My kids loves her
    Mauricio A. March 8, 2016
    · German · Online
    Great Teacher!
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    Sheila S.

    Sheila S.

    Fullerton, CA 92831
    starting at
    $40 / 30-min

    About Anthony F.

    Tustin, CA
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    Music Theory, Sight Reading, Songs, Exercises

    About Anthony
    Anthony is a graduate of The Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio's Two Year Acting Conservatory Program and the University of California Irvine's Claire Trevor School of the Arts where he studied Musical Theatre in addition to serving as Accompanist and Musical Director for various Musical Theatre Classes and Productions. Anthony is a Proud Member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Voice and Speech Trainers Association, SAG-AFTRA, and AEA.

    Anthony has trained with some of the Industry's Top Vocal Coaches and has maintained a Private Studio of his own, specializing in Professional and Personalized Instruction, for over Half a Decade. His clients include High School Students, College Students, and Industry Professionals including Actors to Recording Artists. He was recently Ranked One of the Top 5 Vocal Coaches in Los Angeles
    and Orange County by BACKSTAGE Magazine.

    Ghost Light Vocal Jam Cabaret
    "Someone to Fall Back On" by Jason Robert Brown
    Performer | 2015

    Scenes from Powned
    Short Film starring Eric Roberts
    Casting Associate | 2014

    A Professional Actor and Singer himself, Anthony has performed in over 25 Regional Theatrical Productions including the Original Cast of an Off Broadway Musical. Highlights include: A Catbaret (w/Fred Willard), Sweet Smell of Success (w/Anthony Geary), Rent, The Last Five Years, Popesical, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Pirates of Penzance, Titanic, I Love You Because, and more. In 2016, Anthony received the “Best Actor Award” for his performance in the Short Film, Rogue, from the LA Neo Noir Film Festival. Anthony has used his training not only as a Tour Guide for the Walt Disney Company, but coached several other Tour Guides for the Walt Disney Company for their Guided Tours.

    ​In addition to working as a Performer, Anthony has worked in various aspects of the Entertainment Industry as a Director, Producer, Musical Director, Accompanist, and in Talent Agency/Management Offices – making him a well sought after Instructor, who not only specializes on Technique and Performance, but keeps the entire process of the Entertainment Industry in mind when working with Clients. Anthony has worked in a Recording Studio as an In-Studio Vocal Coach and Accompanist for Sony Music Producer, Thomas Barsoe’s, OC Hit Factory and is often sought out as a Master Class Instructor on Vocal Technique and Musical Theatre. In fact, he helped bring Musical Theatre Training to one of Orange County’s Top Acting Studios.

    Anthony is an active Casting Associate with JS Snyder & Associates Casting with Credits including Short & Independent Films featuring Eric Roberts; Plays; Commercials; and Music Videos for Musical Artists: P!nk, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Jack Tempchin, among many others.

    *** Lesson Details ***
    During Vocal Sessions, we explore breath (including floor work and destructuring), vocal warm ups specific to your needs and goals, diction work, and song work (telling a story through song and connecting to what we are singing about).

    Our goal through voice work is to get your voice to be as free, full, and connected as possible.

    Various competitions are available throughout the year to students since I belong to the National Association of Teachers of Singing.
    (Available in 30 minute and 60 minute Sessions).

    During Piano Sessions, we explore technique, sight reading, song work (material chosen for your learning goals), and performance for recitals and competitions. Accompanist training (learning how to accompany singers) is also available to experienced pianists.
    (Available in 30 Minute and 60 Minute Sessions)

    In Acting or Audition Coaching Sessions we explore Acting Technique in addition to Cold Reading and Audition Preparation. In addition, Improvisational training in addition to Script Analysis is also available and part of sessions.
    (Available in 30 Minute and 60 Minute Sessions)

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    Grand Piano, Recording Device, Professional Microphone, Camera

    *** Specialties ***
    Acting the Song; Musical Theatre, Pop, Legit, Rock, and Jazz Singing
    Jan B. December 30, 2014
    · Singing · In studio
    Anthony created such an inviting, safe atmosphere that being coached on my audition material and taping my audition for this New York based tour was actually a blast! Because I was so relaxed and in such safe professional hands I was able to do my very best! Every step was attended to with such care and detail! He is amazing!
    Amanda M. March 4, 2014
    · Broadway Singing ·
    The Best of the Best!

    "Anthony is wise beyond his years and working with him is like working with a music veteran. He knows exactly how to help his students work through trouble areas and does so with ease. He communicates in a way that helps students reach their immediate goal and apply this knowledge to all of his/her future work. His love of music and theatre, professionalism, and passion for teaching complete the package of this truly inspiring individual."
    Gary B. March 4, 2014
    · Singing ·
    An Excellent Vocal Coach

    "Over the years that I have known him, Anthony has developed into a fine vocal coach and teacher. He has proven to be able to apply the information that he has learned from his own studies to help his students grow as stronger performers."
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    Anthony F.

    Anthony F.

    Tustin, CA 92780
    starting at
    $30 / 30-min
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    About Rebecca S.

    Garden Grove, CA

    View Full Profile

    Students can expect a curriculum focused on classical music and jazz music. Incorporating both genres to lessons is essential. Students will learn music theory and techniques as well as a special song they would like to learn. Students will have fun learning and making music. They will also work hard and practice diligently.

    About Rebecca
    Becca’s Music Studio teaches piano to children of all ages in the Greater Orange County area. Rebecca, the owner and founder of Becca’s Music Studio enjoys playing piano and singing as if no one is listening. Rebecca worked with preschool-aged children. Currently, she works with children with special need and teaches her students piano. She has a B.A. in Child Development and Family Studies with a minor in Music. Her passion is teaching music and inspiring students.

    Rebecca has received piano lessons from professional instructors since the age of eight years old. It was not until 2015 that she decided to teach piano herself. On her leisure time she loves to scrapbook, swim, and travel.
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    Rebecca S.

    Rebecca S.

    Garden Grove, CA 92844
    starting at
    $30 / 30-min

    About Jiyoung L.

    South Pasadena, CA
    View Full Profile

    I have experienced piano teacher of 10 years. I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of piano skills.

    About Jiyoung
    Hi my name is Jiyoung Lee. I have given private piano lessons and classical voice lessons more than 10 years. I attended Peabody Institute for Master's degree.
    JIECHENG June 23, 2017
    · Piano · In studio
    Great teacher! Very patient and knowledgeable. I'll definitely keep taking her lessons.
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    Jiyoung L.

    Jiyoung L.

    South Pasadena, CA 91030
    starting at
    $30 / 30-min

    About Sean T.

    Walnut, CA

    View Full Profile

    I'm 19, but don't let it fool you and make you think that I'm not well-trained enough or not experienced enough! I have TONS of experience dealing with students of all ages, and I've taught for almost 5 years now going into my second year of college at UCLA. I major in Piano Performance! Piano is my passion, but teaching others and watching them grow and develop as a musician is just as rewarding as performing before a crowd. I'm sure I can help you with whatever needs you may have.

    About Sean

    My name is Sean and I'm a sophomore at UCLA! I major in piano performance and economics, and currently seeking to apply the skills I've learned in my 15 years of learning from some of the world's greatest musicians and to spread that knowledge to my students. I'm young, but eager to prove that I am just as capable to teach if not more. I have had tons of experience teaching students of all ages, and have seen each of my students grow and develop as his/her own unique artist.

    Awards that I have won are included below!
    • SYMF Chopin Mazurka 3rd place
    • CAEA 1st place

    • SYMF Open Solo 1st place
    • SYMF Chopin Etude 2nd place
    • CAEA Silver Award Young Pianist Competition
    • Royal School Grade completed at age 9

    • SYMF Chopin nocturne 1st place
    • SYMF Chopin waltz 1st place
    • SYMF Classical sonata 1st pl
    • Los Angeles Japanese American Association 1st place
    • Long Beach Mozart Competition Winner

    • SYMF Baroque category 1st place
    • Chinese American Association Platinum Award
    • Long Beach Mozart Competition 1st place

    • MTAC Sonata and Sonatina Branch 1st place
    • Scholarship Award at MTAC Los Angeles Branch 2nd place
    • Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition 1st place
    o Performed at Carnegie Hall as a result of winning this competition
    • Teachers College and University 1st place
    • UDACS Annual Young Musician 1st place
    • Los Angeles Liszt International Piano Competition 1st place
    • SYMF Chopin etude 1st place
    • SYMF Chopin open solo 1st place
    • SYMF Chopin open concerto 1st place

    • Glendale Piano competition honorable mention
    • Los Angeles Young Pianist Competition 1st place
    • MTAC Contemporary Piano Competition 1st place
    • San Diego Salon Concert with Lang Lang
    • Virginia Waring International Piano Competition Semi-finalist
    • Mt. Sac solo piano concert

    • Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition Semi-finalist
    • SYMF Chopin Long Works 1st place

    • Glendale Piano Competition 1st place
    • SYMF Chopin Scherzo 1st place

    • Glendale Piano Competition 1st place
    • Spotlight Awards semi-finalist
    • Scholarship Awards 1st place
    • SYMF Chopin Ballade 1st place
    • MTAC Piano Competition 1st place
    • San Jose International Piano Competition 2nd prize
    • Participated in the Ettlingen International Piano Competition in Germany and was featured on the German weekly

    • Bach Festival finalist for Well-Tempered Clavier
    • Invited to Cortina, Italy for a series of concerts and masterclasses

    • Invited to Perugia, Italy for a series of concerts
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    Sean T.

    Sean T.

    Walnut, CA 91789
    starting at
    $54 / 30-min

    About Brittney C.

    Torrance, CA

    View Full Profile

    Hi pals! :) I have my Bachelor's Degree in Classical Piano Performance and am looking for a few more students. Any age, any experience level, any genre interest!
    I am in childcare during the day, play in a band called Annuals at night, married to an RCA signed drummer, and am a real goof ball. Let's get started :)

    About Brittney
    Hello! I have a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Piano Performance but also am in two bands that play around Los Angeles. I've got session experience, I've played in cover bands, and I write a little bit too! No matter your age or skill level, I'd love the chance to talk with you about lessons!

    Feel free to check out a few videos on YouTube at my channel --->Britt Rand Pianogirl
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    Brittney C.

    Brittney C.

    Torrance, CA 90501
    starting at
    $67 / 60-min

    About Camden B.

    Los Angeles, CA

    View Full Profile

    My students get to learn whatever music they want! I'll even write a custom arrangement for my beginner students! Everyone, no matter what age, has a connection with a song or soundtrack and learning piano is so much more fun when playing your music! I am an experienced piano teacher, a very well-rounded musician, and my goal is to teach you how to teach yourself. If you like the sound of that then shoot me a message and we'll see if we're a good fit!

    About Camden
    I am a professional musician who graduated from the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music near Chicago with a Bachelors of Music in Composition (emphasis on piano).

    I like to tell my students "there's no point to music if it's not fun or emotionally moving." My lessons are driven by the excitement of music, not the tedium. It's like the difference between learning physics and actually flying!

    My piano students can expect to pick a song as their goal and then be given technique and music theory homework to compliment that goal. My students have chosen music ranging from J. S. Bach to the "Clash of the Clans" iPhone game soundtrack!

    I can teach you how to write your own music. I have written the soundtracks to dozens of independent films and games. I can teach composition using simple pencil and paper, music notation software, or record
    ing software depending on what you have available. If you want to be one of my composition students be warned: expect a heavy dose of music theory because I LOVE IT!

    I have a genuine love of all styles and genres of music! My goal is to help you create YOUR music!
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    Camden B.

    Camden B.

    Los Angeles, CA 90034
    starting at
    $42 / 30-min

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    Average Cost of Piano Lessons in Costa Mesa, CA

    The average cost of 60-minute piano lessons in Costa Mesa is $64. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $60 and $69 per hour.

    30-min $30
    $34 average
    45-min $45
    $49 average
    60-min $60
    $64 average

    For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute piano lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. On average, 45-minute piano lessons are 24% less expensive at $49, and 30-minute lessons cost 47% less at $34.

    Curious how much piano lessons cost in your area? Do a quick search to get local prices for the best piano teachers near Costa Mesa.

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    Have you always wanted to play the piano? We’re here to help! Get started with these 20 video tutorials hosted by San Diego, CA piano teacher Jordan M, one of our expert instructors with TakeLessons.com. In this free video series, you’ll get an introduction to the instrument and learn a few easy exercises to get you reading music and understanding rhythm!

    Video #1:
    Intro to the Piano

    Intro to the Piano: Learn about the parts of the piano and how to find the all-important Middle C.

    Video #2:
    Piano Basics

    Learn about proper posture, hand placement, and other beginner essentials.

    Video #3:
    Reading Piano Notes

    Learn about the treble and bass clefs, and tips for remembering the notes on the piano.

    Video #4:
    Time and Key Signatures

    Learn what all those sharps and flats really mean, and how to decode your music.

    Video #5:
    Understanding Rhythm

    Follow along to master quarter notes, quarter rests, and half rests.


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